Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 05/06/17
  • Well, turns out beach holidays and limited internet access don't lend themselves to posting WiGs.  Thanks for covering in my absence again, GefM!  Turns out those things don't lend themselves gaming either...

    (360) Skyrim A little bit before and after the holiday. Mostly just clearing out some very old side quests and stumbling upon the solution to my Soul Gem issue - the Dark Star quest line that means you can harvest Grand Souls from people for ever.  The local mammoth population can go back to sleeping safely in their Giant Camps...

    That's it for me, what's been keeping you busy?
  • Marvel Heroes (PC): They're having a month long anniversary event which means the game shits out currency and prizes, so I've just been levelling up alternate characters and doing a lot of boss killing in Midtown to get cool goodies. Still a really fun, admittedly janky, take on Diablo as an MMO with a massive Marvel cast. Almost got Spiderman to max level and then will move on to someone else. Unlike Diablo, this game doesn't really have an endgame loot gearing system, instead, it expects you to switch to one of the bajillion other characters each time you hit the level cap. I don't know how I feel about that design decision. On the one hand, having, essentially, a shit ton of classes and gameplay variety is cool. On the other hand, getting to level 60 is easy and I do wish there was more to do on some of my fav characters once I do so, instead of basically having to abandon them.

    Overwatch (PC): A decent amount of Mayhem Mode, enough to grab some more loot boxes, although didn't really get much of anything in them. Alas. I really like the game mode as a change of pace. It takes all the characters and jacks up their damage, HP, ult charging massively, and reduces their cooldowns. It can make for some absolute slug fests. And some characters become super viable while others just completely suck.

    Heroes of the Storm (PC): The horrible crashing sound you heard was my MMR and winning % over the last couple weeks. I finally have salvaged it a bit in the last few days but for awhile there all hope was lost. I got a couple cool skins and a really awesome mount, so that was good. Hopefully the tides have turned and I can get back to some of the ridiculous winning streaks I had back in May.
  • Nier Automata (PS4) I'm still slowly working my way thru the dlc. I am currently in route C of my replay, and making decent progress on the dlc missions. Still a good bit left though. I'm trying to level up my characters so I can tackle the remaining challenges.

    Nekopara Vol. 0 (PC/Steam) after playing so many hours of the sad androids/robots game, I needed something light and fluffy. This is certainly that. Its very short and I got all the steam achievements in about an hour.

    OH and last week I forgot to add that I tried to play Shadow Warrior 2 and it didn't really grab me. The tight fun level design of the 1st game is gone in favor of mostly empty randomly generated stages, with bullet spongy enemies and a heavy lack of fun. So I was really disappointed about that since I loved the 1st game so much.

    Also my switch has turned into my Neo Geo machine. Which at this point I don't mind at all. :)

    I started a new PC game for this week. And I hope to finish up the Nier Automata dlc between this week and next. :P
  • Gears 4 - A 20GB update dropped with the new Horde mode, new difficulty settings, and new character skills. The soldier and sniper have been improved, but are still the bench warming orange peelers of the group. Scouts are stupidly awesome now. Engineers and Heavies got some good lovin' too. So in the end, nothing really mattered. Everyone will continue playing one of the 3 useful classes, while the other 2 rot in Silicon Hell.

    Zelda BotW - Got this for the WiiU. I've played a few hours. Tis all right. 

    Resident Evil 5 Remaster - Got the urge to play through this again, so doing it on PS4. 
  • Lots of Neverwinter MMO on Xbox. That's it.