Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 14/08/17
  • Guys!  Guysguysguysguysguysguysguys!  Have you tried going on holiday?  With two kids?  To somewhere where it rains a lot?  Whatever you do, don't.  Thanks for holding the WiG-fort in my absence

    (360) Skyrim Took the ole 360 with me on holiday.  Have been trying to push ahead with the main storyline, but keep getting distracted.  Not helped by being locked out of my usual home (Whiterun) because I accidentally moved that bit of the Stormcloak story forward, which has meant that I'm constantly bumping against my encumbrance limit as I can't take the stuff that I want to keep but don't want to carry around anywhere.  

    Still, by focusing on roaming around between story points and then selling on the gear that I can before fast travelling back to the same place, I'm now sitting on a healthy stack of cash.  Should probably invest in a house in another hold, but I kind of like having Whiterun as my home base...

    (360) Forza Motorsport 4 Realised the other day that it was a long long time since I'd played this so brought it with me to the holiday house.  A couple of races at some of the higher difficulty levels showed that I was rusty.  Still love this game, need to have a very serious think about what I'm going to do when Forza 7 comes out later this year.  Finally time to get that gaming PC?

    (PS3) FIFA16 This half-hearted, play-a-couple-of-games-for-fun thing has become me spending ages on the transfer market once the window opened and replaying important games to make sure I don't lose.  If I had bought this game on disk rather than as a download from PSN I'd snap the damn thing as I clearly can't be trusted to manage my own time sensibly...

    That's a couple of week's worth of WiG there, hopefully normal service will be resumed from now on.
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  • Ladykiller in a Bind (PC/Steam) I'm still replaying this trying to get all the Achievements, I currently have 15/20.

    Diablo III Eternal blah blah (XbOne) I finally got some decent enough gear for my Witch Doctor to take down the last boss in Act V. So I'm calling this dusted for now, b/c I like too many of the other characters and could play this forever.

    I want to start playing Sundered soon, and also Sonic Mania, probably not in that order. I keep buying games even though I've had very little time to play anything lately.
  • Dark Souls series - It continues. Made a new cosplay character and did a few runs with strangers through the DS3 DLCs.

    Overwatch - Getting back into it. I love that you can come back to this game months later and still pwn n00bs because it's actually skill and team play focused, unlike....

    Star Wars Battlefront - Fuck this game. COD is better than this. Dudes who have unlocked everything 1 or 2-shot me while I need an entire clip from my 1 shitty blaster rifle to down them. Team play? What's that? Imagine a giant spinning saw blade positioned in front of a chute from which a chicken comes hurtling out every 5-10 seconds. That's your Star Wars Battlefront experience. It's no place for fresh faced casuls anymore.

    Destiny - Tried to give this another shot but fuck this game too. Nobody wants to team up with anyone who isn't already maxed out so if you plan to play online and don't have any friends still playing this (as in raids and such) prepare to grind alone. I levelled up a few times but then I felt done. I'm still nowhere near the current level cap and therefore a leper Guardian.

    Battleborn - Yep, had the online multiplayer bug this week. Battleborn was a fun game, and me and the one other guy I could find on those cold desolate servers had a blast with it for a few hours.

    Minecraft - Did some co-op which ended badly. Like the dwarves of Moria we dug too greedily and too deep. Got lost and murdered in dark caves like those stupid chicks in The Descent.
  • Thanks for the post.
  • Well work calmed down a lot so I got much more gaming in last week. All I really wanted to play was WWE 2K17. It hooked me in a way a wrestling game hasn't since the Smackdown games for the PlayStation. I'm currently NXT tag champions with some created jobber 2k added to fill out the games NXT roster. We have held it for a few months against a couple challengers. I'm also making my way up the ladder to become NXT champion. The story leaves a lot to the imagination. Which is a shame. I think 2K could really do something special here. They could follow your created superstar for a few years on the road to becoming the WWE champion. Adding in dialogue trees. Alliances. A real story. Instead you get something a bit half arsed. It's still fun. It could just be so much better.
  • Diablo 3 (PC): Made a little more progress on my Crusader. Otherwise not much done.

    Overwatch (PC): Some mystery heroes for loot boxes. Kind of interested to try TDM when it hits. I still need the new Soldier skin. One side effect of less duplicates in loot boxes is that I also have less coins. Which means, while I get a lot more unique items, I have less ability to get the specific items I want.

    No Man's Sky (PC): I can't even believe how utterly, utterly bad this is. And there are so many QOL changes that could help. Nerf radiation damage by like 50%. Make life support last twice as long. increase walk speed by like 10%. Remove fall damage. Increase your mining laser ammo by like 100%. Increase starting inventory space by like 50%. It's just ridiculous. The entire first 90 minutes for me involved running out, lasering a few plants and rocks, and then returning to my ship to sit inside for 10-15 seconds while my suit recharged because the radiation damage meant I couldn't stay outside long. The gunplay is horrific and I have an enemy spawn right on top of my ship so every time I start mining shit I get into a firefight. The UI is cumbersome and slow and I can't imagine dealing with it on a console without a mouse given it's just cluttered and messy. Without doubt one of the worst first impressions a game has given me in years. At least in something like Ark you can take off and go somewhere. It's risky, but if you want, you can just pick a direction and run. And after 90 minutes, if you want, you can have a tiny, basic house. It's nothing special but it's something. Here I have nothing. I built some communication device that needs a ton of mats to work. Weeee.
  • Warframe - Crafting warframes and clan hall stuff. That's about it. This game is fun.

    Overwatch: More of the same. Trying to get skins. Lucioball still sucks.
  • (PC) Rez Infinite - I went through  the older levels of Rez Infinite on the PC. I still really like the music in that game.
    @Littleg you going for a PC over a Xbox One for Forza?
  • No idea, mate.  Getting(/building???) a PC doesn't seem to hold quite the same terror that it used to, and I quite like the idea of having a TV PC that I can do pretty much all the best console games and also PC-only stuff like RTSs etc.  And I also figure I can rely on the pooled knowledge of the NTA if I ever came to do that, but it would also require me to get my arse in gear and sort all that out, which I can't see happening any time soon.

    Preorders for Xbox One Xs have just opened up though...
  • @Littleg I built my first PC since 2000 last year (for Gears of War 4 and Forza Horizon 3) and it was pretty easy. I just went onto PCPartPicker started putting a list together and then ordered the parts online.

    If you do go and build a PC Turn 10 just announced new (lower) specs for Forza 7 too so it might be useful starting point -

    @GoodEnoughForMe I saw some news about a recent update to No Man's Sky and thought it might be a good time to get into that game... But after reading your post it seems like I'm better off holding off.
  • I have been co soldering building a PC lately too. I just don't have the time to get into PC gaming.

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