Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: DATES ARE MEANINGLESS (31/7/17)
  • A quick glance at the forums would lead one to deduce that both the Egg and the present author lead busy, fulfilling lives, one that demands attention away from such trivialities as a re-occuring thread detailing the pernicious bond we maintain with an expensive hobby. This, however, is patently untrue for the present author, and indeed, the past week has generated no such excuse for the absence of this weekly tradition. As for the Egg? This author can not speak for him. We may only hope, however, that at least one of us is living it up. And as for the rest of us? I implore you; bequeath upon this thread what you have been playing over the last week. While it is not vital nor required, it is, if nothing else, therapeutic.

    Diablo 3 (PC): Made good progress on a seasonal Necro, clearing first 3 chapters of the season and one quick evening jaunt away from clearing the 4th. At about Torment IV or thereabouts. Don't particularly like the set we get and the set bonuses it grants, as the sheer amount of minions when co-oping clutters the screen to the point of barely subdued chaos. The class itself is, merely, ok, feeling not as fresh as I would have liked, and with a few bugs still to work out. That said, any excuse to hop back into Diablo is a welcome one. I even did some non-seasonal grinding on a Monk and a Demon Hunter, my two fav classes.

    Overwatch (PC): By golly Doomfist is a bit of a... well, shit. He's easily the hardest character in the game to play well. Featuring combos and requiring an extremely careful but no less assertive aggression, it's very, very easy to find yourself totally over-extended and dead, or find yourself contributing nothing to the team. Outside of a terrible set of performances as him in which I died frequently and killed infrequently, I had a cool 3 game POTG streak. Alas, being that one was as Bastion, I'm not sure it should count.
  • These days I seem to buy more games than I play. The amount of money I spend on games is ridiculous. I should stop but I just. I just don't. WWE 2k17 was on offer so I picked that up. Oh and inside at the same time. I bought a normal lost phone for my new Google Pixel and I'm probably going to pony up for the Uncharted add on and Pyre in the coming days.

    Anyway. This isn't NooBTooBs week on money wasting. This thread is about what games we have played and enjoyed in the last week, so here goes.


    I ummmmmmm.

    I didn't actually play anything. See ya next week I guess.
  • Gears 4 - Played the new Horde maps and re-upped again.

    Dark Souls series - The playthru continues.

    Splatoon - Went back to do the single player challenges that I completely ignored previously. I've done the first 2 bosses and unlocked stage 3 so far.

    Mario Maker - Played some levels that were recommended. They were hard as balls as promised.

    CoD: Infinite Warfare - People claim that Ghosts is the worst game in the series. They're wrong. IW is absolute garbage. There is so little positive I can find to say about it. Ghosts didn't turn into a poor Wing Commander rip-off every alternate level.

    Dead Rising 4 - On Case 4 at the moment. It's OK. Probably the easiest to play in the series, but also the weakest. It's also very apparent that not much time was spent on the development and testing of the game. Everything feels rushed and sloppy.

    Rise of the Tomb Raider - Did a few missions in time attack mode. It's not really my thing. I love the actual game, but the score attack mode doesn't do it for me.

    My Name is Mayo - 15 minutes to platinum. I didn't know what this game was until someone told me to get it. I was trolled. You click on a bottle of mayo 10,000 times and you get a plat. That's it. Since I have a controller with a turbo button it was a breeze. I read somewhere that Sony took a game off PSN because it was a 5 minute plat. They should probably consider it with this game too.

    Gone Home - Another 10 minute walking simulator, but no plat this time. The game can apparently be beaten in under a minute. I had heard good things about this one. People have low standards.

    And as a side project I've been trying to hack my WiiU to make it region-free. I haven't bricked it but I also haven't succeeded yet either.
  • Overwatch
    Doomfist fucking blows. He just feels off to play and I have yet to see a Doomfist contribute anything to the team or objectives. Summer Games event returns next week so, yay.

  • Doomfist is a high level character. I don't know if he blows but he definitely requires more thinking and tactics than most of the others. He can pull off some devastating combos. I think the Korean pro teams will love him, but we mere mortals will have to be content with mediocrity.
  • He should be ok in teams, but in PUGs he's kind of dead weight. Although he's still new so maybe it'll get better. Other than occasional charge kills though he ends up being cannon fodder in most matches I see.
  • I see him more as a tank buster. He can shred them if they get caught in his combo. If he gets you anywhere near a wall you're screwed. Like any other character, rushing in and taking on the entire other team solo will get you dead, which is how most people play him. Rocket in, get slaughtered. Like amateur Reinhardt players using the pin ability.
  • Having played a lot now he is very good and surprisingly tanky. A couple people I know who play a lot of comp think he'll get nerfed. He has an exceptionally high win rate in comp right now (the very highest, an ungodly 8% higher than 2nd place), although a lot of that is probably due to people figuring out how to beat him. Still, it's a much stronger performance at launch than both Orisa and Sombra had.

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