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    For Honor is an action fighting game with RPG elements developed and published by Ubisoft. Like many modern games, it taps into an always online and evolving ecosystem in which PvP performance effects the global map, gear/loot one receives, and more. Pitting 3 factions (Knights, Vikings, Samurai) in all out war - each faction with 4 classes - For Honor takes a more timing and methodical pace to combat than something like Chivalry, putting emphasis on directional adjustments, counter timing, and positioning.

    I played a decent amount of the open beta and have done the full tutorial, advanced tutorial, and first story mission (there's a campaign you can play solo or co-op). In the beta I did a half dozen player vs. bot matches. I'm still not very acclimated to the game. The set pieces seem cool, it has a really high skill ceiling from what I can tell. It has all the visual splendor a big AAA game is expected, but is suffering from some network issues in the early days. There are a ton of micro-transactions, and you have to unlock 9 of the 12 classes via in-game currency, which is a bummer, but on the flip-side, just completing the tutorial gives you enough coins to buy like half of them. It's a Ubisoft game so you're stuck with Uplay. 

    Anyone else played it? I doubt I will ever be good at it. I get mauled by assassin classes on my slower beginner classes right now. I would have liked to see more than 4v4 (they take place on battlefields with ton of NPCs and stuff, but some 8vs8 or something even bigger would have been cool). Right now there are only a few game modes, a capture point mode, TDM, and duels (1v1). Pretty simple and typical. Would like to see more added as time progresses. 

    Discuss away!
  • I haven't put much time into this game. I haven't bought it and I don't intend to. That's not to say I think it's a bad game, but rather that it is not for me.

    A few people said things along the lines of "if you like Dark Souls combat this game should interest you", however it didn't, and this statement should be amended to "if you like Dark Souls pvp AND fighting games like Streetfighter etc this game should interest you". That's the vibe I got from this game. It has a combat system that sorta kinda resembles Souls, in which you have duels between various builds you might win and ganks you probably won't, mixed in with NPCs occasionally throwing a spanner in the works, but aside from the superficial similarities it's a completely different beast. The people comparing it to Souls are on crack really. For Honor felt more like a game of memorizing characters and their combos, and then spending hundreds of hours grinding yourself into a beast of a player, just like Streetfighter. That kind of game has zero appeal to me.

    Also, as a random comment I read somewhere said "this game should be called Fuck Your Honor", and it's true. If you manage to find anyone fighting honorably it's probably a noob like yourself. The people who want to win use every dirty trick in the book. Not saying that's bad at all, just sayin.

    Aside from not being a fan of the gameplay, the threadbare and dumb campaign doesn't appeal to me, with the final nail in the coffin being it's a Ubisoft microtransaction shitfest with a lifespan that could end up as long as Evolve's. Not a bandwagon I'm in any hurry to jump on. I can understand why people like it, and wish them all the best, but yeah, For Honor is not For Me.
  • What i seen of it doesn't in the slightest make think of dark souls IMHO it is more like a multiplayer soul caliber
  • I'm reading a lot of articles talking about the player drop off in this game. More than 50% already and still sinking. Yep, another one for the mass grave of failed online only $60 box of nothing + microtransactions shit (and yes I know there is a story mode but it's as disposable as and holds all the value of used toilet paper so it doesn't count).
  • Yeah it was fun for awhile but I haven't played in a couple weeks. It needs more gameplay modes and maps that feel more unique. The combat is intense and fun. But a little more content would do wonders.
  • Yeah, I'm not having much fun with it anymore. It's in desperate need of new modes, heroes, etc.

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