Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 13/02/17
  • Always a great feeling when the week starts on Monday the 13th. Really sets you off on the right foot.

    I mean, I get that weeks always start on Mondays, but I don't understand why Friday the 13th is supposedly the unluckiest day when everyone knows that Monday is by far the suckiest day of the week.

    (PS3) FIFA16 Gaming-wise, not much going on.  After that splurge of Deep Thoughts inspired by Bioshock Infinite last week, I've kind of been stuck in analysis paralysis as to what I should play next.  So, having done the work to get the Financial Takeover last week, I've been playing through the next summer transfer window, even though I'm kind of getting towards the end of my time with this latest 6-month fling with FIFA, I think.  Well, I say that, but if I do manage to recruit some decent players, I'll want to see how they do in the next season and the whole cycle will start again...

    Anyways, I posted this on Twitter the other day and got some feedback there.  I really want to give Skyrim a try, but does anyone have any suggestions of what else I could be playing from this list?

  • Overwatch (PC): Still ended up playing a lot more, worked on Ana and Sombra who I hadn't played much of, as well as some of my standbys like McCree and Hanzo. Still feel pretty confident I am better than average on most characters.

    For Honor (PC): Played some of the beta and just did the first story mission yesterday. This game seems pretty punishing. I like the set pieces in the first story mission. I think it'll take me awhile to get acclimated to the point of being able to hold my own in PvP.

    Your backlog is huge and there is too much to choose from. :(
  • (PS4) Nioh - Only at the early stages but struggling a lot more than I do with Souls games. Hoping to put some more time in over the next few weeks.

    (Xbox One) Battlefield 1 - Leveling up and trying out the newest patch/balance changes.
  • So. I have never actually finished a Mario game. I mean. Like a main line Mario game. I've gone through a few Karting adventures in my time. But not once seen the end of a mainline Mario game. I felt now was the time to change that. So here I go. Super Mario Bros.. I played through and finished the game in 2 sittings (I may have used save states). This game is hard. Harder than I expected. Kinda awesome though. I want to finish all the mainline games now.

    Speaking of that I also played some Super Mario Bros. 2. I really don't like this game so far. I can't jump on guys heads to kill them. It just doesn't seem like a Mario game. I mean I know originally it wasn't, but still do people actually like this game? I'll keep going but so far I'm not impressed. Especially coming straight off of the original which is amazing.

    Oh and I finished Resident Evil 7: Biohazard That game is just incredible. I haven't played any other 2017 games yet but this is most definitely my game of the year. So far.
  • Super Mario World is still amazing. Possibly the best 2D platformer game of all time. Everything about that game is just a blast. Surprisingly large in scope too.
  • Last of Us

    Dead Space

    Those are the two that jump off the list for me. Story vs gameplay. I love Skyrim of course.

    As for me, the 2K sale means I am headed back to Rapture.
  • Dark Souls 3 - Went back for some jolly co-op.

    Nioh - Loving it so far. There are some weird design choices (such as a character customization system not appearing until well into the game) but it's a lot of fun and frustration. One gripe I have is the enemy variety. There's not a lot of it. I guess they kinda painted themselves into a corner trying to set the game somewhat close to reality, but I still think more could've been done. A lot of the yokai you encounter are the same too.

    Alienation - Free on PSN this month so lots of people are playing it. I bought the game back when it first came out and hardly touched it so I jumped on this chance. After playing through the campaign my final thought is meh. Dead Nation was a better game imo. And if you want 4 player space marine versus alien bug action I'd recommend Helldivers a million times more than this. This game basically is just a long ass loot grind once you've played through the campaign.

    Gears 4 - Valentine's Day event was pretty lame, but they had some throwback packs available in the shop so I managed to unlock some new character and weapon skins with my accumulated currency.

    Resident Evil 4 - Almost finished Pro playthrough. At the island now.

    Resident Evil 6 - Started a fresh playthrough with a fresh save, and going through the whole thing in co-op.
  • Far Cry Primal PS4 bought this cheap in Namba, what can i say it is a farcry game just without guns, still has the same issue though that you are on a mission and suddenly a predator comes and kills you or the one that you are saving/protecting.

    Uncharted: Golden Abyss PSvita found this cheap in Namba after the longest time it was sold at a inflated price, tried it a little, will play it seriously after i finish some other games i am working on.

    Hawken PS4 Still enjoying this.

    Tried some of the PSN+ game

    Not a Hero PS4 Tried it 8 bit style made me think a little of  Elevator Action.

    Ninja Senki DX PS4 Another retro style game, very like Megaman and the difficulty ranks up quickly

    Torquel PS4 Already had it on PSVita, played it a little, though little game interesting puzzle concept.

    Let it Die PS4 Still taking it slow before i go up the tower

    One piece pirate warriors 2 musou PS3 Last thing to do is finish all level on the hardest difficulty

    Exist Archive PSVita Killed the next boss even do i am like 30 levels above the enemy they still do a lot of damage..

    Warframe PS4  Yep still Logging in for the inlog bonus mostly 
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  • Haven't been on this site in a while - glad to see the community is still close knit.

    @Epke - I'm a bit jealous with your trophy level. I have a tendency to start games and abandon them within the first 10 hours to find something else to play. I've essentially become a video game hoarder .... 

    Onto the list of games I'm currently playing:

    Beatmania IIDX Infinitas - Was a bit late to playing this game since it's initial release was back in december of 2015. Visited my local arcade and played some IIDX Copula and wanted to have the arcade experience at home - so, dished out some cash to order a Paseli card and subbed myself to the Konami servers to access the game. 
    I'm definitely having a blast but, not really having the full arcade experience since I don't have the DJ Controller. 
    Going to be having surgery in about a week and a half to get my wisdom teeth removed... (All 4).. So buying a Dj Controller will have to wait. Not sure whether to buy the $300 controller or the $500 one. 

    Overwatch Ps4/PC - I've been on and off with this game. Played quite an extensive amount on PS4 and just recently started playing on PC again. I've grown a bit tired of the game and now just focus on friendly plays with a bunch of friends from time to time. 
    Just got to lvl 26 on PC, still need to do my placements. I'll probably knock those out sometime today or tomorrow. 
    On Ps4 I've pretty much given up on this seasons competitive. I think Im at SR 32xx for my season high, was offline for about a week and a half and got back on to realize that my SR dropped. Had forgotten that inactivity after a week would drop your SR.  

    Gravity Rush 2  - Gravity Rush 1 kind of satisfied me enough and I only got this game for the trophies. The game is fun and I haven't really gotten too far to enjoy the new abilities. But - put in a few hours yesterday, not really holding my interest though. 

  • I am a game hoarder too, i only stop playing the game if the trophies to get are too much of a hassle or the game starts to annoy me. (i have killed your avatar a lot in Let it Die :P)
  • I bought a PS Vita Slim since giving my original Vita a year ago to a little family member in hospital who enjoyed it a lot.

    I've been playing:
    • Lumines (@SpaceOfSoul) to the point where I get pins and needles in my arm.
    • Sly Cooper Thieves in Time. Its very fun and expected if you've played these games before. If it weren't for the Vita's terrible draw distance, I would like it more than Ratchet and Clank (PS4) purely because I enjoy stealth pick pocketing more than well, I think Ratchet on PS4 was too short and shallow.
    • Disgaea 4. I've not played Disgaea since the first and so this is wonderful to come back to the franchise and find everything so well done. I'm having a lot of fun as a sardine loving Vampire.
    • Persona 4. I lost my 80 hour game save by giving away my old Vita so I'd like to go for two more romps through this. Once quickly with whatever ending. And then a second time trying to max out all the social links. I just really like this game.


    And that'll stave me off of buying any games for a while until I'm done these four.
    My problem is that I don't feel much like gaming anymore. If I'm on my couch, I'll watch something to be horizontal. But by having my little Vita on the train ride home, I'm primed and eager to keep playing sometime during the night. You know, to really make headways.

    I also tried PS4 remote play to the Vita and the latency is non-existent.
    I'm really surprised by how great it works but the lack of R2/L2/R3/L3 renders most games very unpleasant because the rear touch is not adequate a replacement.

    So yeah. There you go. I liked the Vita that much that I bought it again and am really enjoying myself.
    What's really helped is the digital store pricing on the PSN. A game at $22? Sure!
  • @Littleg

    Alien Isolation - Fuck that.
    Assassin's Creed II - Have you played a more recent Assassin's Creed? If so, the franchise has moved on and don't go back. I know the platforming is better-ish but fuck it.
    Asura's Wrath - Maybe. Have you played anything else whacky actiony like this? Once you've played better, fuck it. Don't go back.
    Battleblock Theatre - Fuck this game hard. Compared to Castle Crashers it sucks.
    Battlefield 3/4 - Fuck it. The community has moved on.
    Bayonetta - When the family's away.
    Bionic Commando Re-armed - Really? Unless this is nostalgic and one of your favourites, fuck it. I tried playing Assassin's Creed Chronicles and fuck that.
    Borderlands - Fuck this. Its great but the franchise has moved on and improved vastly.
    Borderlands 2 - You really need to find a group or a buddy to commit to this. If you're playing this solo, fuck it. Its like Battlefield 3/4 alone.
    Burnout Paradise - No racing game still has come close and I'm someone who plays them all. Even the latest shitty Need for Speed. I reckon you should play this with the soundtrack up with the kids crawling about and perhaps an unplugged controller in one of their hands.
    Crackdown - Fuck this. It was great but you need a co-op buddy. Unless you have a co-op buddy!
    Darksiders - Fuck this.
    Darksiders 2 - Fuck this as well.
    Dead Space - Ooooh. Nah, fuck it.
    Dive: Kick - I don't know what this is so fuck it.
    Dishonoured - Yeah, you need to play this. Preferably with the family away so you can really stretch your legs.
    DMC - Yeah, I've got this in my back log too. Put this last in the queue.
    Dragon Age: Origins - Fuck this. Like Mass Effect 1, this doesn't hold up well. If you want Dragon Age, play a GOTY version of Inquisition for cheap. The characters don't touch you as much but the game portion is more fun. And if you want to connect with a crew of characters, maybe Walking Dead or Mass Effect 2.
    Fable II - Ooooh. Well, if you're British yeah. Kind of got to play this. I liked Fable III more and am probably a minority. I liked being a fat property baron.
    Far Cry 2 - Fuck this. 3 was good, 4 was more of the same. Primal was 4 cloned. Fuck it all. Once you've played one, you've played them all. I would go with 4 instead.
    Far Cry Blood Dragon - Yeah, play this. And then pretend like you've played all of Far Cry because you pretty much have with less eagles fucking you up.
    Fez - This is a nice game to have with your kids crawling all over you. Highly recommend. I keep going back to this to unwind after work. The game goes to 200% or something, so just pretend it goes to 100% and then immediately call it and never go back to it.
    Final Fantasy XIII - Fuck this. Hard.
    Forza Horizon - You should play 3 instead. Come to Australia you cunt.
    Gears of War: Judgement - Fuck this unless co-op.
    Half Life 2 - Fuck this. If you missed it, you missed it. If you've done Bioshock or Deus Ex (especially the recent one), just pretend you've done close enough.
    Halo 4 - Fuck this. If you've done 3, you've done 4. If you've done 2, you've done them all. If you've done 1, close enough.
    Hell Divers - This is Flibble's favourite game (but fuck it and pretend its still on your list in front of him).
    I Am Alive - Fuck this.
    Insanely... Fuck it!
    Iron Brigade. I don't know what this is so fuck it.
    Kane and Lynch 2 - Fuck it unless co-op and even then, go play one of your other co-op games. The others have stronger recommendations for a reason.
    LA Noire - Haha, fuck this. Its good but the whole genre has moved on and become way less buggy.
    Lost Odyssey - You should play this with a box of tissues on hand.
    Luftrausers - This is a score attack game that you'll put down and forget. Fuck it.
    Mark of the Ninja - I hated this a lot. Fuck this game hard. The controls just weren't what I wanted and everything felt laggy.
    Mega Man 10 - Fuck this unless you really want to play it.
    Metal Gear: Demo - This is a demo. Fuck this game that I bought. But Phantom Pain is really good and I highly recommend it. It wraps up a lot of loose ends to the crazy Metal Gear lore and narrative. I really liked the ending.
    Metro 2033 - Yeah you should, but you're not going to, so fuck it.
    Metro: Last Light - Ditto.
    Minecraft - Really? You've never played Minecraft? Seriously? If this is a case of you've done a tonne of it but never progressed as others have (into the nether etc) then fuck it. You're done. You're good. You played your game. That's it.
    Monaco - I really liked this. Try and get some co-op going but don't play this alone.
    Outland - Fuck it.
    Payday 2 - Fuck it, you have newer games coming out!
    Rayman Origins - Play this with your kids? This has to be co-op otherwise its like an activity in popping bubble wrap. Satisfying but fuck it.
    Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare - Fuck it. If you've finished RDR, you're good. That's all you needed to see folks. Leave that beautiful ending alone.
    Red Faction Guerilla - I feel like your intentions are very good for this one but fuck it.
    Resident Evil 4 - We are way past Wii games! Fuck this!
    Saints Row 3 - Fuck this. Play 4. Bigger dildos. 10/10. Oh and do it co-op. Its great. Fuck 3.
    Skyrim - Yeah, you should probably play this. Once you've clocked 60+ hours and downed the main story line, you can write it off unless you really want to sink hundreds of hours into it.
    Sleeping Dogs - The best Grand Theft Auto game around. Yeah, you should give this 20 hours and then fuck it once you've sucked all the life juices out of it.
    Spec Ops: The Line - Fuck it. I know this is supposed to be super high brow but look, just be honest with yourself and fuck this game off. You missed it, you're smart enough, you don't need this or to read [insert pivotal book here] to be cultured. You're fine. Its fine. Fuck it off.
    Spelunky - Eh.
    Super Meat Boy - Eehhh. These are super great games but you can skip them.
    Supreme Commander 2 - Yuzo from 2007 called and wants his game back. My partner still plays this every now and then. Its a great RTS but requires ramped and successions of time to really skill up to develop your mastery of. Fuck it. Just pretend you played it.
    Syndicate - Fuck this.
    Tekken Tag Tournament - Fuck this hard. Go play a real fighting game like Street Fighter or even Smash Brothers. I hate Tekken with a passion.
    Terraria - Go play Minecraft. Fuck this. You're not 13 and gaming/living off of your school free-laptop program computer.
    The Last of Us - You should really play this or just pretend you never of it.
    The Walking Dead - Just bit the bullet and play episode 1. Then pretend you've played the rest and take this franchise off of your bucket list. You have a family and can cut corners!
    The Witcher 2 - How on Earth are you ever going to find the time for this? Skip to 3, play as much as you can, remove your kids from the room when the unicorn sex happens, and check this franchise off of your list.
    Titanfall - Fuck this. Unless 2.
    Tomb Raider Underworld - Fuck this.
    Tomb Raider (reboot) - Ok.
    Valkyria Chronicles - For a sleepy weekend. Put 10 hours in and pretend you wrecked everyone.
    Worms Revolution - Fuck this. Good intentions but totally fuck these janky-ass controls. Leave this in peace in your memories.
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  • @Littleg

    Oh and if you have Netflix, watch Star Wars Clone Wars with your kids.
    I'm watching it right now and its great. It'll entertain them and you more.
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  • Littleg, sell your backlog, buy a PS4, never look back. You can get Helldivers cheap now probably anyway.
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  • You guys are great.  Sloth, can I start to defer more significant life choices to you in the future?  I reckon if I started saying 'Fuck this' more frequently, things might go a little easier...
  • Lots of Overwatch and Rainbow 6 Siege.
  • @Epke Haha - yeah, I haven't touched let it die since its release. Think I downloaded it a few days after coming home from my anaheim visit (Had gone to Playstation Experience and the Video Game Awards). 
    The game was fun but - I had just gotten a few other titles and I was obsessed with overwatch that I wanted to get back on it from my little hiatus. 

    @sloth Looks like I need to go back to lumines and start crawling my way back to first. :P 
    And don't worry - I have just as much as a heavy backlog as you do. I have about 300 Ps3 games. I want to say about 1/4th of those games I have actually completed. the rest... I've either played less that 5 hours or they haven't even been unwrapped/installed. 
    I even have gamestop receipts where I haven't even claimed my bonuses....

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