Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 06/03/17
  • A little late again this week, but once you've started playing Skyrim, time loses all meaning...

    (360) Skyrim Still in the early Whiterun part of the story: set a waypoint for a distant stronghold to follow up on a side mission task, get lost, stumble upon a fort being held by bandits, wipe 'em all out, realise I can't carry everything back to the city to sell it all, dump a load of stuff, fast travel back to clear inventory, by the time I get back the fort's been taken over by Imperials who do not take kindly to a random Khajit wandering through, find all the stuff I was going to sell has disappeared, steal a whole load of other stuff instead...Profit?

    Loving it all so far.

    What's been on your plate in this time period that's suddenly turned all busy?
  • Nioh - Platted it.

    PvZ Garden Warfare 1 & 2 - Very fun. Surprised to still find a lot of people playing GW1.

    PvZ - Almost finished adventure mode.

    Resident Evil 4 - Almost at the end of my pro playthrough now. 

    Diablo 3 - Playing through again on PS4. Currently trying to get all the Hardcore trophies. 

    Gears 4 - Played a few rounds of Horde.
  • Far Cry Primal PS4 Platted it, good training before horizon zero dawn?

    One piece pirate warriors 2 musou PS3 Platted it, should i go for number 3?

    Littlebigplanet 3 PS4 was last months free PSN+ game finaly downloaded it and played it

    Anna Extended edition PS3 Got further into the game

    Starwal PS3 Played this a little like Joust but not as good

    Enemy Front PS3 WW2 shooter played it a little, it is ok but a little burned out on WW2 shooters

    Earth Defense 2025 PS3 This months free PSN+ game shooting bugs, surprised it uses the Havok engine, thought it was phased out. 

    Hawken PS4 i leveled up and my opponents become more skillfull

    Let it Die PS4 not doing much log in bonus mainly

    Exist Archive PSVita playing it sometimes

    Warframe PS4  Yep still Logging in for the inlog bonus
  • Overwatch (PC): A lot of time as Ana recently, right before she got hit with the nerf hammer. I'm very good at her in terms of healing but need to contribute a bit more with damage. I played some Junkrat too, who I suck with. So I went back to some McCree, who I can do very well with.
  • Ana was nerfed? How do you nerf a character that was already ass?

    Junkrat is great. Easily one of my faves.

    Epke, how do you like EDF? Are you enjoying the spiders being able to hit you through buildings and kill you and not being able to do a damn thing about it?

    Do you recommend Primal?

    And good job with One Piece. I platted the first game and then saw what a chore the 2nd would be and bailed on it. Fuck that series. In fact, fuck the Musou series in general as far as I'm concerned.
  • @Flibmeister

    EDF I got the grenade launcher it is my favorite weapon against those nasty spiders, and it is mindless fun :P

    If you liked Far cry 4 you will like this and all the enemy tribe ladies walk around topless! and the you kill them :O
    Also the Urki missions are hilarious.

    The 2nd one is easier, in the first you had to get all the coins and they drop random, the 2nd you just have a fixed amount, i like musou games, i am thinking of getting the Berserk one, thet one is also supposed to be buggy. 
  • Ana was one of two auto-picks in competitive with Lucio. Lucio probably always will be given his AOE heals and speed buff, but Ana is the only support hitscan and simply has the best offensive capabilities of any support (damage + sleep + buff). Right now the meta is pretty tank and support driven, with a set of core tanks and supports (Lucio, Ana, Rein, Zarya, Roadhog) and basically everyone else in those two classes sucking. Winston and Zen got buffs. Winston was just way too easy to kill and Zen (and Mercy) are just weak support right now.
  • Horizon Zero Dawn is beautiful. Who would have guessed the Killzone guys would make a game so. So. Great. I've played about 10 hours and most of that has been wandering from side quest to side quest taking out whatever machine I come across. Amazing game. Just amazing.

    I also dropped in a little Nioh I ran the first level and then helped a couple other guys with that too. This games tough.
    Noobied by 1sloth
  • God, I want to get into Horizon so bad, played a tiny amount. I am still stuck in OCD Bioshock trophy land. Minervas Den was as good as I remembered. My 5 year old has started Tearaway and that is charming and beautiful. Nobody does cute like Mm. One more reason for her to learn how to read. She is ahead of the curve but games may push her past one syllable for rapid recognition.
  • I have not been playing much since I beat Alwa's Awakening, since I didn't want to start anything new before Nier Automata came out but...

    Godzilla (PS4) I went back to this game since I didn't finish it back in 2015 or whenever it came out. I beat it. Decent fun, and that last fight was pretty difficult.

    Just playing Nier Automata since I got it on Tuesday now. ;)
  • For Honor (Xbox One) - I think I'm done with this game for now. It's fun for a little while, but the players are dropping off like crazy and the game is in desperate need of content.

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