Nintendo fans DDOS Jim Sterlings site over Zelda Breath of the wild score
  • Jim Sterling has been attacked by having the audacity to give the new Zelda game a 7 out of 10
    Bring out the pitchforks! :P

    The know reporting it

    Jim Sterlings Rebuttal
  • This sort of thing is becoming the norm now. It amuses me that people get pissed when review scores are high because paid corporate shill, and now when they are low it's because no cheque came in the mail. Conclusion: People are mostly dumb fucks believing whatever is convenient. It's only logical the next step is to attack even those who agree with you.

    Jim will be fine. He's survived worse than this.
  • @Epke I give you an 8/10.
    @Dr Flibble I give you a Souls/10.

    I'm very sad DDOS is even a wielded thing. But I guess since computers are so cheap this is the way things go.

    I guess everybody needs to use something like Cloudflare and distributed/filtered CDNs now?

    I think Zelda would be a 10/10 for me just because I'm a dumb fuck and shiny new console syndrome applies to me quite a lot. Hell, I would say MRC on the N64, [shitty PS2 launch title], Ridge Racer 7 on the PS3, and Nintnendogs on the DS were all 10/10 for me at that time just because.

    I'm waiting for Switch to come down a bit in price and be bundled with something. It's currently $519 with Zelda but I can get a PS4 for $300. Less for an Xbox One.
  • Jim thrives on this, so i don't worry about that, he will just poke the anthill until more frothing at the mouth fanboys come out, It is something in the water or the success of the current education system that make people blithering idiots!

    How dare you question Zelda, it is the greatest game, the best! Trust me! 
    Make Nintendo great again!
  • @Epke It is crazy. This is the internet now unfortunately, I can't help but think that giving this any attention or time is counter intuitive in the current climate. I am happy to say that here is one of the great few corners of the web where I would definitely say that this isn't true. To all our credit

    @Dr Flibble As usual I do not think anyone really gives that much of a shit really either way. It is people just seeking internet drama for the sake of well, drama. Jim is great, he has spent most of the past few years with this sort of pushback, he has thick skin. I don't mean to make this stuff sound more valid, it's just not unexpected. This shit seems to have been made more legit by the current political climate (always somehow gets back to politics, I think it might just be my own brain, arrgh!! Sorry.) everything seems crazy polarised.

    @sloth I am totally a sucker for new consoles too :) . My brain has to do some daft mental gymnastics to always justify my adoration and blind spots for this sort of spending on new systems. Thankfully it always manages to and I wouldn't have it any other way!

    @Epke I have some alternative facts that suggests Nintendo had the biggest inauguration crowd, I mean , cough, launch sales of any console ever. Trust me! 
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  • I like how this is only a thing for video games and never happens for movies/music/book reviews.
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  • And Colin has left Kindafunny. Dogs and cats, living together, anarchy in the streets.
  • People overreacted to that joke Colin made, but whatever. Badly timed I guess, but meh?

    This whole situation is dumb.
  • The kinda funny thing is crazy. I read the tweet and well it was a joke.

    Him stepping down is just beyond ridiculous.
  • It clearly ain't the joke. The joke is too lazy. Possibly the only older joke men tell each other is: Since entering a committed relationship with a female, I seem to receive far fewer of the sex act of my choice. Colin's joke is more than a thousand years old.

    I bet it has more to do with his introvert nature. The other guys probably wanted more start up enthusiasm. I have always liked Colin. Any conservative who did not vote for Trump has my respect.
  • I'm just saying the outcry about the joke is dumb. If there's a joke to get offended about, why that one? 
  • I don't think anybody got real offended. It is an excuse for a deeper issue as far as the leaving goes.
  • I have no idea who Colin is or what Kindafunny is but people getting shit-canned for making a joke is also par for the course these days. Enjoy the world you have created.

  • @westsw I find Colin Moriarty unbearable from what I have seen of him before, I don't think it has much to do with his opinions, I just find him a really unlikable guy. I find Greg Miller unbearable too though for completely different reasons. At least Colin stood his ground as a real Republican with genuine traditional values, which is very commendable.

    Obviously this guy did nothing wrong, this was blatantly a joke. Nobody could honestly claim that they misunderstood this as a genuine attack. There was clearly, like you say @Manio ,something else going on between the two personalities beforehand a lot less simplistic, this just turned into a catalyst for a very public disagreement.

    Any of you guys watch this show?
  • Ah Hans Theeuwen a Dutch comics who likes to offend in his shows, he also made a funny movie called
    Jesus is een (a) Palistein (palestine)
  • Rachael Maddow's exclusive scoop on the Trump tax returns was some funny shit. It might be offensive if it weren't so hilarious. Karma's a bitch.

    Can you imagine politically correct humour? State-sanctioned family fun? Yeah, no thanks. I've said it before and I'll say it again, the right to cause offence is essential if you want to even begin to pretend you're free. Plenty of things in this world offend me, but I'm not so far up my own arse that I believe my hurt feels are worth more than your hurt feels and so you should just shut up you big meany. From a historical standpoint, if the right to cause offence was never exercised, we'd never have taken any steps forward.

    Narcissists hate to be ridiculed. Explains a lot really in this world of special snowflakes more delicate than a sword in Hyrule.
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  • Imperium, the movie, did a good job of illustrating that a defining feature of fascism is the ability to feel persecuted, even when in power and in the majority. Trumpkins have all branches of government, yet still blame Obama.

    Oh yeah, and another reviewer gave Zelda a 6 so more silliness will be incoming.
  • I remember this sort of thing happening when I reviewed Battlefront and gave it a 4/10 on my old site. People accused me of never playing the game and not understanding the complex systems in that shitbag.
  • If you use and set the minimum threshold to 5 reviews, an iOS game has a higher score.
  • @Manio You still do reviews? The hate armies would put me off.
  • @8drawt

    I did, but moved over to exclusively horror centric gaming site -

    It's nicer there.

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