Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 22/05/17
  • Not so much to report from me this week.

    (360) Skyrim Committed to the Stormcloaks and carried out a raid in support of Ulfric. If he's so big and tough, how come I'm running around doing his fighting for him?  From there just explored the North coast a little more, going from Dawnstar over to Winterhold.  Doubt I'll end up spending much time on these wizard college dudes.

    How about you?
  • The Blizzard diet continues!

    Diablo 3 (PC): I keep getting crappy legendary gems on my Wizard, and I only have one piece of the gear I need, which sucks. It's sort of caused my Wizard to plateau, until I get the set pieces I need. I did some bounties on a Monk because I need to do a lot of them to reroll items for different characters. Bounties are so much worse than rifts. :(

    Heroes of the Storm (PC): Did a bunch of matches with Cloudenvy and AshGooner. My MMR has gone up 1000 points in the month of May. Having rotten luck on Hanamura. Mostly been playing sustained damage, assassin types. Illidan, Zeratul, Butcher. Some supports are alright too.

    Overwatch (PC): Did just a couple mystery hero matches. Now that the new event is up, I'll probably be playing some more.
  • Horizon Zero Dawn: Finished the story. It was a fun game and great but not as amazing as people were letting it on to be. I stand by my opinion that the combat kinda sucked and I was more interested in exploring that world. I'm going to try and Platinum it though because that doesn't seem too difficult.

    Overwatch (Xbox): Played a little bit of the Anniversary event. Level 56 and started playing a ton of Zenyatta. He's a fucking blast. I've only gotten one of the Anniversary skins which is Mei whom also happens to be my most despised character, so yay?
  • @Manio agreed about Horizon. I haven't even gone back to it to finish the story yet. It's a well made sandbox game, it checks every box and does the formula well, but it brings nothing else to the table. The combat is indeed pretty terrible, and the world and peoples - which most people seemed to like for some reason - were rather unlikable as far as I was concerned. Everyone in the game goes out of their way to be assholes to you, and you're supposed to save them? WTF? My Atlas was shrugging so hard I threw a shoulder out.

    Also, Zenyatta is great.

    As for my game time:

    Gears 4 - Got the 3 Carmine skins. They shook up Horde mode a bit to change the enemy spawns but unfortunately it's not much of a change for the better imo. It feels even easier than before. The devs really need to do some rebalancing in Horde. Soldiers and Snipers are basically worthless as classes. Apparently June will see a big Horde update, so we'll just have to wait. Hopefully they fix a lot of things, but with the focus all on versus and fucking e-sport bullshit, I'm not holding my breath.

    Overwatch - Checked out the anniversary stuff. The game isn't managing to hook me again yet though.

    PvZ Garden Warfare 2 - I had no idea there was so much stuff to do in this game. Hidden areas, hidden character unlocks, challenge modes, unlockables galore, and loads of community events. I've unlocked about 3/4 of all the available plants and zombies, if that's an indication of how much time I've sunk into this.

    Blood Knights - I went back to this after buying it and hardly touching it. The release of The Surge had me wanting to try something by Deck 13 that was not Lords. Blood Knights is poop.

    Mass Effect Andromeda - The bargain bins were kind to me, and I managed to get my hands on this for a much reduced price. It's even more terrible than I could have hoped for. Forget laughably bad facial animations and a main character whose beard looks like ant legs haphazardly glued to his vacant mug, I've had my car spawning inside buildings and fallen straight through the deck of my ship a few times, plummeting towards a planet slowly losing health, only to reappear again somewhere random on the ship at 1 health point. Fetch quests followed by more fetch quests. Click on the big heart romance subplots. And the main plot? HAHAHAHA. Trash is too generous a word. We've come a long way from the promise ME1 held. Ah, what could have been...
  • @Dr Flibble

    That reminds me, I still need to add you and @Epke on PSN.