Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 17/04/17
  • I've called you all here out in front of the Big Egg house to announce that I am calling a snap Week in Gaming.  I may have gone on record as saying that I would not call a Week in Gaming and I may have told the guys over in the Noobtoob Slack that now is not the right time for a distracting WiG when we all should be focussed on Xbexit in advance of the Scorpio launch, but in truth holding a Week in Gaming right now serves my own personal end so, basically, fuck all y'all.

    (360) Skyrim More of this. Still more of this - like a naughty boy who's been caught with cigarettes and been forced to smoke the whole pack, I'm playing and playing and playing this until it destroys my sleep patterns.  Completed the dungeon where the Greybeard magic saxophone was supposed to be but someone had only gone and bloody stolen it ahead of me!  I've been on that step of the main story for months and now I've finally gotten to it, it's not there!

    That's it from me - how are you distracting yourself from the wearisome political roundabout that the whole world seems to be stuck on?
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  • NieR: Automata (PS4) Still only this game! I can't seem to pull myself away from this game at all. (still hasnt stopped me buying other games BUT...) I'm still in the middle of route C (much longer than I thought) and there have been so many twists and story reveals I can't stop thinking about this game even when I'm not playing it! :)

    Thats it from me! There are so many other games that I'm excited about playing that released recently, but I can't seem to stop playing NieR! Oh and they just announced some dlc for NieR this week, with new outfits so I'll most likely pick that up. ;)
  • Dark Souls 3 DLC - Doing some part time white phantom work.

    Gears 4 - They had an Easter event where you had a chance to get RAAM as a character. Of course I didn't get him from the super limited time only card packs. I did get 2 variants of the Kantus but yeah, whatever.

    Overwatch - Gave the new stuff a go. It's still Overwatch. I wasn't very interested in any of the new skins so I didn't feel too motivated to play for loot boxes. I did get the Mercy skin though, and the only other one that looked sorta decent was Widowmaker's.

    Plants Vs Zombies 2 - Playing through all the solo missions as zombie and doing some Garden Ops.

  • Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD
    I was missing the feeling I had as a child when playing these kinds of games; learning the tricks and completing each goal in the level. I'm not anywhere near as good as I was as a child. Part of that [I think] is due to changes in the actual mechanics of the game; it's less forgiving than I remember. I recall being able to chain a [kind of] flip from the ground onto a rail to achieve the highest possible combo. It's a lot harder to jump from ground to rail without the board getting lost in transition. I'll just have to keep practicing.

    Geometry Wars 3
    While getting THPSHD I was looking for other games to download and found this. I've only ever played the demo of earlier iterations on 360 and didn't care for them too much. That said, I was in the mood for something new and figured I'd purchase as it was discounted. I'm currently stuck on the first boss, and can't seem to get enough points to get more than 1 star on any level. Like Tony Hawk: I'll just have to keep practicing. 
  • Overwatch (PC): I played enough of the new PvE mode to get a couple loot boxes then grew tired of it, so I switched to the endlessly frustrating mystery heroes mode, where the game randomly assigns you a character every time you spawn. Some days, the game clearly hates you. Still, I've played enough to go from level 194 to 198 and I got the new Rein skin, Mercy skin, and selfie intro. None of the skins really interest me much, other than maybe Widow. I'm still using mostly CNY and Halloween ones. Some of the new sprays are really good though.

    World of Warcraft (PC): I dunno. Played some last night with Winsord. Trying to decide who to use my level 100 boost on. The last expansion I played a lot of was Cataclysm, so the Pandaren and the Monk class are totally new to me. The game is prettier these days. It's very user friendly. They need to just buff the run speed of everyone by like 10%. And make sure all quests can have shared gathering. I fooled around with a level 100 monk and was quickly overwhelmed. They've certainly simplified the amount of skills a bit from back in the day but it's still 2-3 bars worth at that level. The amount of extra stuff is ridiculous, stuff outside the main game. None of it interests me (like pet battles, meh). I don't know how long I'll keep at it. I kind of want to see the world again but that's such a time commitment to go from 1 to 100.

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  • World of Warcraft! Wooooo!
    I tried to jump back into it and the raider inside of me tried taking over. Min max everything. Turn this into a second job/life.

    Can't deal with this anymore and quickly uninstalled.
  • Yeah I'm caught between wanting to level from level 1 and see how the world has changed, but I also know I probably can't stick it out that long to see it all and also want to see what endgame is like a bit. Orgrimmar sure has changed. Way more imposing. Darker colour scheme. Looks way more Horde-ish now and not quite as happy go lucky.
  • I was of the same mind. Level and just enjoy questing like a filthy casual. But then I did one instance and the levelling was so much quicker... And then another...

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