E3 2017 Predictions
  • The time it upon us and I, a horrible Sony fanboy, will start.

    Nintendo - Well they only have like a half hour direct, and are the God Kings of no fucks given, so I imagine it will be Mario for Christmas, We are making Smash Bros for Switch and that is all.  Probably a lot of third party support coming to the Switch, considering sales, but I doubt they will say much.  They could make folks heads explode if the announced a subscription to the back catalog through Switch, but that is way way to smart for them to ever do.  Again, no fucks given.  I will not see a Switch on a shelf until 2018, so I will return their no fucks given with no fucks given.

    Microsoft - Obviously we will learn Scorpio's true name and price.  I think it will be 499.  They cannot go 599, because that was the disaster PS3 launch price.  If they go over five hundred smackers, the air leaves the building and everything they say afterwards is forgotten.  If they go 450 or 400, that will be a heck of a good price, especially for anybody who is just starting.  Unfortunately, Microsoft does not need a new console, they need a bunch of exclusives, which they really ain't got.  Either it is going to be Sea of Thieves, Crackdown 3, and slim pickens; or they are going to go batshit on everybody and pay money for third party exclusivity in the near term.  Microsoft has very deep pockets, so anything is possible.  If they just talk about projects they have in the works then everybody is just going to think "Scalebound" and roll their eyes.

    Sony - The current 900 pound gorilla probably has the most exclusives in the pipeline.  Their biggest weakness is that most of their big reveals from 2016 have not come out yet.  Yes it will be nice to hear that Days Gone and God of War are coming this year and Spider Man is next year, but that is not new shit.  I will lose my mind if they have gameplay for Spider Man that looks like an Arkham level breakthrough.  I do not need to hear about Shenmue or Death Stranding at all, not one bit.  Bloodbourne 2 would steal the show no matter what, for this crowd.  I think we will see what Sucker Punch has been working on and it is entirely possible we will get one or two new IPs on top of that.  

    Bethesda -  This might have me the most hyped.  They may be revealing a new IP.  We might see Elder Scrolls 6.  They have to have something because they know VR Fallout 4 is not going to cut the mustard.  Of stuff I know about, Spider Man is the most exciting.  Bloodbourne 2 would be totally dope, but Bethesda is the studio that has the most potential to reveal something that would occupy the gaming part of my mind.
  • Cyberpunk - My favourite pen'n'paper RPG under the only devs in the business I believe have the possibility of doing the title justice. Anything about this will have me excited.

    Last Of Us 2 - I'm ready for more.

    Destiny 2 - Nah, just joking. Fuck Destiny 2. 

    Anything from FROM - Since they have 3 projects in the works, I'm hopeful for at least a tease of something. If it's Bloodborne 2 I'll give birth to a litter of kittens. It won't be Bloodborne 2.

    Nintendo - The big N can continue sucking on my big D. Fuck Nintendo.

    Don't really give a shit about much else truth be told. If I'm happily surprised, hooray. If not, well, I'm probably going to end up playing all these turds at some point anyway.

  • Nintendo - I second the smash brothers for the switch idea. Mario Kart did amazingly they would be dumb not to. They will show a lot of and focus on Mario Odyssey. A first look at the Zelda DLC and then a lot of uninspired third party announcements. You know all your favourite EA sports properties, just dance and the like.

    Microsoft - Scorpio will obviously be the focus. Everything will "look better on Scorpio". We might see crackdown and a snippet of Halo 6 (a video teaser though nothing else) and maybe a HD Remake of Reach.

    Sony - Play Call of duty here first because someone has to. Like no one realises that franchise is dying. Horizon Zero dawn story DLC. Blood borne 2. Maybe something new from sucker punch. Definately not a new infamous though.