Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 19/06/17
  • Hot.  So very, very hot.  Who's got the energy for gaming when it's so sweltering outside?

    (360) Skyrim Just 'cos it's nice to spend time somewhere cold.

    Pretty quiet here of late - everyone off on holiday?

    I finally jumped back into Horizon: Zero Dawn and finished off the final mission. I was holding off on it to platinum the game but some time last week I realised. Why do I care about platinum trophies. They are so fucking dumb. So that's done. Great game. Best PS4 game to date. So far possibly Game of the Year.

    Another game that could take that title though is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I'm just pottering around. Doing shrines. I should really take on one of the bosses. Move the game forward a little. The switch tells me I have played for 40 hours now.
  • A sweltering 25 degrees in England?

    Mass Effect Andromeda - Finished the game. Did a fair chunk of the side quests but still have more to do. Overall it was a pretty awful game, even disregarding the technical issues.

    Resident Evil 5 - Finished off everything in this to get the plat. Going through Pro difficulty with the AI partner was tough in some spots. Sheva has a death wish.

    Resident Evil 6 - After wrapping up 5 I jumped into 6 on the PS4 and blazed through the campaigns. Once I get enough points for some decent skills I'll do this one on Pro too and get the plat. It's a shame nobody is playing though. I rather liked the Mercenaries mode but it's not as fun playing solo.

    Zelda: BotW - I've played a fair bit more of this. I'm not really understanding the fuss. Despite my issues with it, even I can see that Horizon was better. Zelda is just frustrating. The weapon breakage is ridiculous, and the stamina circle is stupidly short too. Yes, the stamina can be upgraded, I know. And to do that? Go into the mini-boss / puzzle rooms over and over and over again to get little orbs for upgrades. These little caves are boring as fuck for the most part, and scattered all over the place. There are Ubisoft towers to climb which are also mostly boring as fuck. The combat mechanics are crap too. Just sayin'.
  • (PS4) Horizon: Zero Dawn - Finished the campaign and it ended up getting my first platinum trophy. 

    (PC) Wolfenstein: The New Order - Trying to learn how to play FPS games with a mouse and keyboard. So far it's very difficult to keep my fingers on the WASD keys. I often end up hitting the surrounding keys.
  • My wrist was acting up again last week so I didn't get much gaming in, but I did a little.

    I played a bit of Tormentor X Punisher with my XbOne controller and it works great! Still an amazingly fun game.

    I needed something to play that didn't use a controller, so since I finished Nekopara Vol 0 already, I decided to try Vol 1 and its more of the same, mostly. I really don't know how I feel about the main protag yet. (not liking him so far).

    I did manage to play a tiny bit of Nier Automata on Sunday, and I beat route C, and now that I've got chapter select and my characters up to level 99, I want to try and finish up the last of the dlc challenges. :)

    Thats it. Back to work this week, so probably not to much gaming. Also I'm still at a complete loss as to what to play next after Nier Automata since I've played that game almost every day since it released in March. ;p

    I'm probably going to pick up the Diablo III dlc next week, and I also got Victor Vran recently, and I just got I Want to be Human and Nex Machina this week on PS4.
  • Man, Flibbs you got me wanting to go back to RE6 and clean it up. 

    The Evil Within (Xbone)

    Finally got around to playing this since the sequel was revealed at E3, I figured why the fuck not. It's a good game. I'm having fun with it. It's given me a lot of Silent Hill vibes in terms of settings and just overall story and shit that goes down. The little easter-eggs that are nods to the classic Resident Evil is pretty nice too, considering who the director of this game is.
  • I'll have you know Dr F, that temperatures here have soared to a scorching 32 degC. We'll be fighting over the last bottles of drinkable water in the street before long.
  • My bedroom gets to 32C in summer often.

    Anyways, games!

    Marvel Heroes (PC): More levelling of new characters, more absurd times to do so as the anniversary buffs continue. But with only a week left, I need to hurry and get as many to level 60 as I can. I am getting a bit burnt out on doing acts 1-3 over and over though.

    Playerunknown's Battlegrounds (PC): Ash has it so I got it and played one game solo. I finished in 14th place out of 97, which, considering it was the first ever match I had played in any game of this type, means I am essentially already God-tier and will quickly be winning game after game after game. My pro strat was basically that hiding in wooded and inconspicuous areas at the edge of the map means you're safe. Don't tell anyone.

    Overwatch (PC): Did a few matches in the new low-grav mode, which is kind of fun but nothing mind-blowing. Had a 19 kill streak in a match on Not bad. Also got a free legendary lootbox because of my Twitch Prime account, and amazingly got 4 items of which none were duplicates. Jackpot, baby.
  • Manio, It's fun, but Pro is killing me with Chris' final boss fight. Piers is being a little bitch and won't shoot the cocoon so I can kill the boss. Might have to recruit a human to help me out.

    32 degrees eh? That's winter temperature in some parts of this forsaken island.
  • Family medical issues have kept me from much gaming. I have been enjoying Marvel Omega button masher free game beta whatever, coop with my five year old. She has been a Batman girl up to this point ( It was three Batmen and a CatWoman for Halloween last year. ) so this has been a good way to up her USRDA of Spider Man.

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