Why should Steam get all the money? PLaystation new success story!
  • Steam has been known for their lack of quality control even with the greenlight system, but steam is very profitable. 

    So i guess Sony Execs. thought we can do that too!

    Look at the latest jewels on the PS4 store, nicely reviewed by Jim Sterling

    Skylight Freerange 2: Gachduine

    Life of Black tiger
  • This is exactly what I was fearing when all these indie 2D 8-bit nostalgia trips shat out over a weekend by any group of Arts undergrads high on thinner starting getting attention. At least there was some sort of filter for a while there, but the shit filters have quite clearly been removed.

    All I can say is "caveat emptor".
  • This isn't surprising, although it does make for a slightly worse user experience. Given that Steam, Google Play, Netflix, and more have done the same successfully, I guess it was a matter of time.
  • I saw the Tiger video and thought it was crazy. I saw the thumbnail for Skylight and thought it was more steam trash, not another PS4 poop. 
    Do these games have any kind of tag to help separate them from the normal games?
    I remember when Xbox Live Indie Games was a thing. They had their own area, and every now and then a rough gem would show up. but it got worse and worse until it wasn't worth even looking at it anymore.
  • @NewAgeRed as far as i know they have no tag, just be informed
  • The consequence of living in a world where technological wealth is aplenty and intellectual wealth looks like a World Vision commercial. Maybe in a few hundred years or so things will be better. I wonder if I could squeeze into Walt Disney's freezer for a century or 2?

    Nah, who'd want to miss watching western civilisation commit seppuku?
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  • Another Jewel added ;)

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