Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 3/4/17
  • Just more Horizon: Zero Dawn.  It has stopped showing me new tricks.  I would agree it does not reinvent any genres.  It feels like inFamous at this point.  Just so polished, so play tested, the game does nothing to piss you off.  Just cleaned out a bandit camp?  Oh look, a merchant just showed up when you needed him.  A lot of little things like that.  The game is gorgeous as all get out.  Sun rise on water?  Pretty nice.

    The combat is easy, once you know how things work (like inFamous again).  You have way more tools than you could possibly need.  My favorite moment in the game so far was not even a set set piece.  I am out gathering metal flowers, scratching my OCD itch, when I happen on a Thunderjaw and a Trampler mixing it up.  I get to see the TRex showcase it's many guns (that is some nice design with attention to every little detail), and decide to jump in.  I lead off with a few tearblast arrows, cuz those suckers are just unfair, and a bunch of guns fly off.  Later in the dodge potion of the fight,  I get to shoot the TRex with a gun I popped off of it.  Who hasn't wanted to rip off Megatron's arm and shoot him in the neck with it?  Good times, good times.
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  • Nier: Automata (PS4) Only this game! I have finished route A and I immediately started route B and I still find myself completely absorbed. I was not prepared for some of the emotional beats in the story in route B. I am unlocking all the the locked chests as I come across them, I will miss some this time probably, but thats ok b/c I can try again next time. I think I'm getting close to the end of route B, and I dont see me stopping yet. ;)

    Thats about it. :)
  • Still playing Crushed. These puzzles are quite challenging. 
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  • Dark Souls 3 Ringed City DLC - This has pretty much dominated my game time this week. Not much else to say about it except to repeat that it feels a lot like the Artorias of the Abyss DLC from DS1. There's so many references to it in the scenery, the one puzzle you encounter, and the bosses (a big black dragon, a fallen knight jumping about all over the place). I love the series, but like From, I think I'm ready to move on. 

  • Nier: Automata (PS4): Second playthrough. Not too fond of doing all the same quests and stuff over, but some of the new story revelations are neat. The soundtrack remains amazing. Luckily, all your stats and gear carry over so I've been blasting through the repeated content.
  • Crusader Kings II (PC) - I love Paradox's strategy games, but I always avoided this one because it's by far the most complex. A streamer I followed was playing this and it prompted me to learn how to play. I've restarted so many times because I keep making mistakes, but it's the only way I'll learn. I should really pick up some of the DLC for it.
  • I occasionally pop into horizon and knock off a few things towards my platinum.

    In other news I just ordered a switch. It come with Zelda. I guess my next game is Zelda.
  • Bloodborne: Holy fuck this is good. Just beat Father Gasgione or whatever his name is. This is my new hotness.

    Dark Souls III - Ringed City: This DLC is bloody brilliant. I just got up to a certain church was a rather cool boss mechanic. This is really, really tough and good.
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  • Life is Strange PS4 Platted it great game didn't like the end choices, why isn't there a middle road

    Onecanbera Z2 Chaos PS4 Played a while was enjoying it until i clipped into a hill and i cannot get out of it and when i reload/restart i am at the same place. seems that i have to restart the game, no thanks, the game is not that.

    Earth Defense 2025 PS3 Finished the game with a ranger, now playing it with other classes

    Hawken PS4 Busy with other games so only for the log in bonus mainly

    Let it Die PS4 Busy with other games so only for the log in bonus mainly

    Warframe PS4  There where events did a little of one and finished the other.
  • (360) Skyrim Have been gradually working my way back from the end of the Drinking Game quest to the other side of the world where it all started, travelling everywhere on foot and clearing out the occasional fort or mine on my way.  Plan is to go from Markarth up towards the next main story quest in the North as I have a few side missions I can clear out on the way.

    I've yet to decide which mast to pin my colours to - all the Imperials you meet appear to be cast-iron arseholes, but then the Stormcloaks aren't exactly a barrel of laughs either and hanging around Markarth reveals that they kind of fucked over the people in the Reach so can't even necessarily claim to be the underdog good-guys.  This being my first Elder Scrolls game, I've been impressed with the amount of backstory in the world - from relatively recent events to ancient history which explains where the Falmer came from for example.  I've barely scratched the surface on what is out there and I definitely don't have time to be reading every book that I pick up.

    One last note:  Encumbrance limits can take a running jump.
  • Horizon did show me something new. Those rock crushers are no joke. Also the writing is pretty good. It ain't Kafka, but if you can make the tribal hunting of Decepticons not stupid, you have put in some work.

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