Should we play games we don't like?
  • So I bought XCom 2, way way before Christmas and have just gotten around to playing it. After playing, what? Probably 2 hours, I realised. I wasn't actually having fun. I love the original but something with this game was  just frustrating me, and not in a this is rewarding to play Dark Souls kind of way. I think it may be the turn countdown that seems to be all too frequent in the game. 

    This lead me to think, should I really play this through and finish it, even though I don't really like the game? 

    Usually I would, I have spent £60 on this game and it seems a waste to sell it back for so much less or leave it sat on a shelf. But the spare time I do have nowadays is so slim that its become more valuable than it used to be. 

    Right now the conclusion to my quandary is fuck that, sell that shit and move on to something else. At least get some value back and spend my time playing something I will enjoy. What do you guys think?
  • Nah. If you start something on Netflix you don't like would you finish it? Or listening to an album? If you've bought the game the money is already spent. It's a sunk cost. In a way, you'd be compounding it by playing because then you would have spent money to spend time doing something you actually don't enjoy. I'd rather spend money and not waste my time than spend money and waste my time.
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  • In the context of the universe, everything we do is insignificant and a waste of time.
  • Only if you are a Trophy hound like me, and even i stop playing games that are frustrating to play
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  • Nope. If it's something you're playing out of morbid curiosity to see how terrible it is, fair enough, but if the game in question starts looking bad in comparison to hopping in a warm bath and slitting open a major artery it's time to move on.
  • I mostly buy my games when they're on sale on ozbargain when they're about $15 so I don't feel too inclined to finish them.

    I think sunk cost fallacy applies to everything, even our leisure time.
  • Nah, I have such a large library of games (I'm sure we all do ) it seems daft to me that I would spend any time playing something that I don't enjoy when I have so many games that I know I would/do enjoy.

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