Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 13/03/17
  • What's that you say?  Late?  Noooooo, Thursday is the day I have always posted WiG.  You must be mis-remembering.  Fake news!  Sad!

    (360) Skyrim After several hours of futzing around, including multiple deaths in a single bandit hideout (I probably should've listened when Lidia said she had a bad feeling about it) I figured I ought to get back to the main story quest and drop in on these Greybeard dudes.  The game was pointing me to this place called Ivarsted which was on the whole other side of a mountain.  I could've walked all the way around, but instead decided to try my hand at this 'Skyriming up a mountain' that I keep hearing about, and on the way past decided to check out this High Hrothgar place, which turns out to be where I was supposed to be going in the first place.

    So my shouts are stronger now and after that I figured I should at least try to get to Ivarsted as well.  Which from Whiterun turns out to be a bloody long walk, taking in multiple hideouts, random events and wild creatures.  And then I'd been there all of about 5 minutes when I accidentally entered a drinking contest that dumped me right on the other side of the world!  Gah!

    Think I might be playing this game for a while...

    And that's it from me - you?
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  • Nier Automata (PS4) AHH!!! I started this up as soon as I got it and it is so much fun! I do love 2B. The gameplay is also super fun. I'm about 8 hours in and doing sidequests to level up a bit. I can see myself playing a bunch of this game for the forseeable future. :)

    Thats it from me. And probably will be for a while atleast. I did pick up the Nintendo Switch but didn't manage to get a Pro Controller yet, or even unbox the console yet. :p
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  • Finished Bioshock 2. Great game, underrated. Two of the trophies glitched, the menu verifies I have completed all research, but no dice; and I have more than 100 audio diaries, but no dice. Frustrating, nothing glitched on original Bioshock.

    Oh well, moving on, Horizon Zero Dawn is great. Interesting combat, beautiful, emotionally compelling story.... what more do you really need? High hopes high hopes.

    @littleg, Skyrim is the best for exploration, just seeing is out there. Can't wait for your first Dwemer ruins.
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  • Dota 2 (PC): It was a tale of two games. One in which I went 9/5/22 and we steamrolled a team we probably shouldn't have, and a 2nd game in which i went 4/12/10 and we got utterly rolled by a clearly inferior picked team. Sadly the second game was a 4v4 with me being a solo queue 5th, so I was kind of left out to dry by the rest of the team. I don't like the idea of bans and drafting in all pick. The point of all pick is just that; pick whoever. Especially for newbies, it'd be really frustrating if you happened to have a few of your starter heroes banned. Also, between picks and bans, the time between finding a match and entering a match can be well over 5 minutes long if you add up the time given for each action. That sucks. It was already a slow enough process as it is.

    Overwatch (PC): I played a few matches on characters I haven't played too much. After a few, I wasn't really feeling it. Might have hit my current limit, we'll see. The new character is coming at a good time.
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  • Horizon Zero Dawn - I'm enjoying this quite a bit, a lot more than I thought I would actually. The world, story, combat, visuals, sounds, everything is pretty well done so far. I like the distinct noises and cries the various metal beasties make, so you can often hear the Watchers before you see them, and know you should probably be looking for cover. I find this much more fun than being suddenly ambushed by a pack of randy marauding ninja wildebeests just as I'm about to do something important as found in games like Far Cry.

    Diablo 3 - Levelled 3 characters to 70, and finished all the Hardcore stuff. I just need to get another 3 characters to 70 and finish 500 bounties (300 to go! Wheeeee!) and I'll have the plat again.

    Gears 4 - New maps, bit of Horde.

    Resident Evil Series - Playing bits and pieces of a number of the games.
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  • @westsw Yeah, I think I'm almost approaching the game backwards from the way a lot of other people have. I've been doing the odd bit here and there but mostly have been looking not to stray too far off the beaten path.  I get the impression the town my drinking competition has dropped me off in is fairly Dwemer-heavy so you may not have to wait too long...
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  • @Dr Flibble

    Buying a PS4 next week with Bloodborne and Horizon Zero Dawn. I'm finally going in.
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  • Horizon Zero Dawn PS4 After being swayed by Sidestrafe's video's and seeing it second hand at Joshin near my house and bought it! Like other guerrilla games it looks beautiful, My Dutch Pride is overwelming :P

    UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH EXE:LATE PS3 :P This months free game a 2D fighter like Guilty Gear or Darkstalkers, mostly playing it for the trophies as i am not good at these kind of games

    Littlebigplanet 3 PS4 I forgot how terrible the controls were in this game but it is better with the PS4 controller

    Enemy Front PS3 WW2 Did some boosting with a guy who doesn't understand time-zones, he/she always sends me invites when i am sleeping

    Earth Defense 2025 PS3 Trophies in this game are not difficult just time consuming

    Hawken PS4 Busy with other games so only for the log in bonus mainly

    Let it Die PS4 Busy with other games so only for the log in bonus mainly

    Exist Archive PSVita Nice level bus only gets damage from magic users F that!

    Warframe PS4  Played some missions! :P
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  • @Manio I will be waiting for the friend request and Bloodborne invite then. About time you joined the smart party.
  • Just Horizon: Zero Dawn for me. This is easily the best game released to date on the PlayStation 4. It looks beautiful. Plays amazingly and I can't stop playing it so much so I may actually attempt a platinum and I generally can not be arsed with games post mainline story. I just want this to be my first.
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