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    After a console release a few weeks ago, the latest Yoko Taro and Platinum Games development has made it to Steam. Nier: Automata, is another game in the Drakengard/Nier universe, featuring a mashup of open-world RPG, schmup, and hack-and-slash. This time, you play as 2B, the scantily clad, high-heel wearing combat android meant to kill the machines that are running amok on earth far in the future.

    This game went over really, really well among a subset of those interested in more weird/strange games and those with a predilection for stuff like anime, MGS, JRPGs, and Platinum. I beat the first section and boss on PS4 and am literally just waiting for a 4 hour install to finish (god console gaming these days is SO GOOD). As stated, it featured a mix of over-the-top schmup action, side-scrolling combat, and more traditional third-person combat. It plays fast and is intuitive. The soundtrack is good. Still too early to say much otherwise. The game made a pretty interesting modern day decision to forgo autosaving. I'll see how that holds up.

    This game has been out for awhile now, so did anyone else play it or beat it?
  • I have it, but I still haven't finished the original Nier so I was planning to play through that first. Not enough hours in the day.
  • I wasn't sold on this game early on, since I had a bugged quest that I had to keep reloading to finish, but since then it's been fun. Funny game, some humour, some silly Jean Paul Sartre deconstruction, debate about the nature of humanity and existence. It's no Blade Runner but it's nice to see. Combat is fun. Soundtrack is fantastic. Camera is a bit of a flaw.
  • And now the final boss is glitched and I can't finish.

    Well, fun game, but the first couple hours and last 30 minutes were trash because of bugs.
  • That seems fast. How many hours did you rack up?
  • I'd have to check, but I'd guess maybe 10-12? It's a very contained open-world, with just a smattering of side quests and no real big huge quest hub. But it probably only takes about 5-6 minutes to run from one corner of the map to the opposite.

    My advice would also be to play on hard. If you can get through the first couple hours, you're golden. I'm on normal and didn't die once. The beginning is the toughest. Once I got some money and chips to improve my character, I became really hard to kill. Auto heals when low on health, health regen if no damage for 6 seconds, and part of my damage given added to my HP. I also have a shockwave effect added to my weapon and increased damage and crit chance.

    I'm going to try the final boss again tonight. Three stage fight, not a fan of the aerial second stage. I like how dodging and countering feels in this game. The music is still killer. Also the story ended up being pretty good, definitely dark and with some not so good things to say about religious dogma.
  • I'm like 13 hours into the game now and I feel like I'm only about halfway maybe even less than that. I've really enjoyed it so far.

    I just finished the castle in the forest.
  • Without being spoilery I'll just say you are way farther than that, and I'd highly recommend you do any and all sidequests you want to do now.
  • I know there are multiple endings, and I currently have endings K and W.

    I'm not sure how many endings there are, or how to get them all... yet.
  • Oh gods you were right about the end coming up really fast. I just finished the Copied City. And am now locked out of a lot of side quests, I only got about 47% done. (you need to do 80% for the trophy)

    I am really loving the story so far. And the gameplay remains super fun. Definitely planning on doing a 2nd playthru.

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