PS4 Black Screen No Signal, No Sound, Etc
  • So this is fun. I went out and bought a PS4 for about $200 from my sister. It works and everything. We tested it at her place before getting to mine. For clarification: I have my Xbox One using the same set-up, and I don't know why my PS4 won't work with it, but here we go.

    I'm using HDMI to DVI to run the video on my PS4 to my PC monitor, and for some reason I just have a black screen. I've done the whole hold the power button for two beeps for safe mode, etc.

    I don't have a television to hook this up to, and I can't really disable the HDCP without seeing the screen and seeing what I'm doing. Again, my Xbox uses the same set-up perfectly fine, and I really wanna play the exclusives I bought for this console.

    Any help would be appreciated!


    Plus, I've got Bloodborne sitting here staring at me :(

  • How old is the monitor? It could be a resolution problem. There's also some brands/models that the PS4 has conflict issues with (you'd have to Google them to find out which ones).

    Here's a video. If you know where everything is in the menu you could do it blind. It won't be fun but doable. I knew the PS3 menus so well I could do a lot of things without the TV being on. Or, get a TV and set it up on that first, then try switching over to the monitor.

  • Yeah, this is the tutorial I've been using but no dice. I think my monitor is way too old.
  • Sounds like it. If you're going to play Bloodborne get a screen that will do it justice.
  • Flat screen TVs have never been cheaper.

    Still sucks, new toy not working.

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