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  • As I post, Microsoft just finished and I nailed the Scorpio launch price, 499. The name: Xbox One X, is the stupidest name ever, the entire marketing department, even secretaries, should be fired. This better be their last console, the names cannot get any worse, or maybe the next one be called: Xbox Le Xbox, or Xbox One X 1? Anyhoo, tons of timed exclusives that will be on PC. Every time I think of buying an Xbox, I just end up thinking a PC rig would make more sense. Microsoft has a new console and literally no real exclusives for it. I just don't get it. They ended on Anthem, which is such a Destiny wanna be it is painful to behold. Honestly, you know Bungie will be better at shooters and will already be better on their second iteration.

    Speaking of second iterations, Star Wars Battlefront 2 looks pretty good. I had zero interest in the first, but this has single player and a bunch more stuff. I still hated seeing Maul and Rey on the screen together, but that is my wild hair, not yours. The surprise game for me so far was A Way Out. Brothers was a great game.
  • When your 1.5 year old PC is still more powerful than most powerful ever console.

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  • Here's the site I posted in last years topic.

    The Last Night looks interesting. 

    And Anthem. a bit of Andromeda in there. Though I still haven't even played Destiny. 

  • EA: I don't actually think there was anything in there that I want to see more of. I'll get battlefront 2. Possibly.

    Microsoft: Teraflops MOTHER FUCKER!!!! New console. Eh couldn't care less. My Xbox is my exclusive machine and I really can't justify that money to play halo and gears and have it look a little better. They showed a lot of games. I don't think I'm excited about a single one. I no longer have a decent PC so I haven't been able to try battlegrounds so I guess I'll get that.
  • Whole bucketloads of meh.

    I have a Bone for Gears and Gaylo and access to the 360 library. The Xbox One X Box X Box X X X X interests me not one X. 

    Destiny was bad, so playing a clone of it doesn't give me hype.

    Ditto the above with Star Wars Battlefront 2. Ooooh, 3 times the content of the original? Wowsers! Except I know math well enough to know 3x0 is still fucking 0.

    Wolfenstein 2, yeah OK. I'll play it. Whatever.

    Evil Within 2, how the fuck did this earn a sequel?! Whatever, I'll give it a go.

    Fallout 4 VR, is it possible to give negative fucks? 

    How can we live in a world where Evil Within 2 gets a sequel but Demons Souls and Dark Souls 1 can't get a remaster? 
  • This E3 is way shittier than last year's in terms of cool games.
  • When the list of console exclusives is a fraction of what the PC can offer.

  • Sony certainly showed a bunch of exclusives, but much of it was a rehash of last year. Lord, they sure are bringing a ton of stuff to PSVR. No vita, no pro, all VR. Spider Man did look pretty awesome. No Bloodbourne 2 which sucked. No big show stopper, and where is Sucker Punch? I am interested in Shadow of Colossus because I tried the rerelease, but the controls were too shitty to stand it. It was the best conference for me so far, but the bar this year is low. No big new Sony game got me hyped, Bethesda really let me down this year. have little hope that Nintendo will blow me away.
  • Spiderman looked fun. Detroit looks so drab. Oh ho, the androids don't want to be slaves and guess what it's all a metaphor for RACISM. Could you pick a more overused and contrived sci-fi plot if you tried? God of War is what it is at this point, I still think the core gameplay is fun but I haven't played one of them since 3 like 7 years ago. Bethesda had nothing. EA had a new Bioware sci-fi game that I am curious about but looks to embrace full action/shooting at this point. I really liked Assassin's Creed up through about Black Flag when I got burnt out - Unity was a mess of a game and I didn't bother with London. Probably my favourite trailer was released over the weekend outside of E3 for Kingdom Hearts 3.
  • The Sony conference was pathetic. Final Fantasy Fishing VR? Get the fuck off my screen.

    No Last of Us 2? No updates on any of the 3 projects From is working on? Nothing? No?

    Spiderman looks like a Batman game, complete with QTEs and more backflips. Not interested. Man, I hope this infantile affair with superheroes our cultures have going on ends soon. Marvel. DC. Universal's Dark Universe. Endless trash.

    Detroit looks boring. Days Gone looks boring. Destiny 2 looks boring. Shadow of the Colossus HD Remake HDer Remake? Good lord. 

    Monster Hunter looked like it might be OK. But if it's the massive time sink the past games were it can fuck off too. 
  • Kind of bummed there is no TES VI for a really long time. Bethesda has two triple A titles they're finishing first before they even begin development on it. 2021 or 2022 at its very earliest maybe? lol
  • Nothing really caught my eye at any conference. Spider-Man seems cool, but I need to see more. Microsoft revealed a cool exclusive my eyes are peeled for with Ashen. Sony's conference was just...holy fuck boring. I bought a PS4 for exclusives and nothing at their conference got my attention, again aside from Spider-Man.

    A From Software reveal or announcement would have made me happy.

    Here's that Ashen trailer. It reminds me a tad of Dark Souls so maybe it'll fill that hole while I wait for some From news. Really bummed we didn't get more nods towards TLOU 2, but they're more focused on Dumbcharted so.

    I'm also really upset that the Until Dawn prequel thing set in the asylum from the core game is a PSVR title. I'm not shelling out that much money for PSVR.

  • Bethesda. Wolfenstein looked cool. I still haven't finished New order though. Let alone old blood.

    Ubisoft. Rabbids actually look good. That's probably one of my highlights of the show. I will definitely check that out. As far as anything else they had to show goes. Not interested.

    Sony. Spider-Man. That's probably it. Spider-Man.

    Nintendo. Mario odyssey and again rabbids I'm down.

    All in all shit announcements. Pretty terrible e3 year.
  • Last couple of years Sony has had significant reveals at Gamescon and at PSX.  I think we are likely to hear about Last of Us 2 and From software, and maybe Sucker Punch at those venues.  But that probably means all those games are not coming until next year, at the earliest.  Yeah, weak year, Nintendo people seem the happiest, I do want a Switch, but am unwilling to pay to pay a resale premium.  Best conference is a bummer discussion.  What was the worst?  Bethesda bummed me out the most.  Wolfenstein is OK, but not enough to build a conference around.  If you ain't announcing TES or Fallout or a huge new IP then don't have a conference.

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