Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 06/02/17
  • OK, well that didn't work out so well, I didn't manage to write anything last week at all, so let's lump it all in here.

    (360) Bioshock Infinite Done and dusted and thoroughly enjoyed by the end.  I think I was initially put off by the slightly madcap nature of the combat, but so much of that must be down to the original decision to play through on Hard.  I'd been reading a fair bit of online criticism of Infinite following the recent HD re-release saying that the characterisation was overly simplistic and that the violence was unrelenting, over the top and unecessary.  Sounds like a video game to me.

    For what it's worth, I didn't think it was that bad - the notion that a repressed underclass of people might resort to a particularly bloody and brutal uprising doesn't seem entirely surprising.  And as for the level of violence, whilst I agree that the execution animations are a little eye-watering at times, I barely used those as (on Hard, at least) if you were running up to an enemy, you immediately became a massive target for everyone else around you.  As a result, it was right towards the end of the game when I happened to trigger one of the executions and I heard in the background Elizabeth say 'Dear God, Booker' or words to that effect.  Given that, I think the initially weird juxtaposition between the beautiful world and the awful violence that you commit is an intentional commentary on the nature of Booker's character and is supposed to make you question whether you really are a Good Guy (particularly in light of what you learn at the end).  

    As for the much-discussed ending, again so far/so Bioshock, but I didn't find it as much of a melon-scratcher as some people seemed to at the time.  Going back and watching the Giant Bomb spoilerfest (funny to have a video that I want to watch on ice for nearly 4 years), I felt like I had a far better grasp on the overall order of events in the wider game, even if I didn't figure out some of the relationships between characters as quickly as some of the guys on there did.

    Last thing - I've had the music from the game (God Only Knows, in particular) stuck in my head for days now.  Mrs Littleg looks like she wants to kill me every time I start singing in my oldy-timey voice.

    (PS3) FIFA16 Scraped around doing skill games and other challenges to get enough XP in order to be able to buy the next level of Financial Takeover from the marketplace.  Just in time to be able to sign some new players ahead of the upcoming season.  If I do manage to make it into the European Cups in the current campaign, I'm going to need a significantly deeper squad than the one I currently have...

    OK, that's it from me - this week's WiG actually came from the week before, but I sent it forward in time using a dimensional tear created with Lutece fields.  Hopefully your process for posting to the forums pose less of a risk of making you prematurely old/sterile.
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  • I think I am pretty much close to the end ofResident Evil 7. As usual work has gotten in the way but I plan to finish this up by the end of the week and then move on to XCom 2 which I made a small start on last week also.

    Looking back on last year I quickly realised how much money I waste on games so this year I plan to reign it in. Again. I have a plan though this time. I will only buy a new game when I have completed the one I am currently playing. Hopefully limiting my spending and in turn my backlog.
  • Gears 4 - 2 new maps for season pass holders hit today which means insane amounts of xp up for grabs. More Horde this week for sure.

    Resident Evil 4 - Almost finished my Pro playthru on the PS3 remaster. I might take a break before trying the PS4 version.

    Nioh - This game is pretty fucking awesome so far. People are comparing it to Souls, but it's really quite different. It's fast, brutal, has its own take on combat, and has a complete story with cutscenes and exposition that should make people who didn't appreciate searching for a story in Souls a bit happier. If you even remotely liked Souls, or Ninja Gaiden, or even Onimusha, get it. Don't think twice about it, just get it.
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  • Overwatch (PC) -- Well I ended up playing a lot more. I'm very good on Roadhog now. Worked on my Genji and saw improvement but he remains a tough character to play well. Better on defense than offense with him, strangely.
  • @Dr Flibble I much prefer the combat and pace blood borne plays at to the souls games would Nioh suit me better?
  • D&D: Started a campaign with a few work friends. I'm the DM. We're one session in and I'm having a blast.
  • Noticed a lot of free to play games on the PS4, So i downloaded pandora and hawken.
    Went trough the tutorial of Pandora, and i came to the conclusion that i am not a fan of Moba's

    Hawken is like a slow FPS, Titanfall for the FPS weak ;) I kind of like it, and i did quite well in this game, still have a positive kill ratio.

    Also the new free PSN+ games hit the store

    • LittleBigPlanet 3 (PlayStation 4)
    • Not a Hero (PlayStation 4)
    • Starwhal (PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4)
    • Anna: Extended Edition (PlayStation 3)
    • Ninja Snki DX (PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4)
    • TorqueL (PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4)
    I only tried not a hero that some how reminds me of elevator action. I already have the Torquel and Littlebigplanet 3 , i am a big LBP fan but they screwed up 3 awkward controls and the hub that is like frikken maze doesn't help

    Let it Die PS4 Still Leveling up a new character before i go higher up the tower, taking it nice and slow, because if you are leveling up a new character, when you are still level let's say 10 you could encounter a level 51 and get butchered 

    One piece pirate warriors 2 musou PS3 Got all the secret coins from the main mission, now unlocking all the movies.

    Exist Archive PSVita Not played this much because reasons.

    warframe PS4  yep still Logging in for the inlog bonus mostly

    Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ PS4 Finally platted it after finishing all the stuff i till missed some glossary entries and dreaded to go through all the characters stories but luckily the first one i choose was the correct one and i can finally delete this game :P 
  • @nutta27 Yes, especially if you preferred Bloodborne you'd enjoy Nioh. The pace of the combat is closer to Bloodborne. If you ever used the katana in Bloodborne then Nioh will feel very familiar, only instead of the parry gun you get real rifles and bows that do actual damage.
  • The Order and Dishonored 2, so it's all alternate nineteenth century England up in here. Which is weird, cuz I think almost all of Steampunk is utter utter crap. Like Twighlight crap. I mean The Difference Engine was OK, but where the fuck is this entire genres great work? If you name a book by Mary Shelley or HG Wells, you are a fucking idiot.
  • @westsw  In tabletop games/RPG it works well Warmachine/Iron Kingdoms 
  • And the steam punky games I am playing are decent, yet I maintain for a genre to be truly taken seriously you must be able to point to a great tale that has been been told under it's auspices. Maybe the fact that truly great nineteenth century sci fi exists makes it all the harder for a retro epic to compete. I think the fact that steampunk ends up looking like cosplay, with no more artistic underpinning than furries, yet way more pretensious, is what annoys me.
  • (PS4) Nioh - Just started it and I'm only out of the first tutorial section and so far it seems like Ninja Gaiden mixed with Bloodborne. Also reminds me a little of Onimusha.
  • I also didn't get around to posting last week. ;p

    Fate/Extella PS4 I love the Fate series, and this is a Dynasty Warriors type game. The story is nice but the gameplay isn't grabbing me. Also the levels take 30+ mins to finish, and you can't save and quit in the middle. Really not fun when I only have 10 to 20 mins to play something between working. So I will come back to this when I have more free time (haha so never probably). I mostly liked the few levels I did play.

    Ladykiller in a Bind (Steam/PC) Started my 2nd playthru since its on Steam now. Getting those Steam Achievements! Finished my 2nd playthru and have 50% of the achievements. :) I still really love this game! I haven't seen everyone's route yet but currently The Nerd's route is my favorite.

    Alwa's Awakening (Steam/PC) Been looking forward to this forever! I beat the 1st boss and its a really fun old school action/platformer/adventure. Oh and the music is stellar!

    That was it from me! I'm mostly just playing Alwa's Awakening this week. I think I know what I want to play next too! So thats good. 

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