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  • So what is your impression so far? is it similar to Dark souls? i heard the bosses a more difficult?
  • Well thank God, if there is one thing about Dark Souls, it was that the bosses are too easy.
  • I'm only at the 2nd mission (on the world map) but I am struggling a lot!

    I think this game might take me a really long time to get through.
  • I think if you have played Soulsborne before going into Nioh you won't find it quite as brutal as some people are. A lapse in concentration or caution can get you dead real quick, but as with Souls, the combat is fair (so far) and when you die it's your fault. The combat is very fun, and fast-paced, and many enemies can kill you in 1 or 2 hits, especially but not limited to bosses. There are a nice variety of weapons and armour from all your favourite samurai and ninja movies, with 3 stances for each. The stances are pretty easy to understand and switch between. High stance is your aggressive stance for hard hits, low stance is more defensive, and mid is just that, in the middle.

    Healing is done through consumables, there's no Estus flask you recharge, and summoning people into your game is handled differently than in Souls too. To summon someone you need to leave another consumable item on your shrine and wait for someone to join your game. Once they join, the item is gone. It functions a bit like how you have to be embered/human in DS to summon people, however Nioh seems to be a bit more stingy with these items, and you cannot join someone's game in an area until you've completed it yourself, so you can't buddy up and play through the game. 

    Magic exists and is OP in some cases but you can't get it as easily as in Souls. Sorry westsw. 

    There is no character creation. The guy on the box is your guy, and that's that. So if you're the type that enjoys making waifu characters, you're shit out of luck. And all of the audio in the game is Japanese once you arrive in Japan. There are English subtitles only, so again, if you like everything in English, tough. 

    If you liked Souls, Ninja Gaiden, Onimusha, Tenchu, Way of the Samurai, or Shinobido, you really should be giving this one a try. 
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  • Still chugging along. I have been doing a lot of multiplayer for the trophy and to level up a bit / farm items. The online component is where this game is falling down for me. When you summon a helper it's all good, as it basically functions like Bloodborne. You place a cup at the shrine and do your own thing while you wait for someone. The problem is when you are the summon. The person who wants to join gets to look at a menu screen while searching for games to join, which is not nearly as fun as doing stuff in your own world while you wait. You can't even go manage inventory or anything else while searching. If you love inventory management, you'll love Nioh!

    The other small complaint I have is the maps aren't very big, and somewhat generic in a lot of cases. The grand scale and clever use of shortcuts that made Souls games what they are is not here in Nioh.

    The combat and main story missions have all been excellent so far. I haven't had much trouble with any bosses, most of my time has been spent trying to find little green men. I could cheat and use a guide, but I'm not that desperate yet.
  • I'm loving the fusion of Japanese history with Japanese mythology. Almost all of the characters you meet in this game existed. Some liberties have been taken with history, but that's fine. It reminds me of Yakuza Kenzan, which did a similar thing with the legend of Miyamoto Musashi. Another game I loved. I was tickled pink when I found out a ruined castle I was exploring was once the site of a crazed lord who blew himself up with his beloved tea set. I immediately knew where I was. So cool.

    I'm currently exploring Osaka which is also cool since that's a place close to the heart. I've finally unlocked the tea house and joined the meta clan war. There are a heap of clans you can join, each with different perks, and then with the glory you earn fighting with them you can buy stuff from the unlock shop such as new gestures, character skins, and rare and unique items/weapons/armour.

    I think this game can be best described as a hybrid of Bloodborne, Ninja Gaiden, and Diablo 3.
  • Finished it. Final verdict: Great.

    The last mission (or rather what you think is going to be the last mission but turns out not to be) had a whopping 7 boss fights in it. I was a bit disappointed by this mission, since the game maintained a pretty high standard for its main quests overall. There were only a couple that seemed a bit rushed or poorly planned, and it's unfortunate that the ones they botched (the mission before the credits and one of the Sekigahara missions) were some of the ones I was most looking forward to.

    Upon completing the 7 boss mission you get access to divine weapons, which will put everything else you're carrying at the time to shame, and which I assume will be the prizes we chase in NG+. After completing the whole game you also get the ability to upgrade your guardians, which are the spirits that protect you and power your living weapon besides granting other bonuses. So you also have that extra element to play with in NG+.

    Another issue I had but which has been patched already was the limited inventory size. Thankfully they changed it so you can have more stock. Strange that they fell into this trap after Bloodborne did the exact same thing and got similarly patched.

    DLC is due in March that will add pvp and I'll be interested to see how that goes. There will also be paid DLC starting April which will have new campaign missions in new regions of Japan. From the description it sounds like Tohoku is next. It could be Hokkaido but considering it wasn't settled until after when the game is set it's unlikely. Unless of course we're off to battle Ainu yokai, which might also be pretty cool.
  • Started playing last night. I'm still getting to grips with it and find myself dieing a lot more than I do in Dark Souls. I think that's mainly down to the pace. I am playing at a much faster pace so I seem to just keep wailing and not take my time and asses situations like I do in Souls games.
  • NG+ is pretty tough. The enemies have become real damage spongey. I'm not sure how I feel about the divine loot and how you level them. It's a little bit similar to Destiny with the light level, which was terrible.

    Only 2 trophies to go for plat now. I need more points to spend at the blacksmith which you get by grinding gold. I think I read somewhere you need 12 million total, which is pretty nuts. The other trophy just requires I finish all the twilight missions. Twilight missions are simply regular missions made harder. There are 10 of them in total but you can only access 2 of them per day, and the 2 you get seem to rotate so it's now just a case of logging in daily to see what missions are available.

    If anyone needs a helping hand send me a pm.
  • Slowly making my way through. Just got to the 3rd area on the map and doing as many side missions as I can. Still enjoying this game but like @nutta27 I'm finding myself dying a lot more than I did in the Souls games.
  • I have just made it through the first real boss in the game, the burning ship. The Kusarigama is my weapon of choice at the minute. The speed on the lowest stance just works for me. I'll occasionally use a single sword but not often. 
  • The third region was probably my favourite. Some cool bosses and scenery in those maps.

    All the weapons are viable. Remember to switch it up a bit if you want access to some of the later dojo missions.

    I finished off all the twilight missions and now just need 9 more points at the blacksmith for the plat.

    Are you guys using your living weapons? They do lots of damage and you're invincible while it's active so that might help you out. Dark Souls is definitely harder. No God mode in Souls. In Nioh there were only a few bosses I couldn't beat first try. Muneshige, Yuki Onna, and the 2 missions that have you fighting 2 bosses at once killed me a few times, but otherwise everything was pretty manageable.
  • Platted. The blacksmith trophy was a pain in the butt. So much grind. Everything else was fun. I hope more people pick this one up.
  • Just started the 4th region on the map. I've been completing every side mission on a region before I move on and that might be why this game is taking a very long time for me to get through.

    My plan was to finish this before Mass Effect: Andromeda comes out but now I am thinking that won't happen.
  • All the major boss battles completed with no damage taken.

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  • I started with that video and ended up watching all of Nioh on YouTube. 7/10.
  • 7/10?! Outrageous! This calls for a doxxing and DDOS attack on someone, anyone, to quell my impotent nerd rage.
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  • Flibble, you can come around and dox my box anytime.
  • Sloth, only if you're paying for dinner.

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