Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 03/07/17
  • Genuinely drawing a blank on witty intros so let's jump straight into it.

    (360) Skyrim Have travelled to Riften for the first time.  Think my sneaky kitty cat may have found his people amongst the good burghers of the Thieves' Guild.

    No other news, so let's be having it from everyone else...
  • Mass Effect Andromeda - Still going through on Insane. Not hit anything stressful yet. Suicidal team members are my biggest problem so far.

    The Surge - Highlight of the week. I went from 0% to 100% completion in 6 days. I loved it. The people talking shit about this game are morons imo.

    Zelda: BotW - After getting some advice from nutta about the Master Sword I decided to go for it, and spent most of the week hunting shrines so I could level up my number of hearts because to get the Master Sword requires 13 hearts (I only had 5 at the time). So I did all that, got the sword, then got distracted by the desert and a town full of women, and I guess I'll go back to that castle eventually. Also, I bought 2 Zelda amiibo. I am a dirty slut. 

    Prey - Picked this up super cheap. Haven't made much progress yet. I didn't mind the original Prey so I'm keen to see what they do with the reboot. 

    Nier Automata - Same as above. I bought it ages ago but only just got around to installing it. Another one I'm keen to play more.
  • I have just this second completed The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Incredible, incredible game. I am shocked that Nintendo could make a game like this but at the same time only Nintendo could. My Switch tells me that I put just over 50 hours into the game. What a god damned good game. The powers you get from the divine beasts makes the Gannon fight a little too easy if you ask me. Add that to the fact that the beasts also take off 50% of his health if you have freed the champions. Great fucking game.

    After my Gannon fight i needed some what of a pallet cleanse, so I jumped online with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and well I don't want to brag but. image

    Oh I also jumped on a little Battlefront after my surprisingly good time with Battlefield 1 last week, its alright. Last but not least Crash Bandicoot, the remake of the first game, first island complete. Oh the nostalgia.

  • Forza 6 - Bought some cars. Did some races. Preparing for Forza 7.

    GTA V - Did some of the gunrunning dlc. It's meh.

    Zombie Army Trilogy - Played with my buddy. We finished the first game of the trilogy in one sitting. Two more to go. It's okay, but damn does it get repetitive. Kicking zombies down is hilariously fun though.

    Vermintide - Played the expansion that dropped for Xbox not too long ago. Slayed some Skaven horde and did the first two of three or four levels in the expansion. Good stuff.

    Last of Us: Left Behind - Finally got around to playing this on PS4. Just mopping up the trophies.

    And then I bought the Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy which is like the remake of the first three games. Still downloading so opinions soon-ish.
  • Mass Effect Andromeda - Platted it. 

    Zelda BotW - Finished it. The divine beasts were fun. The last boss went from being a slog to a pushover with all that done. 

    Dragon Age Inquisition - Decided to go back and play through nightmare difficulty, which is coming along pretty well. Once you get to Skyhold nightmare mode becomes a bit of a joke. edit: Aaaaand platted.  

    Prey - Played through a fair bit. A lot like Bioshock but with lots more shit to click on and far more disorienting maps. The powers are fun. 

    Ao Oni 2 - Every time you think you're done with the game a new mode unlocks. Every character has their own playthrough, with the last character to play as being a mouse. How a mouse is using keys to unlock doors and shit is baffling, but it's amusing.

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