Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 29/5/17
  • Alas, another week in gaming posted by none other than myself, the present author. To what causes such occurrence? We may never know. Perhaps this past Monday's bank holiday pushed the Egg's mental timeline back a day. Perhaps he has been swallowed whole by Skyrim, still to this day clearing caves and tidying up the furniture in his humble abode in Whiterun. Or, perhaps, it was, as of last time, something mundane and involving the necessary trivialities of adulthood. In dedication to the one Egg, I implore you to post what, over the last week, you have been playing.

    Diablo 3 (PC): Worked on gearing out my Demon Hunter, didn't really make progress on my Crusader like I hoped, but still grabbed several paragon levels and upped my DH Torment ceiling. Still need the 2nd Shenlong's piece for a Monk, of which I have 6 of the 1st piece and 0 of the 2nd, which is just shitty luck. Need to get a few more pieces for my DH overall and then I can definitely move onto a different character.

    Heroes of the Storm (PC): Played some solo, played some with Ash, played some with Ash and NewAgeRed. Not a whole lot of wins to be had in any case, although I felt like, other than a really crappy round as Illidan, I played well. Zeratul is now my most winning hero, at 7-3, and the last game I played as him the entire enemy team apparently didn't have any conception of stealth as a gameplay mechanic, because I spent the entire match running around killing stuff completely unperturbed. Not many games go that easy.

    Overwatch (PC): Did enough to grab a half dozen loot boxes via levelling and getting 9 wins in arcade mode. Got the new Lucio skin and a few dance emotes. Bought the skin with all the coins I had built up, as she had the best one. A new map and hero are coming soon.
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  • I have been playing Tactics Ogre on the Vita. It is the best tactics game across any franchise.

    But it's super grindy. But still better than War of the Lions and A2 which I adore. I highly recommend it. It's like $10 on the PSN store surprisingly.
  • I've been absent of late. Drowning in work, that seems never ending.

    Nier Automata (PS4) I've been replaying this game, so I can get into the dlc. I just finished route B and I'm 22 hours into the replay and I've maybe done a 1/3rd of the dlc. (they have recommended levels, like 30, and 45 and level 60), so I'm doing side quests and still just enamored with this game.

    Super Bomberman R (Nintendo Switch) I beat the first world. Its certainly Bomberman.

    I've picked up several games of late, and there are even more games from months ago I want to play, but I can't seem to find the energy to stick with (or start) any of them atm.
  • Mass Defect: Andromeda - Still slogging through. Tried the multiplayer. It was shit.

    Gears 4 - Bit of Horde with the scrubs.

    PvZ GW2 - Unlocked a few more characters. Trying to hunt down these golden garden gnomes.

    Heroes of the Storm - Tried it because I wanted to get the Overwatch skins, but find the game so relentlessly dull that I probably won't bother.

    That's about it.
  • Friday The 13th: The Game (Xbox)
    A bug-ridden, broken mess at the moment yet somehow still fun as all hell with players who use in-game chat. Thank the heavens for the Looking For Group feature on Xbox. I wrote a review too.