Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 27/03/17
  • I was going to do a joke about not knowing whether WiG is late or early this week as I'm too tied up with Skyrim, but then I realised I made the same joke last week, which I guess kind of proves the point.

    (360) Skyrim Lots of this. Lots and lots and lots of this.  Losing hours of progress when the NPCs in Dragonsreach suddenly turned aggressive for no reason. Spending an age trying to get my companion to join me in a dungeon before giving up and panicking that I'd lost her entirely. Finally completing that drinking session quest, walking everywhere in order to access more side missions...

    Tell you what.  Just use your creativity and imagine that I wrote a really witty intro to this post....done it?.....Ha ha!  That's so Littleg!
  • Horizon Zero Dawn

    Just a great game. I love how with a couple of skill points and some knowledge, critters that once seemed unkillable become easy pickuns. It is not Souls level combat, you can roll forever, but the game will kill you for being dumb. Only level 15, but man, if this ain't my game of the year, this is gonna be one hell of a great year.
  • Nier: Automata (PS4)  Lots of this game! I am still loving it. I beat route A as 2B and I am now playing route B as 9S. The game is really neat from a different perspective, and there are different story bits, so while you are going to the same areas in mostly the same order you get a lot of new information. Also the hacking is a decently fun shmup, so I am hacking a bunch. :) I think I'm going for the platinum. I currently have 26/48 trophies.

    Super Bomberman R (Switch) I played this for like 5mins. before going back to Nier, ... its fun.

    Thats it from me. More Nier this week definitely. :)
  • Horizon Zero Dawn - I'm still enjoying it, it's a very well made sandbox game. I'm not feeling the pull as much as others do. The story is...ok...I suppose. Most of the people I've encountered in the game have been total assholes so it's hard to care whether or not they get torn apart by robosaurs but yeah, whatever moves the game along. The combat is pretty good even if the stealth mechanics kinda make no sense. It's a good game, well made with plenty of content to keep you going, it's just nothing we haven't seen before. It's basically Far Cry 3 with less guns. You run around the wilds picking up plants, killing wildlife etc for crafting, taking out enemy bases, climbing towers to unlock more map, and being a sneaky shit until you level up to the point where you no longer have to be. Oh, and there are collectibles and a gadget to tag enemies. Sounds familiar yeah? I dunno, maybe if it weren't my 1,236th sandbox game I'd be more into it, but polished to fuck as it is, it still feels like I'm just going through the motions. Still, if it comes down to this or that little shit in the green pointy hat for GOTY, I hope this one wins it. This is neck and neck with Nioh for GOTY so far for me.

    Dark Souls 3 - The Ringed City DLC is out. I've taken one character through it and enjoyed it. It's obnoxiously hard in some areas, but given the Dark Souls fanbase generally enjoys being tied up and fisted this is a very good send off for the game.

    I played some other stuff in dribs and drabs but nothing worth reporting here.
  • Crushed 3D
    This is the 3DS remake the PSP game Crushed. It's a puzzle game with some minor platforming elements. There are 40 levels, and 40 trophy levels; so far I've completed 11 regular levels and 1 trophy level. The objective of the regular levels are to get a certain amount of marbles to open a portal and then find your way to that portal and exit the level. The same logic applies to the trophy levels; the difference is that you have a time limit and certain number of "crushes" you're allowed to do. "Crushes" are the mechanic that allows you to change the world from 3D to 2D and vice-versa. 

    It's a challenging game, and something I'd highly recommend to anyone who enjoys solving puzzles. There are tons of "aha!" moments that you'll experience throughout the level, and a real sense of joy when you get all the items in a level and get "perfect" the first time through. I look forward to seeing just how difficult these puzzles get and beating each and every one of them.
  • Horizon Zero Dawn PS4 Platted it, like i said Dr Flibble, it is like far cry primal without the annoying parts,  i like the story and the ending, The only annoying fights where in the cauldrons even the last fight was not that difficult (maybe that special armor had something to do with that) 

    Life is Strange PS4 finally started playing this, the first episode i played was the european release? so i had to play it again from the start, this is how Japanese should make their visual novels, just pushing circle button get's tedious.

    Earth Defense 2025 PS3 those spiders on inferno difficulty are annoying!

    Hawken PS4 Busy with other games so only for the log in bonus mainly

    Let it Die PS4 Busy with other games so only for the log in bonus mainly

    Warframe PS4  There where events did a little of one and finished the other.
  • Mass Effect : Andromeda It aint Mass Effect as we know it traditionally, it is a very different approach taken to the previously released ME games. It is great for its own different reasons. The emphasis on constant story (which honestly is my favourite part of Mass Effect) has been sacrificed quite drastically to make way for the very open area approach. The more I play the more I appreciate the game. The story is there (more difficult to find in places and a little on the poor side mostly,well, against previous examples in the series).

    After a criminally uninspiring first few hours of the game it becomes a much different game to the previous Mass Effect series. Once inbraced that this is entirely a new approach I found myself sucked in to the open world (not for progressive big decision questlines, purely exploration) . After time invested it becomes a little like crack, desperate to complete objectives which feel as I am making a difference through pure exploration to none particularly noticable areas encounters. The feeling that helping other people in even the smallest segment Is improving my overhaul game standing makes such a difference to personal satisfation, that your actions do matter. It always makes you feel that these smaller chunks make a progression overhaul which is great. 

    The occasional classic bioware moments are there, just a little harder to find these moments, they always surprise me and reminding me just enough of what ME is all it's heart. Trying to complete it maybe today or tomorrow. But I feel a lot less of unnecessary pressure to move forward for the sake of itthan in previous ME titles.

    Explore,, explore, talk to everyone briefly and get on my way and here their stories. Not that I am used to this approach to the open world but they nailed it pretty much after at least the opening sequence, a little poor the game takes it's time to get you properly involved. But feeling you are making a difference as inconsequential in the long run just makes wanting to do as much as  possible very appealing . Everytime I play I love it more.

    I would describe this game a an alternative spin off which plays the formula from a different angle and by the most it succeeds. A big stage changing is the mechanics so drastically for the openness of the planets. I don't know how much involving story had to be dropped for the new formula. I feel the story/dialogue/possiblility to make big changes through actions has been lost.Very much negated by the new open-world style overhaul.

    Also much more light hearted, different feel to previous game, an aspect I really enjoy. (Though wouldnt say it is perfect the Renegade/Paragon mechanics need a return.

    Anyway, it's all exploration and another ME story, just being slighly more freedom (which can sometimes can be great) embracing. Just every action makes a mild improvement which keeps me going throughout the game. Andromeda in it's own right but not entirely ME1/2 or 3 .

    You must check it out, but remember the first few hours are just poor really.. Battle through you will get your results
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  • Mass Effect: Andromeda (PC): Feel like I've said most of what needs to be said in the thread, but I beat it in a week and logged somewhere around 44 hours in that time so it had to be pretty good. I'm a sucker for space opera and sci-fi in general, and the game certainly has some UI warts and travel time warts and is definitely B-movie sci-fi at times, but there are still plenty of really good quest lines and stories to find, and the planets are very scenic. The cast of major characters is mostly pretty good. There were only a few decisions that had a major effect on the world, which was a shame, it felt like a step back from ME 2 and 3. SAM was also a really lazy plot device. Still, combat was pretty fun and exploring was good, and I've spoken at length about how alien and on point all the sound design was. I didn't find the animation totally awful, really it was more about how certain dialogue was written. The team that wrote the game is much, much better at writing humour and written words than romacne and drama. The emails you get in game were fantastic, many of them were funny, and the comedy cutscenes (like a lot of the Korgan ones, or the movie night one) were definite high points. It's when the cutscenes had to reach for TRUE LOVE or really high stakes that they could fall a bit flat.

    Anyways, really fun game, last night I did a couple quests on the Nexus after I had beaten the game the previous night. I might go back and clean up a few more, dunno. But I'm glad I got the game and enjoyed the vast majority of my time with it.
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  • I forgot to mention the light hearted humour. I love it

  • @GoodEnoughForMe & @8drawt - really interesting to read your thoughts no Andromeda. Taking one of the most well-loved franchises from the previous generation as your jumping-off point was always going to be a tough row to hoe, and by all accounts Bioware haven't brought their A-game to this one but it's good to hear that there is stuff in there to enjoy...

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