Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 21/08/17
  • I know every time I leave a blank page I say I'm going to come back and do an update but I never do.  This time is going to be different, just you watch!
  • Gears 4 - New horde mode called Horde Frenzy started and I like it. Only 25 waves but you get a boss every 5 waves, any enemy can spawn in any wave, and default difficulty is insane. You have to play smart and fast to win. 

    Garden Warfare 2 - More playing to earn money to buy new characters.

    Overwatch - A few matches here and there.

    Momodora - A bit like Salt & Sanctuary, a 2D platformer with Dark Souls qualities, only this time with a more anime feel to it.
  • Overwatch (PC): Did some comp matches with Cloudenvy and some mystery heroes. Grabbed a few more loot boxes via leveling up, still didn't get the Soldier skin. Wouldn't mind Mercy either. New changes coming up sound good, will make her less one note and more dynamic. I'm interested to see what the big Mercy changes will be, too. New map soon will be nice. Getting pretty good at Widowmaker now. My beautiful wife.

    Titan Quest (PC): Felt like playing an older Diablo clone that was always one of the best non-Diablo Diablos out there. Didn't get too far, had some issues running it in Windows 10 at first, but it's all fixed now.

    Final Fantasy XI (PC): No idea lol. Felt like playing it again. Patching took like 7-8 hours total. Did some of the tutorial stuff. That's about it. What an old, anachronistic game, although it's now pretty much entirely soloable, which is good. I'll be interested to see how that stuff works, you can get NPCs basically to fill out your party that are the same level as you.
  • Just WWE 2K17. Won the NXT championship. Moved on to the intercontinental championship. The plan. Win that. Hopefully win the rumble. Win the championship at mania. End game. Boom. Move on.

    I have to go in to work on our night shift to sort (sack) some stuff (people) tomorrow night after working a 12 hour day today. So I basically have to stay up all tonight so the plan is to buy the new Uncharted content. Play through all of that to stay awake and sleep in the day tomorrow to prep for my 2 night shifts. The joys.
  • Ladykiller in a Bind (PC/Steam) Ok, I've now got 17/20 achievements, but I've kinda hit a wall, so I'm taking a break for a bit. Every playthru you do you get a different epilogue with an achievement attached, and so far I've done 3 playthrus and gotten epilogues A, and B and then B again for some reason... I really don't know whats up with that, so time for a break.

    Sonic Mania (XbOne) I started and beat this game last week. It was a mix of fun and frustrating in parts, but I think the fun out weighed the frustration. I got the bad ending and didn't get to do Zone 13 b/c I didn't get all the Chaos Emeralds, so someday I'll go back and do that.

    Sundered (PS4) I have finally made a proper start on this game, and it is a ton of fun, I should have started this sooner. I'm still near the beginning for now.

    That's it for last week. I have finally gotten (still waiting for it to get here) a proper desktop computer, i7 2.9Ghz 8gb ram with expansion slots and room for another 8gb stick of ram for down the road. I think this will be able to handle my PC games much better than my current laptop, and I'm looking forward to setting it up this week, sometime. ;) I'll definitely be playing more Sundered this week, and I'll probably try out some of the more taxing PC games to test out the new tower.

    Oh and Dr Flibble, Momodora 4 on the PS4 is a blast. I played it on PC not too long ago and I loved it.