Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 20/03/17
  • Is WiG late this week?  Is it early?  Am I posting on time?  I don't know, time and space have lost all meaning. There is no reality, there is no relativity, there is only...

    (360) Skyrim Possibly not helped by being away over the weekend, but very little progress overall.  That's not to say I haven't been playing the game but I have barely progressed the rough plan of action that I had in my mind at the end of last week.  I had been heading to Falkreath to look around after I cut that step out of the main story path by accident. Then I was going to pick up some of this tree sap that the nice lady in Whiterun had asked for, before heading over to get the mcguffin for the Greybeards, taking the chance to finish off a few more quests in the North West corner of the map (imprisoned Nords, holy symbols...).

    That was all before a random drinking game dumped me right at the other bloody end of the world in Markarth, which is so chock-full of side quests that I've spent most of the week there - including my first Dwemer ruin (as predicted and which turned out to be fairly rough for my low-level character with all the Falmer wondering around) a brush with the Daedra (who I refused to help) and a whole side-plot about these Foresaken dudes that I haven't progressed at all.  I'm enjoying role-playing my Khajit as feeling bad about what he did on a drunken bender and trying to put that right before he gets on with saving the world, so I've finally left Markarth to seek out my drinking buddy.  But all I've found so far is a guy banging on about his fucking goat, but his fucking goat isn't where it's fucking supposed to be and the fucking giants and mammoths that are hanging around in the area keeping fucking killing me, don't they?

    So where has broken scripting and buggy open-world game design taken you this week?
  • Nier: Automata (PS4): Fun game, pretty good writing and story, a couple bugs that soured the experience. A very contained open world that doesn't inundate you like a lot of them do. No autosave. Mostly worked. Liked the leveling system, which was like adding new parts to a PC. Combat was fun, dodging and countering felt fluid. A bit easy of a game. Boss fights were fairly straightforward. Absolutely fantastic soundtrack. And a final act that was pretty tragic and messed up. Most impressive was the sympathy it generated for certain characters in the story and the growth they show.

    Mass Effect: Andromeda (PC): Just a bit of it, loved the opening segment, all glossy and weird and AAA in every way, I hope the rest of the game holds up, because that sequence was great. The way the first planet confuses you with its audio and ratchets up the intensity was smart design. I already got shot down by one lady when I tried flirting with her. Such is life.
  • Horizon: Zero Dawn I am now on the final mainline mission. The current plan is to work all of the side quests and errands and then look into what trophies I need to mop up before going into the last mission. I don't usually care for platinums but I actually think this game is worthy of a Platinum so I want to put the time in to get there. I really love this game. In my opinion this is the best game released this generation so far. 

    People say Zelda is a better game. Who knows I may find out when switches go back into stock. I am really itching to get my hands on one now. Damn companies and their marketing/ artificial scarcity of stock levels. They played me and they won. Nintendo take my money please. Now.
  • Diablo 3 - One more character to level up to 70, and then I just need to hunt down some legendary gear for the plat. I was surprised to see an update for it the other day announcing new content and the introduction of a season system. I didn't realise Blizzard was still supporting the game this much.

    Resident Evil Series - A little bit here and there.

    That's about it for this week I think.
  • Nier: Automata (PS4) Really enjoying my time with this game. I've completed about 40% of the side quests. I'm having so much fun so far I may wind up trying to get the platinum trophy. We'll see how I feel about that after I beat it this 1st time.

    Thats it. I haven't had as much time to play Nier as I'd like, but I will keep at it. ;)
  • Horizon Zero Dawn

    Good game, slow going cuz my daughter loves it. On the one hand, if a child is willing to watch you play a video game, and that counts as childcare, welcome to big pimpin; but on the other it does slow things down. Kinda like when she was only a few months old, and you could watch The Wire with her asleep on your chest.... but you had to have the volume low. The trade offs of being a terrible father.
  • Horizon Zero Dawn PS4 This game is like a good book, you want to turn another page!
    There are only a small gripes, i had a few times that i got stuck in scenery, heavy weapons that drop to unreachable places or clip into the ground. Attack of monsters going through scenery.
    Luckily not the annoyance that Far cry has that you are on a mission and some random animal attacks you out of nowhere. Although i was clearing a corrupted zone and a behemoth from behind the rocks at the other side joined suddenly, that was annoying.
    The only thing that really annoys me is the gathering, they implemented a red color if you have enough medicine, but sneaking trough enemy territory to find out that the plant is another fire kiln thing instead of medicine is really annoying, they could have made medicine show green on the focus and fire plants yellow, could have been a skill.

    Earth Defense 2025 PS3 Did some more missions, this will take time

    Hawken PS4 Busy with other games so only for the log in bonus mainly

    Let it Die PS4 Busy with other games so only for the log in bonus mainly

    Warframe PS4  Played some event missions! :P
  • Finished Horizon Zero Dawn, i am really liking it! Oh and it has a marvel movie ending after the credits.
    I am hoping that they will have some DLC planned, such an interesting world!
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  • I just platted Diablo 3, again. Whoooo!

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