Nintendo Switch
  • No big surprises in the presentation. 299 seems a bit high. Zelda is the launch title, March third. Waiting for many other things. Splatoon 2 was a surprise in that it is a sequel, not a port. They keep putting Mario Kart in the sizzle reel and not saying anything about it.

    Rumor has two million units at launch. I predict six hundred. Either way, you and I won't see one until Xmas.
  • Zelda also launches on Wii U the same day, so.
  • $299USD is like $399AUD which I am totally ok with but know that I'll get dicked sideways with the price magically becoming $499 because reasons.

    After the Wii U, I'm going to wait until enough games are on the thing but its a definite buy eventually given how much joy I've had with all my Nintendo consoles. Weirdly enough, Sunshine remains my most fondly remembered Mario game so this weird city Mario doesn't put me off.

    A Pokemon, Smash Bros, Mario, and Mario Kart machine - $499. Throw in Animal Crossing and I'm ready to bend over.
  • The launch list is pretty paltry. I dunno. The portable aspect barely interests me. I only ever use my 3DS on the road if I am not driving. Other than that I mostly play it in bed. This is bulkier and has worse battery life.

    Maybe down the road when Monster Hunter and Pokemon hit but those are far off and honestly I'm not even probably all that interested then.

    I think it says a lot that Skyrim is the most interesting game it has announced for it and that game is so old and played out.
  • I want to get the Switch, but like you said I dont think I'll be able to get my hands on one anytime soon. :p

    short of standing outside at stupid 0 clock the morning of March 3 and I'm not doing that this year.
  • How does Nintendo get so close, and then just kinda fuck it up? If the NES mini had a blue tooth controller and existed in actual consumer reality, I would want one. If the Switch had a better launch line up, and were actually available for preorder, like a product you could buy, I would want one. It is weird that I want a Switch less now than I did before the conference.
  • All I've ever wanted from Nintendo is a good VC market! With a huge collection of digital games and save states. The VC from the original Wii days was so good, and they really dropped the ball with the selection of games (lack of) with the WiiU VC, although I love the save states the WiiU VC brought.

    Now if only the Switch can have both of those things, though I am almost certain I'll be disappointed.
  • It's not the best comparison. but it's good enough I guess.

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