Mass Effect: Andromeda (PC|PS4|Xbox One)
  • Exploring the first planet. Fought some dudes, shot some fools, and just explored. This game is great! I don't see what the whole fuss was about.
  • I poured another 6 hours into this and am still enjoying it, alas though I peeved off someone by flirting with another someone when I have been flirting with, truthfully, everyone. I hope she doesn't hate me now. :(

    The game continues to open up slowly but surely. I now have large questlines at 4 different planets/locations. Combat gets better as you progress and can tool your character how you want. I'm finding some of the crew more interesting than others, but for the most part I'm curious about them all. Except maybe Lexi. Lexi is just sort of cold and distant.

    I'm wrapping things up on the 2nd planet I went to tomorrow, just have a vault to clear and a few sidequests, then I'll have done almost everything on it, at least that I can find. I need to return to Eos afterwards I think, so I might be postponing the main story for a bit, although that's a bit annoying because the loyalty mission I am most interested in is still on hold because I probably have to progress further.

    I liked the big battle on the 2nd major planet with the main bad dudes until I found out what they were doing there. Felt a bit uninspired.

    Anyways, onwards and upwards.
  • I'm using mouse and keyboard. Played all evening so far. I absolutely love it, warts and all.

  • Shit, I was hoping you had played for like the last 24 hours straight and we could squeal over it.

    Update time. Holy crap! So many quests! So much to keep track of! I keep getting dragged back to previous planets and there's always a ton of new stuff to do. Eos, Havald, Hoth (lol), Kadala, then still checking the Nexus... dear lord. I've made good progress on loyalty missions with 3 crew members. I've got a long section of clearing some non-story stuff coming, I've got a couple planets I'd like to get to 100% viability. 

    The key thing is just play your way. The game doesn't penalize you for doing things in weird orders. If you love an area, go hogwild. Not fond of a planet? You can do the bare minimum. There isn't, so far, much game penalty for it or anything. Just do what you want. Have an open mind, concentrate on the things you like, and explore and engross yourself. Don't worry about your build being perfect or doing things exactly as they come or how you pace it. Just do things how you enjoy it.
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  • Taking everything in. Reading every data pad and listening to every log. 10/10.
  • Just did the first big thing. 10/10.

    I don't know what people are bitching about.
    The game is a step up from Inquisition which was tied to last generation.
    It feels like Mass Effect 1 but with a more fluid combat system. All interspecies drama and bullshit. Love it.

    I can play this game all day.

    The planet scanning, with the way it pans to the next planet makes me motion sick.
    I'm still scanning every planet.
  • I have played 8 hours today.
    Finished the first planet. Now back on my ship about to make the rounds to talk to all my crew. Just like Mass Effect 2.

    Fucking love it. 11/10.
  • @sloth Thanks dude, after reading your post I decided I would give Andromeda another go for today rather than giving it a while. Something clicked and now I am really appreciating the game in a different way and enjoying myself!
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  • Level 30, 26 hours played. Now have 3 planets at 100% viability. Did almost everything on Havarl today, probably my least favourite of the three planets I've cleared. Had to do an area twice because of the order I did some quests, which was annoying. The main planet quest line was... it was alright. A section of jumping that wasn't really hard, just kind of annoying. Enemies are everywhere on that planet. There was one quest I got where I was asked to find, not kidding, 10-12 items scattered across the planet, and I basically wanted to tell the quest giver to fuck right off. I did just about everything else, but as soon as I cleared it I started getting quests to return and do. As usual.

    I am kind of putting off Kadara right now. I have a whopping 13 quests that take place on it and I haven't even really done anything there yet besides briefly jet to a corpse for a loyalty mission without stopping to smell any roses, much earlier in my playthrough. I got another squad member's loyalty quest line complete, so that's 3 so far, with a 4th I think almost done, and a 5th I have started. I'm going to do said 5th loyalty mission and do some stuff on the Nexus and Veold (where I have a loyalty mission not from a squad mate? wtf?) and then swallow the pill and head to Kadara, which just about all roads point to at this stage, including a couple loyalty missions, some Nexus stuff, and more. And that's not even counting the fact that I'll have a vault and settlement to establish and on and on. Going to be a 6 hour planet I bet. I hope it's good.

    After all that I'll get back to the main story. But when all is said and done I'll probably have about 12 hours of continuous playtime between doing story missions.

    Also I banged a squad member this morning. Which was 14 hours ago irl. Feels like forever ago.
  • New update:

    Liam's loyalty quest is funny. Do it!

    Kadara is cool. Some tragic side quests, good characters. Might be my fav planet so far. I've cleaned out about 10 sisdequests. I have the terminals and vault to do. Then I'll be at about 85% and can plop down the settlement to get to 100%. So I should be able to progress on the story after, and make more progress on Peebee's and Cora's loyalty missions.

    I'm also about to craft some good level V weapons. Always disassemble, never sell. Not much worth buying besides rare mats to craft stuff. Vendors never really seem to have the best gear to buy.
  • Liam not gay but was flattered. Not sure who to romance. Don't want to be straight.
  • Cleaned out Kadara and 100%'d it with a settlement, did more loyalty stuff, progressed the story, and got my toes wet on Elaaden. Kadara was my fav planet so far. Good sidequests, lots of treachery, neat setting. 

    I can't speak enough about the sound design on this game. Every single step on a planet sounds and feels so ominous and alien. Nothing sounds familiar. You can't tell whether the very planet is groaning under you or if an animal is stealthed and about to pounce. From the howling ice caves on Veold to the cries and roars on Havarl, to the ugly and imposing Kett machinery in the dunes on Eos that hums with a terrible pitch, there's nothing that sounds like it could be a long lost relative of an animal or machine here one Earth in real life. With one exception; gunfire. Gunfire is comforting in this game. You hear gun shots, you know what you're dealing with, to an extent. That's sort of horrifying that they made guns be the comforting noise, but here we are. It's quite the achievement.

    In other news; the story is pretty short, I think I am at the end, which sucks. So I am going to get the last two planets to 100% and settled and wrap up all the loyalty missions, all of which will take awhile. Actually, I still have no idea what the 5th planet is. I haven't been lead to it yet. I am hoping quests on Elaaden or Peebee's loyalty mission does.

    Also, the main settlement on Elaaden is a fucking maze of switchbacks and dead ends and multiple levels. But go to the very top, it's worth it. Really cool quest giver character and a sweet, sweet view.

    Elaaden sounds like a mix of Dune and Mad Max from what I've gathered from the lore. Murder and savagery for everyone! With giant worms!

    Other small tidbits:

    I wish the circling orb enemies weren't repeated whenever a tough Kett needs to be fought. They're not very threatening because they move so slow. They're more just annoying to pour a lot of bullets into.

    The thing Peebee gives you that can help you in fights is pretty godly. I send it in and then me and my two squadmates pull out our lawn chairs and watch the fireworks.

    The galaxy map still sucks.

    Having to take an elevator and go through the slums to get to the badlands on Kadara sucks.

    The end of Jaal's loyalty mission is super heartwarming.

    I had a mission to setup a footie match so it's Ash's GOTY confirmed.

    I wish the settlements grew a bit over time. They're kind of small and desolate.

    The Kett are pretty dark and terrible but they feel familiar. Maybe in like 20 years after a bunch more ME games we'll find out this entire thing is a grand statement against genetic engineering.

    Vaults are getting a bit old.

    Krogan are still awesome
  • General reviews seem to feel this a weak offering. I am not a big Bioware guy. Their weaker sisters tend to really piss me off. Also, I just find dating sims pathetic. Yeah, I will be skipping this.
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  • Dunno what I was talking about with the 5th planet. 5th is Elaaden! I was ignoring Havarl because it's a bit small and not the same as the others. Anyways!

    I finished Elaaden. Really short planet all things considered. It shits out viability points, I had it at 100% before even doing the vault. A lot of the planet is flat, too, which is nice for driving the nomad. Some tough fights, I had two different fights against 3 fiends each. The Krogan are great, as usual. Along with Kadara it was my fav planet. Vault was surprisingly straightforward after Kadara's longer one.

    So with that, I have 100% viability on every planet! Neat little reward for doing so. Pretty easy feat to accomplish, really.

    I finally - finally! - finished Peebee's loyalty mission, which has to be the most time consuming quest line outside of the main story. It takes you everywhere and then some. Final location was neat. Active volcano ahoy. Also had a tough fight involving two mechs and a shit ton of enemies. Ouch.

    Finished the whole Kett dropship/mutiny/dissension in the ranks line. Interesting, but it ended sort of on a weird point. Like it seems like a big deal but there's nothing left in the quest line. Feels like it needed a better conclusion.

    Also completed the quest involving a woman who may be going through a long, arduous, 9 month process. Final fight was a bit ridic. Kett and Rokaae (Rookae? Rokaee? whatever) dropships at the same time.

    I also picked up one from the Salarian pilot of the Tempest, which has been a slog so far. Started on one planet in the middle of nowhere and with a fight, then went to planet 2 with two different locations including a fight. Then the Nexus operations and then an apartment to scan, now the middle of nowhere on a 3rd planet. If it takes me to a forth I'll blow a socket. No reward is worth this.

    I think - think - the final mission sounding story quest I have must be a two-parter. The movie night, Cora romance, and final interview on the Nexus haven't triggered and are on hold, so I must have two story missions left. I hope. Everyone says to do the movie one and I have done everything in it up until this point.

    So after I finish the Salarian quest, I think it's full speed ahead on the story and hope the few on hold missions I have trigger. If not, well, I must have missed something.

    I also bit the bullet and crafted a bunch of sweet rank VI gear. I now have a shotgun that does almost 1000 damage and a sword that does almost 700. At level 43, I figure that I'll get to level 50 and rank VII gear in the middle of the final mission, at which point it won't do me much good to have waited. If I even get to 50 from the mission. Decided rank VI was about as high as I can get. I am now super powerful.

    It'll be interesting to see if I come back to the game after the story. With all the planetary missions wrapped up and the planets themselves fully explored, there's not a lot of stuff left to do. The only things I have neglected are the Remnant Architects, of which I know of 3 for sure. Those look like fun to fight. I'd imagine there's one on every planet. I have also neglected the SAM memory triggers, since that was just boring busy work to collect. I'll probably just watch those cutscenes on Youtube.

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  • Everything I want to do is wrapped up except the FINAL MISSION. I have some predictions for what will happen. I've thought since aliens started arriving in the Nexus there'd be an attack on it (come on, just like the Citadel, and what better way to worldbuild an alliance than shared defense?) but the final mission is on the other end of the galaxy, so maybe not. The 2nd to last mission was kind of in the dumps as far as story goes, but oh well. It did have a pretty tough fight at one point that I almost died on. I did die stupidly running into remnant water. Whoops.

    The movie night quest is pretty great, definitely one of the best in the game. 

    The Salarian spy one had a great tough choice but a really lacking payoff afterwards. It could have been so much more!

    SAM is way too much of a deus ex machina through the entire game. SAM sees and knows all.

    Drack is great. Him + Vetra + Cora were my faves. Peebee oscilated between annoying as fuck and funny. Liam is a good guy. Gil is boring. Lexi is boring. Suri is alright. Oh, Jaal is great too, also a fav.

    Anyways, I'll be tackling the mission later tonight. Hope it lives up to... I dunno what, the main story is a bit of a mess of different ideas, but hopefully it's at least fun.
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  • What if I want to romance SAM? He is already in me.
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  • Phew! Finished last night. Super schlocky last couple missions in terms of story. Actually, none of it really made sense at all. Oh well!

    I feel like this game was scared of having things change that much. Too many quests and missions had tough choices but no feedback. It'd be nice if my choices caused a character to get mad at me or effect the final mission or something. It's one thing to not change the overarching narrative/plot/quests (gamers complain about this but it's unrealistic), but a lot of quests had choices whose only difference in result were codex entries. 

    Anyways, the final mission setpieces were great. The final boss was tricky until I figured out exactly what to do, then it wasn't so bad. I almost think the 2nd to last mission was harder. 

    I might go back and do some more. Apparently Lexi still will interview me at some point again, as it's on hold. Might go fight the Architects. Also, the postgame pretty much explicitly lays out what either the DLC or sequel will be.
  • I'm on the home stretch now. The main narrative is aloof and uninspiring so far. The Kett do not strike the fear that the Reapers did in the original trilogy; nor do you understand their motivations. There are some tough decisions to make throughout, but their consequences are really seen or felt. It's almost like Bioware wanted to sidestep the added complexity of branching narratives.  

    Andromeda is at its best with the relationships you build with your crew. Learning more about them and making connections with them. My favourite quests are the little things involving your crew - Whether it be arranging a football match with Liam, or Jaal showing where he grew up. It has certainly retained that comradely that you experience in the original games.

    An RPG is only as strong as its characters and there definitely some strong ones there. It's just a shame that the main quests are not where you find it.
  • I am certainly intrigued about the history of the Kett and the Remnant, but it's weird how this game interacts with previous lore. It sort of minimizes the reapers to think that the Milky Way is one of 2 (possibly way more) galaxies with advanced sentient life. Theoretically, a non Milky Way species could have AI/synthetics take over, and then eventually invade the Milky Way, thus rendering the Reaper's harvesting of the Milky Way pointless. I doubt the Milky Way will be the only species able to traverse long distances given enough time.

    So it sucks for the Milky Way! Lost the lottery there. The only galaxy stuck with Reapers.
  • I finished the game the other night and the main plotline was a mess. There were some nice setpieces, but it doesn't hold up to scrutiny. It felt like a rehash of the Reaper storyline; only less enthralling. I still enjoyed the game, but a real missed opportunity. 
  • The resource scanning in this game with how it pans from the planet you're looking at with the parallax background to the next thing is really sickening to me. It induces all sorts of motion sickness uneasiness.

    And yet I'm still scanning everything because I don't know how important this is. I've started to start my passive into resources arriving for me through teams. You know how every Bioware game is super resource gated? Like how your army in quisition lost of you didn't have enough of a certain supply? Well yeah, that's why I'm doing this.

    I like the game overall better with a controller but for a gun fight I switch to mouse and keyboard.

    I'm 80% with Eos and just got Jaal on board so I'm really not super far into it. I'm fully specced as commando with no biotics. I like Jaal. How race reminds me of snakes.
  • Nearly finished here. Partially hate the game for making me sink so much time in for a lot of pointless 'side quests' (I use that term very loosely). It is not a traditional ME game, you could justify it as an adventure a spin-off I suppose. ALL the good bits are story related and Few and far between. Meh .

    Finally Level 6 Biotic Master (taken me until level 50-something to get there). I rarely use a gun I just trigger some area destroying Biotic Combos (I mean the explosions can be ridiculous!) .

    Still not sure how much I like the game. All I know is that when the time for the showdown with the Archon arrives I am gonna blast him with some blue over-levelled artillery!
  • Edit: Btw @sloth as of yesterday I now noticed you can now use tab to skip most of that horrible planet skipping camera bullshit.

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