Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 23/01/2017
  • The Order 1886

    It was five bucks, looks like a twenty buck game. Whadayahwanna bet it is a PSPlus game real real soon and I am out a fiver? Gorgeous faces and art and flames and rain, yet the camera and walks and NPC reactions are weird and the gameplay is kinda bad. Glad to play it but wow not a sixty dollar game.

    Super Mario World

    All the Nintendo stuff made me nostalgic for something I never really had. SNES launched at the end of my college days, so I only played random levels with richer friends. Yes thank you for letting me die on the Donut Plains with no warning... yah douche. I ordered a real controller, just getting started, but fuck what a game.


    Done with trophies but now my five year old wanders around in my stupid broke invulnerable armor, mauling whatever she finds. It's gone from a walking game to a twin stick trainer.
  • Gears 4 - Still playing it daily. I've probably opened 30 packs or so now of Luchador loot boxes and still haven't had the legendary skin.

    Smite - Shite.

    Ao Oni 2 - Sequel to Blue Demon, it's a mobile game only this time so I have to play it on my phone. It sucks with all the advertising and other crap that comes with being a mobile game, but the game itself is pretty cool.

    Lego City - Finished it up. Just got to do the brick collecting and side stuff, of which there is a lot.

    Overwatch - Gave it a try on the Bone.

    That's about it.
  • Path of Exile (PC): Finished Act 2 on my Ranger character and near the end on my Shadow. Still maintains all the good and all the bad of being a Diablo 2.5 experience. The bad mostly being a matter of not having room for about 80% of the loot that drops. Good being smooth and fun. Act 3 is much longer than the others if memory serves me right, and there's three ascendancy trials now to get through, although they're pretty short and simple. Sort of wish they had been a bigger addition since they weren't around before.

    Overwatch (PC): It only took me 130 hours and almost 500 wins but I am finally good at this game. Chinese New Year event starts today and the skins are pretty cool. Been playing some tank characters I hadn't played much before, namely and Roadhog. I get a ton of medals and do a ton of damage these days.
  • Resident Evil 7 - Bloody fucking terrifying, and great.
  • Let it Die PS4 Defeated the third mini boss, the haters(other players avatars) are getting more difficult

    Azkend 2 PS4 At chapter 7 now :P

    One piece pirate warriors 2 musou PS3 Going for the secret coins and superhard clearing

    Exist Archive PSVita getting the friendship level up between party members, still grinding 

    warframe PS4  Loging in for the inlog bonus mostly
  • My whole week has been work and then Final Fantasy XV in my spare time. I finished the story of the game. The plot is a whole heap of mess. Apparantly if you watch the film it makes more sense, but I ain't watching no anime so I can understand that shit.

    I finished it in 26:26:16 so the certificate at the end tells me. I was above the recommended level up until the last chapter where I dipped below it by 2 levels. The last boss was still a doddle though.

    26 hours is apparantly on the quick side but I feel I did a whole heap of side missions and didn't really rush my playthrough.

    I only actually died in the game once at the end of chapter 13 to that chapters boss. The game is pretty easy all round.

    Like I said the plot is a mess but the game is really fun to play. Definately one of my favourite games from last year. Easy.

    Now on to Resident Evil 7 (I don't need to know the plot from 5 or 6 do I? )
  • FF XV is really short for an FF game. I am around 22 hours and on Chapter 13, where I stopped, and I was immensely overlevelled and have done well over 100 sidequests. VII - XIII clocked in at about 40 hours to complete. Lightning Returns was shorter at about 30. XV shorter yet.
  • @GoodEnoughForMe you stopped as in your Done with the game?

    If so just power on dude. Granted. That chapter is a pain but you are so close to the end and if you must you can just run to Ifrit and the final boss in 14. All the other enemies aren't mandatory.
  • I plan on going back to it at some point. Just kind of playing other things for now. And yeah that chapter is annoying.
  • Shantae Half-Genie Hero (XbOne) Played it, beat it, and enjoyed it so much I got all the achievements except for the 2 speed running ones. Really fun metroidvania action game.

    Ladykiller in a Bind (Steam/PC) Started replaying this to pick up those Steam achievements since I had only done 1 run thru before. I still really love this game. Doing the same route I did my 1st playthru this time, with minor differences. Currently on day 2 of 7.

    Thats it since last time. There like 6 different games I want to be playing right now, but I've been swamped lately. Sigh... I might try and start Fate/Extella on PS4 this week.

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