Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: That bit between finishing work and starting again
  • Not going to lie, it's been a packed Christmas and New Year - hence my complete disappearance from the forums.

    Never let it be said that I don't treat the Week in Gaming cycle with the reverence and respect that it deserves - so stick an update in here and then we'll get back to the regular schedule next week - promise!

    As for me...Well, the festive season is also a busy time for real-life football, and all that made me do was want to play more FIFA.  Well, when I wasn't passing out in a turkey-, beer- or whisky-coma, that is.

    Actually, wait, no, one more thing to report!

    (PS3) Jackbox Party Pack It's become a bit of a thing that whenever my family all gets together we play card and board games.  Think it all started when we introduced my sister's and my significant others to Racing Demon, which is kind of competitive patience played with multiple decks of cards. Sound boring, but it's surprisingly fast-paced and exciting.  

    Last year, I missed out on a game of Fortune (Boom?) Street on my sister's Wii as I had to leave early to get the kids home (I was a bit bummed out about that, as I'd bought her that as a present earlier that year with the express purpose of us all playing it together) and as we were having Christmas at our place this year I got in the Jackbox Part Pack 1 for us all to play on our phones.  We only had time for a few rounds of Drawful before everyone was getting too tired, but it was loads of fun and even managed to bring in the normally video-game-rejecting Mrs Lg.

    OK, that's it from me - bit of a disappointing holiday period as last year I managed to finish off Red Dead between Christmas and New Year and I'd originally intended to do the same with Bioshock Infinite this time, but it wasn't to be.  What about the rest of yuz?
  • (PC) Firewatch - Played through that. I really liked the story just felt like everything moved a little too slowly for me and the game would pause for a few seconds when entering new areas.

    (PS4 / Xbox One) Battlefield 1 - Playing some more multiplayer. I've been working on ranking up my Xbox One characters.

    (PS4) Titanfall 2 - Started to play a few rounds of Titanfall 2 multiplayer. I like the movement and pace but I think I preferred the more vertical maps in the original. Also I still prefer team based multiplayer shooter games like Battlefield 1 and RB6.

    (PS4 / Xbox One) Rainbow Six: Siege - I've been playing some more situations so I can earn more in game credits, which I am planning to put towards some gear unlocks.
  • Gears of War 1-4 : Got all the Gears games and played through them all again. I can see why people didn't like Judgement but I didn't think it was that bad. Gears 1 Ultimate Ed. was a blast and the extra content that PC users got should have been in it from the beginning. Gears 4 was fun and I have been hitting Horde pretty hard. The microtransaction system sucks balls. Way overpriced. I thought Overwatch's loot box system was robbery, Gears 4's is batshit crazy. They have a special going at the moment, something like 100 loot boxes for $140. Shit, hold me back! What a bargain!
  • (Xbox One) Resident Evil: 0
    Tiding me over until Resident Evil 7 comes out later this month. I'm loving this one. This is one of the only RE titles I haven't played. It's pretty great, the partner system works out way better than the AI partners did in the recent iterations of the franchise. It does feel extremely easy compared to the other classic control games in the series but it's still really good.

    (PC) Elder Scrolls Online
    Bought this to play with my work buddies. Compared to other MMOs I've played, this one feels enjoyable. The quests don't feel tedious (yet) and the combat is fun too, playing in first person mode actually really helps it become enjoyable. That and the fact I have a group to play with might change my typical MMO experience.
  • I had time off work. Like literal full days off. I played games in those days. These are those games.

    Dead Rising 4
    Call of Duty: Infinate Warfare
    Stardew Valley
    Final Fantasy XV

    Doom has been my mainstay. I gave it a pass when it originally came out because I spent all my time on Overwatch and Uncharted but man is this game awesome.

    Superhot was a reaction to game of the year podcasts. It's pretty. Looks awfully cool after I have played a level watching it back in real time. I just didn't have much fun with the game.

    The others were bits and bobs here and there.

    Noobied by 1sloth
  • Played some of the games from my backlog, and some new games from this months "free" PSN+ games 

    Let it Die PS4 played this over the holidays, kind of liking it, it has this strange Techno Dark Souls vibe with the usual Suda 51 strangesness

    Day of the Tentacle Remastered PS4 Played this last night, fun! Waiting for Zack Mckracken and the aien mindbenders! ;)

    Azkend 2 PS4 Like facebook game with trophies :P

    Titan Souls PS4 2D dark souls it is hard, only boss fights

    One piece pirate warriors 2 musou PS3 i like this game but it takes a lot of time to complete

    Godzilla PS3 More fun than i expected, need to upgrade my kaijuu but the monsters that you encounter in the level is kind of random, they drop the items needed for evolution.

    BlazeRush PS3 isometric racing game, meh

    Color Guardians PS4 it is a fun game for kids, but gets boring quick

    World of Tanks PS4 Girlfriends daughter bought the mouse keyboard peripheral for PS4, i borrowed it and wrecked the opposing team ;)

    Kamen Rider Battlerider war PS3 mediocre musou game where you fight other kamen riders?

    Killer Is Dead PS3 Liked it until the boss fight, had no problem, but i died 3 times and i haven't got a clue what happened.

    Basara 2 HD PS3 Basara another musou game better than the kamen rider but from the PS2 era so it is showing its age.

    Tiny Troopers Joint Ops PS3 Completed one of the storylines

    Exist Archive PSVita Sloging along

    warframe PS4  Playing it every now and then

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