Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 09/01/17
  • Well, you all managed to knock my gaming output over the festive period into a cocked hat, but I assure you 2017 will be very different indeed.  Oh yes, you're going to be seeing a very different Littleg from this point onwards, no more just circling the drain in the same old games that I've been playing obsessively for years...

    (PS3) FIFA16 OK, OK, OK, OK, OK, OK. New Year's Resolutions start next week, right?

    And just to indicate how broken my stupid and useless brain is, this afternoon in a prolonged and interminable meeting at work I found myself thinking 'I haven't played Forza in ages...'.

    WiG it up, gang.
  • Brawhalla (PC): Actually played this two weeks ago but forgot to post. Played with 3 other NTers. It's ok. Smash clone that isn't as sharp as Smash, obviously. Needs some UI tweaks. Good party game. We played a little over 2 hours. Met a rando who we all got to trash talking, it was fun.

    Diablo 3 (PC): Season 9 started, so @Winsord and I have begun the journey again (again (again (again (etc)))). We're just shy of level 50 and finishing the Chapter 1 objectives, aka the first of 4 chapters needed to be finished each season to get a full set of class gear. Haven't even checked if my Monk set dungeon this season is possible. They have a tendency to be hard as shit.
  • Doom 2 more levels left and its all over. I had a bit of trouble with the first boss in the game. I didn't expect there to be two forms so I used all my ammo and every BFG ammo on the first form, though oh this seems easy and then I was screwed. It took me an hour and half to finish it in the end chipping away at him with the super shotgun. I had learnt my lesson by time it came round to the second boss. 1st time. 

    And....that is all I have been playing
  • Well posted this yesterday so it is still relevant

    Played some of the games from my backlog, and some new games from this months "free" PSN+ games 

    Let it Die PS4 played this over the holidays, kind of liking it, it has this strange Techno Dark Souls vibe with the usual Suda 51 strangesness

    Day of the Tentacle Remastered PS4 Played this last night, fun! Waiting for Zack Mckracken and the aien mindbenders! ;)

    Azkend 2 PS4 Like facebook game with trophies :P

    Titan Souls PS4 2D dark souls it is hard, only boss fights

    One piece pirate warriors 2 musou PS3 i like this game but it takes a lot of time to complete

    Godzilla PS3 More fun than i expected, need to upgrade my kaijuu but the monsters that you encounter in the level is kind of random, they drop the items needed for evolution.

    BlazeRush PS3 isometric racing game, meh

    Color Guardians PS4 it is a fun game for kids, but gets boring quick

    World of Tanks PS4 Girlfriends daughter bought the mouse keyboard peripheral for PS4, i borrowed it and wrecked the opposing team ;)

    Kamen Rider Battlerider war PS3 mediocre musou game where you fight other kamen riders?

    Killer Is Dead PS3 Liked it until the boss fight, had no problem, but i died 3 times and i haven't got a clue what happened.

    Basara 2 HD PS3 Basara another musou game better than the kamen rider but from the PS2 era so it is showing its age.

    Tiny Troopers Joint Ops PS3 Completed one of the storylines

    Exist Archive PSVita Sloging along

    warframe PS4  Playing it every now and then
  • @Epke - That's a lot of games!

    @GoodEnoughForMe - Watching some footage of the Diablo Anniversary stuff that's been put into Diablo 3 got me thinking that maybe I was a bit hasty in dropping Diablo 3 back in the day. For some reason the 360 version just didn't grab me and I can't even remember if it was because it was just too vanilla or if it was that it had too many systems compared to good old Diablo 1...
  • (PC) FIFA 17 - Just started this and having not really played a FIFA game in a few years I have found myself struggling to get to grips with the game.

    (PC) Football Manager 2017 - It was on sale so I bought it and it's sucked me right in. I spent 8 hours just going through pre-season.
  • @Littleg I can't really speak to the console experience, because I know they changed a lot to make it more controller palatable. I will say the Diablo 1 'rebuild' in Diablo 3 was pretty underwhelming. It was mostly just 3 with a skin and a random long dungeon, it even had modern enemies, as opposed to really looking like the original and fighting enemies from the original. But the game is still super fun. I don't know how hard it'd be to grasp everything given all the layers it's had added over the years, but you can accomplish most of the regular season goals without really getting super nitty-gritty about stuff.
  • @Epke Let It Die is good for a while, but I got tired of it after a week or so. If it didn't have all the free to play nonsense built into it, it probably would have been a lot more fun. I'm hopeful that it will continue to evolve like Warframe did, and it might be worth coming back to in a few months or a year.

    Gears of War 4 - I have been playing this almost exclusively this week. Season 2 started yesterday and with it came a whole bunch of new character and weapon skins to unlock, plus 2 new maps, so I will probably keep playing it all this week too.

    Overwatch - I logged into this over Xmas and bought all the Xmas skins with my ton of money I had left over from when I stopped playing before. I still have a couple of grand left even now so I'm ready for the next event and whatever skins it may bring. Maybe Easter will have a bunny girl? I wish I'd known about the Halloween event and I hope they repeat it this year so I can get Dr Junkenstein and the Roadhog Frankenstein skins. Anyway I got the game on Xbox now too so I'm going to get into it all over again.

    The Last Guardian - Played maybe 10 minutes of it. Hopefully I can get more time with it this week.
  • I am digging Let it Die, but also warframe (although the last updates are not doing it for me).
    I am only around floor 12 now, also i play it as an RPG, i first upgraded my equipment like crazy before i fought the first boss, i defeated him so easily :P, Haters with machete's are my bane :P
  • A ton of fucking Elder Scrolls Online with my work friends. Damn, is that a good MMO. Completely blows WoW out of the water in my opinion.

    Also playing through Resident Evil 0 and hoping to beat it by the time Resident Evil 7 drops in less than two weeks. It's my first playthrough, but it feels like things are wrapping up. Just killed off the Proto-Tyrant.

  • Snap. do you play in offline mode? I never see you on it through Steam/Discord.

    For me. 
    I joined a MineCraft server I found on reddit. they build little towns on it.
    We could all make a NooBTooB town. ;)

    Still play a game or two of Paladins every day. They update it like once a month, it's still in beta. From what I read they'll start the full release with Season 1. and then the game will have some kind of seasons. I hear lots of characters are planned for 2017.. :o

    ESO, I made a Khajiit. I feel like the starting area for the Aldmeri Dominion was a bit more interesting then the Daggerfall area. I like the way Khajiit talk, and other characters had a lot of amusing stuff to say too. 
    Or maybe I just had more fun with dual weapons and assassination style attacks. 

    Path of Exile. A few people in Discord made new "Breach" characters. we're all like Lv7 now. 

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