Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 10/07/17
  • Late again, I feel bad.  Again.  

    (360) Skyrim One thing that is good about this game is that things are not painted in shade of grey but actually in in thoroughly Song of Ice and Fire-esque shades of black, in that every time you head to a new town you learn that all of the people there are all arseholes in their own separate way:  Solitude?  Stuck-up dicks.  Windhelm?  Straight racist.  Markarth?  Liars and plotters.  Winterhold?  Deluded idiots.  Dawnstar? War-mongers. Riften? Cheats and thieves...

    I guess the people of Whiterun are OK, but as I've basically just declared war on them, I'm guessing even that isn't going to end well...

    (PS3) FIFA16 Just a couple more matches couldn't hurt could they?

    What about you?
  • A quick recap from the other thread:

    Mass Effect Andromeda - Platted.

    Dragon Age Inquisition - Platted

    Zelda BotW - Finished.

    Prey - About halfway done.

    Nier Automata - Started.

    See you next week.
  • Crash Bandicoot: N-Sane Trilogy
    The games are hard, but I feel like its the fault of the controls more than anything. It's been fun going back though.
  • Friday the 13th - Janky as all hell but I can't stop coming back. Playing as a counsellor is extremely tense. Looking for your escape and enacting a plan to get out whatever the cost (I may play this with my girlfriend. She may have fallen out with me once because I didn't wait for her before I escaped Crystal Lake. Playing as Jason is just fun. You feel super powerful.

    Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy - I second Manio the jumping is just a tad fucked. It's turns this game into something I blew through as a kid into something that makes me twitch in annoyance at the thought of playing it.

    Mass Effect Andromeda - Half price on Xbox One. I made my Ryder (the wholly original name of Zack) and I've done what I assume is the introduction to the game. The jank isn't putting me off. The game plays well. Better than the original trilogy.
  • Yeah, sorry Flib.  Saw you post in there and I was like 'Shit, really need to get this week's up'.

    Watched the GB Quick Look of Crash Bandicoot and I honestly can't see the appeal of those games, were they good at the time?  I remember trying a demo that was on the cover of a PSone magazine and not being blown away.
  • Overwatch (PC): A decent amount of mystery heroes. There are certain characters I do well in mystery that I don't do in Quick Play, largely because you can't purposely counter. Widowmaker, for instance, is much easier. On the flipside, some of the squishy offense heroes I like, such as McCree, can be really hard since it's common to not have a healer. I also did some quick play in a group of 5 with some pals and we went 4-1.

    Player Unknown Battlegrounds (PC): A 4th and 3rd place finish in duos with AshGooner. Kind of burnt out on this game. Literally 90% of game play is either; running a really long distance without encountering anyone, hiding without encountering anyone, or staring at a menu screen dragging loot from the left side to the center.
  • I never understood the appeal of the Crash Bandicoot games either. I remember playing the 1st one and one of the others way back when, and finding them painfully boring. Iirc 90% of the games are running down corridors smashing boxes to get apples. These kinds of games are a plague on smartphones these days. It was boring then, it's boring now. I also couldn't understand the buckets of ejaculate people were throwing at the screen when there was that Crash Bandicoot bit in Uncharted 4. It was the most yawn-inspiring part of the game, and that game induced some yawns.