The Nintendo WiiU & The Ministry of Crap Design
  • Anyone had experience with a sudden disk read error occurring in a game that's previously worked without any issues? Because this has just happened to me yesterday with Minecraft WiiU. This disk, and only this disk, has suddenly decided to stop working. The disk is clean, no scratches, no fingerprints, no dust, nothing. All my other game disks work fine too. I did some searching on the internet and found others with this problem. So apparently the WiiU will periodically and randomly choose a game to ban you from playing. Apparently the only guaranteed fix is to replace the entire dvd drive. Quality, Nintendo, quality. Doing a quick read up on switching the dvd drive also sounds like a massive pain in the arse, as you need 3 different varieties of microscopic screwdrivers just to get the bastard open, and then after you manage that you have to further open up the drives themselves to swap the logic boards. 

    Has anyone got any other solutions? Considering the entire WiiU game library consists of maybe 10 fucking games, losing 10% of my collection at random intervals because Nintendo are turds doesn't sound particularly appealing.

    And for those unfamiliar with The Ministry. Starts about 2 minutes in.