Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 15/05/17
  • Real life did indeed get in the way of posting last week's WiG, but the train kept a-rollin' - thanks!  Meantime, I was still sneaky-sneaking my way through the frozen wastes of...

    (360) Skyrim Having become a serial alchemist, blacksmith and enchanter I've been working on gradually improving my gear, trucking around with a questing armour set and two sets of clothes for boosting alchemy and smithing skills.  If I could obtain the enchantment that improves your enchanting skill and apply that to some gear, then I could really get this virtuous cycle of continuous improvement moving.  

    That said, all of this is costing me a fortune as I'm either hoovering up gear with good stat boosts for alchemy/smithing or I'm constantly buying powered-up Grand Soul gems for the enchanting.  Turns out I'd done my research wrong and was wondering why I wasn't harvesting Grand souls off all these people I was killing, but you only power up Black soul gems with person souls, otherwise you have to use animals or monsters.  What's worse, the only common animal that gets you grand souls are the mammoths and I really, really don't want to go around murdering pachyderms for personal gain...

    I did give a little go to raiding a giant camp though, and it turns out that I might be a bit over-levelled - with the 15x damage bonus for daggers when undetected I one-shotted a giant who hadn't spotted me and then when I tried to chip-down a mammoth with my bow so that the soul-capture spell on my axe would have time to work once it got up close 'n' personal, the mammoth dropped dead after one arrow to the head.  Turns out those giants are pretty wealthy too, as I came away from that raid with a fair chunk of money.  Like I said, I really liked that there are these giant camps that you could skirt around and not upset, it feels like you're respecting the nature of Skyrim.  I guess I just have to decide how role-play-ish I want my run through this game to be - is Snowball the Khajit going to be at one with mother nature or is he going to be a one-man (cat?) elephant exterminating machine?

    Another wrong assumption I had made early on was that you couldn't change your companion's armour as she never put on whatever hand-me-down I gave her whenever I upgraded my own gear.  It just turns out that whilst I'm a light armour assassin kitty cat, Lidiya (still alive after all this time!) will only put on the heavy stuff so she's now clunking around in a full set of Orc gear which means that a) She looks damn cool (for a while she had the full armour but I only had a crown lying around to give her, and that just looked...right - I let her keep the crown even now she's got a decent 'lid) b) She's loud as shit as she stomps about, attracting all the attention and letting me sneak up on people as they're attacking her or even just shooting them with my bow from distance and c) She's now incredibly tough, often finishing off whole mobs of enemies while I've got my back turned.  Awesome stuff, I knew I was keeping her around for a reason!

    OK, long post from me after a week off, I'm excited to hear what everyone else has been up to...
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  • Diablo 3 (PC): I completed all 4 chapters in Season 10 on my Wizard. We'll see if I go for Slayer next, which will take quite a lot better gear and a set dungeon completion, which also means I'd have to totally change my build up. In the 80s in terms of paragon level. Solid progress overall, just don't really like the set armor that the season hands out. Also worked on leveling a non seasonal Crusader and then spent about 100 mil gearing and re-rolling gear for a couple of my level 70 monks, one of which is now far and away my top damage dealer, somewhere around T10-T11 damage, sadly about T5 toughness. Will probably keep working on my Monks a bit since I can gain a paragon level pretty easily with one rift in the 420s still, as well as getting my Crusader to 70, and I kind of want to do another Barbarian since it's been a long time since I played one (like season 4 or so).
  • Still working through XCOM. I get way too hyped when a come back from the jaws of defeat. 
  • Heroes of the Storm (PC) - First time playing this. Probably my favourite MOBA I've played so far; mainly because the learning curve is less steep compared to something like Dota 2. The team levels up together, so no team member can fall behind. There's no items, so you don't have to worry about remembering all the various combinations. I also enjoy the different game modes, which other MOBAs lack.