Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 17/07/17
  • Mid-July.  Like it could possibly be mid-July.  It was just January yesterday.

    (360) Skyrim Having done some clearing out of side quests and advancing the main storyline, the last week has largely been meandering around in the wilderness again.  I've decided I was going to hoof it from Riverwood over to where the next main story point is supposed to be, but got distracted along the way by another one of the Dragon shrines.  That led to me trying to find a town to sell all my loot but when I slept there I got kidnapped by the Dark Brotherhood.  Making my way back to where I was, I've finally made it to the last Hold that I still hadn't visited yet (Falkreath - self-important misery guts (see last week)).  Of course, as always happens when you get to a new town, the number of side quests in your journal shoots back up again, so here we go!

    (PS3) FIFA16 Weirdly, watching actual football matches doesn't make me want to play this game, but reading constant transfer gossip about who is going to play for which team next year does.  It might be something to do with the fact that, with Paul Pogba, Anthony Martial and now Romelu Lukaku in the side, Manchester United are closing in on my Blackpool squad from FIFA14.  And that side went on to win the Champion's League about four times in a row, so maybe the omens are good for United this year?

    OK.  What digital entertainments have helped distract you from the whirlwind passage of time in the last seven days?
  • Dying Light - Making my way through the campaign. It's a lot of fetch questing, and feels like Dead Island mixed with Mirror's Edge and featuring much tougher zombies. It's OK, but I'm not gripped by it.

    Nier Automata - Platted this one. I have very mixed feelings about it. It's a bit of an arty farty type game and arty farty is not my forte on the best of days. The story was interesting enough, but I didn't enjoy going through almost the exact same campaign twice as 2 different characters to see it all. 9S had some different sections to complete compared to 2B, but not enough. The third campaign set after the first 2 end was much more interesting. The save system was a bit annoying. There are no checkpoints and you have to manually save at specific locations, which I didn't mind so much but it did feel strange in this day and age where games save every 30 seconds. The world map was horrible. Very bland and boring, and the game has a lot of parts that are brown or black and white. The quests are also pretty dull, most of them being in the "go here, kill everything and/or get the thing"  variety. The combat was pretty meh too imo, the hacking mini-game particularly so. Also, the ability to pay in-game money to buy trophies is a bizarre choice. It won't be long until trophies become micro-transactions for real money. Trophies are only cosmetic after all and don't effect the gameplay in any way! To sum it up, this game is interesting, but very hit and miss. People who like deconstructed lattes and have enormous anime collections will lap this shit up, but if your taste is more mainstream stay away from it. I enjoyed the experience overall, but I wouldn't rave about it and I doubt I'd ever play it again. Oh, and the game is super short too.

    Dark Souls 1 & 2 - Doing a couch co-op playthrough with some of the boys in the family. You die you pass the controller along kind of affair. Made a new Xbox account for the occasion and we're going to try 100% them. 
  • @Dr Flibble I loved Nier Automata! What did you think of that last ending 'E'? And did you play the dlc? I really liked the music video at the end of the dlc.

    Hi all. I've been away for about a month now b/c the HDD in my laptop died and I just got it back. So I've been playing console games lately.

    I finally started playing Diablo III, after the Necromancer dlc released. I saw a speed run of Crash Bandicoot so I'm trying to play the HD remake, and its super frustrating, and the only reason I'm sticking with it is because I am streaming bits of it. I also tried Nex Mechina on the PS4, its a really fun/ super fast paced twinstick shooter with lots of pink bullets.

    Thats about it, I'm going back to Nekopara Vol. 1 on Steam this week, and still playing Crash HD, and Diablo III this week. :)

    I've been super tired and stressed lately, and Diablo III has been the perfect game to play in the evenings before bed. Its fun and doesnt required me to think a whole bunch. But with that said, Expert has gotten to easy, for my level 50 Witch Doctor, to go up to Master it says to have legendary gear... I'm wearing like 3 pieces of legendary gear but I guess that isn't enough.
  • @vamp No, no DLC. I can't remember which ending was E but the later endings were better. I cheated with the save data deletion thing and made a backup before doing it. I also liked how they brought back the shmup end credits thing from Vanquish. I know you're pretty hardcore when it comes to shmups so I can see why you loved the game.
  • Battlerite (PC): Last weekend was a free weekend so I played a bit with Cloudenvy. It was alright. I liked how quick the matches were. Not sold on the top down aiming. 

    Marvel Heroes (PC): Just logged in to cash in a bunch of old event rewards and dick around with crafting some gear for my heroes.

    Atlas Reactor (PC): Interesting FTP multiplayer tactical game. Matches are fairly quick and there's quite a bit to learn. Human players are also way, way more reckless than AI, so playing too much of the latter sort of coaches you the wrong way a bit. I'm not particularly good yet, and I've really only got the hang of one hero, but it's a fun, cute little fast-paced tactics game with a decent roster and easy enough controls. The maps are smaller than something like X-Com so combat begins quickly and once it starts you're in a dogfight for the rest of the match.

    Heroes of the Storm (PC): Kind of ugly 2-4 with Ashgooner. It was feast or famine for me; had 3 matches I played quite well, particularly my MVP Zeratul match, but then had 3 where I shit the bed. We really probably should have only gone 1-5. We even had an 11 minute loss. All in all not the most productive session.
  • Stardew Valley

    So. I don't play a ton of games anymore, lack of spare time and such, but this one's really got its hooks into me. Playing the XBOX One version right now. I will admit that, probably because it was developed on PC, it was better there for controls. But this allows me to be lazy on my couch and I do appreciate that. I am working through my community centre bundles with good speed. Lots of rainy weather this summer means I haven't been able to actually garden or get out in the yard much until very recently. New shift ensures I have less than zero time after work. This is the perfect way to kill an hour, relax, and wind down. Because it's my second playthrough, and I intend to finish everything I can, I am taking a more methodical approach. I now have the Skull Cavern key so on the rainy days I have a new mine to poke around in. Though I will often still be farming bomb supplies from the standard mine. I think the biggest change to the way I play now is the mining aspect. I've taken cues from work and I'll be building a shitton of Stairs, medium bombs, and getting all my equipment in the best shape possible, then going into skull cavern and having at.

    PS interesting read about Nier. Thanks for that.

    Edits: All the damn typos I just found now ^_^' heheh.... Yay phones.
  • @tallchick

    Stardew is so good. Reminds me of the early days of me fanning over the original Harvest Moon games.

    Destiny 2 Beta 
    Been playing this on Xbox One, even though I have a PS4. Played a few comp matches, the initial story mission and the only available skirmish or whatever it's called. It's neat, but I couldn't see myself sinking a ton of time into what is in the beta right now. Played for a few hours and uninstalled.

    I'll probably be picking up the full game on PS4, so.
  • @Littleg almost forgot: you may find it worth your while to do the Mages' Guild questline before you get too far along, if that's your aim. Powerful items, spell casting foes get really difficult later.
  • Also almost forgot (lots to catch up on)

    Mass Effect Andromeda, which I finished a few weeks back, was decidedly "meh." Not super great but not terrible either.

    - Exploring Felt Like EXPLORING. Worlds were vast.
    - awesome ship.
    - pretty dope crew.
    - Vetra. Did I mention "pretty dope crew"?
    - interesting premise and stories
    - jumping canyons on an asteroid with the vehicle was beautiful, pure, wahoo!-fun

    -hot desert world, cold desert world, poisoned desert world
    - so many planets but like... four types of animals
    - the way you have to talk to people face to face in an era of quantum communications! Honestly if I have to go back to pirate planet one more goddamn time for [insert fetch quest]
    - cumbersome crafting and inventory management. Seriously. Figure it out, BioWare. I'm saying this to you and I'm a massive fan.
    -Romances in this one are totally unevenly balanced. Yes, I chose "generic Zevran wannabe" and felt ripped off, so what?
    - Asari commando stories.
    - general lack of Quarians, Voli and Hanar aka Stupid Jellies and other, more alien, unfathomable freaky things! Lazy!
    - so many, many things.

    As a fan... felt ripped off by this one overall, but still enjoyed enough, so I don't regret playing it. *shrug*
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  • Until now. I haven't came up other digital entertainments.Just only NoobToob.

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