Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 01/05/17
  • Late due to travel. No gaming due to travel. Bleh.

    Hopefully not the same story for everyone else, or this is going to be a real boring thread.
  • XCOM Enemy Unknown
    I have a massive backlog and need to deplete it. I've fallen in the habit of starting and not finishing a lot of games; games I like, and for no reason other than time. I have Tomb Raider, Fallout 3, and Rayman Legends on started and all waiting to be finished; but I decided to play XCOM instead.

    I never played the original XCOM and bought this due to the acclaim. I'm a few hours in and while I'm enjoying it, there are certain design choices that irk me. Some of this may be due to playing on console; some of it is because of the kind of game that it is. I've never been a fan of sinking time into a character, only to lose them because you're agnostic to the environment, and that happens all the time in this game. It reminded me of what I liked about Dark Souls: yes, there is a penalty for death, but their is always an opportunity to correct your mistakes and regain your rewards. That concept doesn't really exist in this game.

    The other issues I have have more to do with design choices. I feel that the movement across the map is too slow at times, and the use of controller slogs the movement even more. I'm also not a fan of dynamic animation during the combat sequences. It stops the momentum. Finally, I don't like the lack of accessory missions. I know the aliens are my opposition, but why do I not have training grounds to build my team and enhance battle experience? If all of my majors are injured, am I really suppose to go into a dangerous battle with a bunch of rookie soldiers? That's absurd.

    With all of that said: the maps and mission structure make the game an enjoyable challenge; keeping things fresh, while also forcing you [the player] to actively manage your team and approach at all times. It's incredibly engaging, cementing a bond between player and soldiers as I move them meticulously throughout the map in order to achieve optimum results. There are few feelings as good as completing all directives while keeping all squad members alive and well.

    Compound that with a wonderful camp that allows for [near] constant growth whether in the lab or in relation to the rest of the world. I like researching and learning more about this alien species. I like building new spaces for more research and development. Overall, it's a good game, and I hope that like many others I've played it because great by the end. 
  • Gears 4 - New month, new maps. Been playing to level up and trying to get the achievements for doing Horde on Insane difficulty with all the character classes. I managed to do 2 out of the 5, but it's hard playing with randoms. So many noobs and knuckleheads. Don't join a game of Insane Horde with a level 1 character. Just don't.

    Resident Evil 7 - I was thinking of buying Outlast 2 but then thought perhaps I should play through the first one first, and then I remembered I had barely touched RE7 either, so I did. I started over again so I could remember what was going on, and stopped pretty much at the same spot I left off last time.

    Dark Souls 3 - I've been experimenting with some new builds. I'm liking my new faith build.
  • Overwatch (PC): Lots and lots of mystery heroes, which has gotten me much more familiar now with Zarya and Orisa, who I had pretty much never played. Got most of the Uprising skins, most importantly, got the ones I wanted; Rein, Mercy, McCree, and then I used coins to get Bastion and Tracer. The last week or so I've easily played 30+ matches and I am pretty sure won 2/3 or so of them, which is a ridiculous bout of luck. 

    Heroes of the Storm (PC): Played 7 matches over the weekend with @AshGooner and went 5-2, which was cool as he was totally new to the game. Luckily that meant we were playing mostly totally new people and they kind of sucked. And I had played about 25-30 matches previously so I had a bigger grasp than the level 1s and 2s and 3s we were often against. I got the neat Oni Genji skin for Overwatch, hope to get the skin this weekend by playing some more matches.
  • NieR: Automata (PS4) I finished the game and got all the endings and the Platinum Trophy! The dlc for the game came out this week so I gotta start all over to get back to where I can start the dlc. :p This was a fantastic game and I am still listening to the soundtrack.

    Thats it. I'm slowly working back thru the story in NieR to get to the dlc this week, while I figure out what the hell I want to play next. I've tried a few games I'll talk about next time, but none have grabbed me yet.
  • All Switch all the time for me, Persona 5 has taken a step back to allow time for:

    Mario Kart 8 Deluxe -
    Mostly online play at the moment. I have been done the first 3 cups at 150cc however. I never really got into this on the WiiU but this time around I am hooked. 

    The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild - A few more shrines on my commutes. I had a meeting last week (on my week off) which meant a 2 hour commute, which meant its time to play Zelda. I have about 40 shrines now and I am contemplating going after the master sword. 

    I think I'm gonna focus on Zelda for now and come back to Persona when Zelda is done. Which will probably be in about 3 years at this rate.

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  • @nutta27 Your commute is two hours?
  • @sloth - Nah generally its 20 minutes to my work but I had to travel to Lincoln for a meeting, that took 2 hours. Chilling on the trai with Zelda made it fly by though.
  • Outlast II
    Not as good as the first game, but still a good time. Not as scary, and more frustrating in parts. I miss the claustrophobic halls of the first game. If you're curious and loved the first game you'll probably still enjoy this one.

    World Of Warcraft: Legion
    Renewed my subscription and bought the latest expansion to see what I missed. Used the Level 100 boost on my Dranei Shaman and have been playing through the Legion questline as well as my Shaman's personal quest-line. It's a really good expansion. Like, really good.
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  • Dishonored 2 (PC) The most notable game I have played this week. I got the game for christmas and decided I should probably check it out ( I loved Dishonored 1 ). It is great. I was mainly worried about performance as I heard some negative stuff around launch, mainly about the PC release, with issues regarding polish and such. I don't know if if the bugs have been ironed out through patches etc (which probably is the case) , but It definitely plays fine. I was surprised that it runs at 4k with 60fps and all ultra settings so that was nice. But damn is the platforming and stealth so bang on, the sheer verticality available accompanied with great level design make exploration such a joy. The way that the missions can be approached is really versatile, playing feels laden with choices. Even if there are not as many choices as it appears, the game still makes itself seem as though it does.
     I am aiming to complete the game without killing a single person or being seen once. I have succeeded so far (about 5 hours or so in) . What I think is my favourite aspect is that the game rewards the player for taking their time and exploring, generally taking a calulated approach. It all feels very rewarding.

    Paladins (PC) : Playing a few games daily with @NewAgeRed, we normally do a couple of games, few enough not to burn out on it.

    Elder Scrolls Online (PC) Trying very slowly to progress (lvl 22 I think) but the game sure does take its sweet time. I normally play with @NewAgeRed and we (well certainly I) approach the missions in a very disjointed manner, just to make playing in a party extra annoying/confusing in terms of both being at the same stage in a questline. Not a very eventful experience but it is fun to occasionally dip in and do a little bit here and there and not understand the crafting system at all, I don't really bother trying.
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  • (PS4) Nioh - Finished the main story.

    (PC) Football Manger 2017 - Thought I get back into this and it pretty much took up my entire weekend and I'm still in pre-season.

    (PS4) Nier: Automata - Just started this but it took about 1 hour to get to a save point.

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