Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 8/5/17
  • Pour one out for the egg man, who is likely inundated with such things as 'real life' and 'adult responsibilities.' Alas. In the meantime, enlighten us with how you've been spending our time paying games.

    Overwatch (PC): Kind of weaning myself off a bit, did quite a few mystery heroes matches last week but haven't touched it since. Passed by level 200 which was cool. Got enough playtime on the new heroes to consider myself familiar with them now. Will probably pick it up again if there's a summer event of some sort.

    Heroes of the Storm (PC): Played a good 15 more matches or so, most of them in a party so that I could get all the mounts and skins for both this game and Overwatch that they were giving away. Had a couple dominating matches as the Butcher, a couple solid matches as Zeratul, and a mixed bag of matches as Illidan. Stress free MOBA game which is nice, also relatively quick games. The new Hanamura map is not good. It feels like the only map where if you fall behind you're kind of screwed. Still feel like team fights are almost too chaotic and hard to tell what is going on. Like that you're never out of the action long.

    Diablo 3 (PC): Made more progress as my seasonal monk when I realized I wanted to play a different class. Switched to wizard since my last wizard main existed long ago before legendary gems and ancient items and all kinds of stuff has been added. Of course, this meant starting all over again and made it even more doubtful I'll finish unlocking all the seasonal stuff before the seasons ends. Oh well. Getting to level 70 is still the worst part. I wish you could just skip to 70. Early game leveling is dull.
  • You're on a Blizzard Diet!
  • Final Fantasy VII (PS4)
    Kinda confused why I'm playing through this again. Dunno. Just got to the bit where you gotta snowboard down the mountain.

    Dungeons & Dragons - 5e
    Been DM'ing for a while now, and one of the player's characters was killed off this week, albeit due to him wanting to roll a more interesting character. So, we did that and dealt with it.

    World Of Warcraft - Legion
    Just running through the expansion. Currently doing the class-specific questlines you unlock at Level 100 or something. Used the Level 100 boost you get with the expansion on a new Alliance character I stated, which is now a Level 103 Dranei Shaman.

    This expansion is good stuff.

  • XCOM
    Beat the first alien base. 

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