What are your Personal Games of 2016
  • @Manio has once again done an astounding job with our collective Game of The Year Awards for 2016. Overwatch is an incredible game, one I have spent countless hours playing. I however am still left wondering what are your guys personal games of 2016 are. This is your list, so go wild. No restrictions. What did you enjoy playing the most in 2016? Even if the games were released earlier than that year, if it made your 2016. Put it on the list. It doesn't have to be a strict list of 10 games. Put down whatever you want.

    I have 2 or 3 games I still want to check out then I will update you guys with mine.  
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  • Game of the Year That Wasn't Released in 2016

    Diablo 3 was one of my most played games of the year and continues to be one of my favourite games since its release. They're remaking Diablo 1 in it and that will be out this month so I suspect 2017 will be the same in that regard. I learned the other day that it is the 10th best selling video game
    of all time. More sales than even WoW or any MMO ever. Unfortunately (or fortunately) it doesn't get the same support that Blizzard games like Overwatch and WoW and Hearthstone get because it just doesn't have any source of constant revenue. I think Diablo 4 is quite a ways away, but I wouldn't be surprised to see it be a Free 2 Play game with a robust ingame store mechanic.

    Mainstream Game that Made me Feel Good About Mainstream Games

    Overwatch was a game built from the ground up to try to be as troll resistant, accessible, fun, and diverse as possible, and for the most part, the game succeeded with flying colours, even if eventually, as in any competitive game, trolls showed up.

    Game that Was Fun and Enjoyable but Still Made You Want to Strangle the Devs Because Not a Minute Went By Where You Didn't Find Something That was Flawed or Could Have Been Done Better

    Final Fantasy XV. From certain quests, to the camera, to character development and design, to the travel mechanic, to shop UI, to the awful story, the list goes on and on of ways this game could have been so, so much better. And yet in spite of itself, the robust combat and open world, and the spooky and anachronistic dungeons, made the game fun.

    Game That Was Basically a Super Polished Version of Itself and Turned out Very Good Because of It

    Monster Hunter Generations was MH given the Blizzard treatment. Take everything the series has ever been, finally give it a robust tutorial, mix it all together, and see what pops out. End result was great.

    Game That Was Basically a Super Polished Version of Itself But Turned out Worse In Spite of It

    Pokemon Sun and Moon were good, but the calls for help from enemy Pokemon, the drastic cut in social and political commentary, and the babysitting nature of the online features made this feel less revelatory and enjoyable than the last few gens.

    Best Obnoxiously F2P Game that Was Still Fun

    Warframe has seen drastic changes in customization, UI, and mission progression, and the game is still a grind, but man, when you get a good group of 4 together and are flying around all cyborg-samurai like and slicing and dicing and shooting the hordes of enemies at high speed, it feels good.

    Game Most In Need of Cool Mods

    Civilization VI made the curious decision to make the maps smaller in this game, significantly so, after V had already done the same. The UI and religion systems are also a bit in need of some help. I played one match and then realized this game will be better in a year or two when sick mods are out.

    Game That Most Felt Like a Time Machine

    Tree of Savior felt like a game from 10 years ago. Which makes sense, in a way, because it was made by the guy who made Ragnarok Online, which is the same, and spawned a sequel, RO2, that also felt like a game 10 years old. That's not to say modern = good, retro = bad, but ToS featured essentially no story, no lore, no sense of scale, no compelling combat, and an endless grind against enemies as intimidatingly designed as a bunch of tiny kittens. It would have been cute and interesting in 2006. Not in 2016.

    Best Game that Was Janky But Still Fun

    Gundam Breakers 3 features graphics from last gen, button mashing Dynasty Warrior gameplay, and a silly, ineffectual story. It also is a love letter to all things Gundam and has enough customization to make most RPGs jealous. Endlessly building and tweaking Gundams and leveling your gear and weapons while testing them out is surprisingly addicting.

    Saddest Goodbye to a Series

    A bunch of landmark series' came to an effective end in 2016. One, Souls, tormented us with brilliantly, horrifically designed levels, monsters, and sound design. 

    The other was the Witcher 3, which received its final DLC in 2016. I'm going to lay something out blankly and simply here. Witcher 3 is the best written video game of all time, no other games are even remotely, remotely close, and any other game that has attempted to be as engrossing and clever as Witcher 3 was has failed so miserably that it has made itself look painfully stupid by comparison. I honestly think it will be numerous decades before anything is written as sharply and as complexly as Witcher 3 was. Devs like Bioware, Obsidian, etc., have had the bar raised high and I don't think either will reach it.

    2017 Game That Better Not Fuck Things Up

    While Mass Effect: Andromeda appears to once again feature Bioware's complete and utter inability to animate a human face, as long as the game is the space opera sci-fi with compelling characters that we've come to rely on, I will look past it. Dragon Age: Inquisition gave me hope of how absolutely massive in scale this game could be. Don't screw this up.

    Best Running Joke in Games That Is coming to an End

    Vita GOTY!!!!!

    MOBA that MOBA Fans Really Needed to Play More in 2016

    Heroes of the Storm has reached a point of pure polish, robustness, and the constant stream of new maps and heroes has made the game a constant churn of new ideas and gameplay. It remains the Super Smash of Mobas, a bit simpler, a bit more chaotic, but still super fun. It is a really nice change of pace from the Dota/LoL/HoN lineage, and other than the obnoxious LoL-esque pay-gating, is a great pick-up-and-play Moba in a way no other Moba is.

    Game That Seemed Really Cool and Then Wasn't

    When Evolve went F2P it was cool. Hunt giant monsters with friends! Hunt your friends as a giant monster!

    And then the reality of the complete lack of maps and monsters set in after about 15 hours. Oops.

    Worst Gaming Journalism of the Year

    All of it.

    Best Gaming Moment of 2016

    Realizing that we are all one year closer to the heat death of the universe.

    Happy gaming all!
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  • Here is mine
    1. Dark Souls 3 
    2. Doom 
    3. Overwatch 
    4. Hitman 
    5. Battlefield 1 
    6. Gears of War 4 
    7. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided 
    8. Sid Meier's Civilization VI 
    9. Titanfall 2 
    10. Forza Horizon 3 
    11. Tom Clancy's The Division 
    12. Ratchet & Clank 
    13. Firewatch
    14. Superhot 
    15. Inside 
    16. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End 
    17. Quantum Break

    No real surprise for me that Dark Souls 3 would take the top spot as last year my favourite game was Bloodborne and this is pretty much similar.

    I think I would put BF1 higher if the campaign was decent but I really like the multiplayer A LOT.

    Hitman was a massive surprise for me. I had no intention of getting it but after watching several videos of people playing it I thought I would give it a go and found myself really hooked on playing each scenario. I also wasn't expecting Doom to be so high on my list either, it's just a fast paced FPS but it looks amazing and the gameplay always forces you to push forward and not wait behind cover.

    Civ is Civ and that's a good thing but I've not had too much time to play that.

    Forza Horizon 3 and Gears of War 4 are some of the best looking games out there and massive thumbs up to Microsoft for their Play Anywhere initiative (well should have done that a long time ago). Being able to switch between console and PC with my saves and only having to buy the game once is a big plus (although not part of the reasoning for my GOTY choices).
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  • Best FIFA Game of 2016

    Tough call, but I'm giving this one to FIFA 17. The introduction of the Frostbite engine has helped refine what is already a well polished franchise.

    Best Japanesey Game of 2016

    I've never played a Final Fantasy game in my life, but any game that allows me to catch a fish and have it prepared by a paid chef to feed a cat I met on a beach is a winner with me. Final Fantasy XV achieves that.

    Best Game to Movie Adaption of 2016

    I hear the cries of the excellent Assassin's Creed movie starring Michael Fassbender, but you're wrong. Quantum Break was a straight to DVD release; forgoing a cinema release in the realisation that no one wants to listen to people grazing on their popcorn.

    Best Game Dedicated to Harambe Award

    The respect and dignity Overwatch shows to Harambe is second to none. Including a rampaging ape is surely how Harambe would have reacted if he had the chance for revenge against the zookeepers that murdered him.
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  •  2016 was a terrible year. Just horrible. I’m not here to recap the year though I’m here to talk games. The games were good, really good.


    2016 though…. Alan Rickman? Fuck.


    There were a couple of games from last year that I can’t make a list of 2016 without at least mentioning. These two games, I haven’t had much time to get deep into. But from what I have played they are surprisingly good.


    Final Fantasy XV


    My history with Final Fantasy is patchy, I played and loved 7-10. Never actually finished one of them though. Hated 12 and 13. Didn’t play any of the MMO’s. 15…is… different. That isn’t a bad thing though. The combat is hectic as all hell but it’s fun, the story seems bland but who cares the open world is magical and beautiful, damn is it beautiful.


    The Last Guardian


    I think I have only played an hour of this so far, Trico seems cool and he passes my girlfriends test… “aww isn’t he cute”.  The stuff I have heard about the way the game plays the logic behind Trico and how he reacts seems interesting. I just hope I don’t get frustrated.


    Anyway the actual list. Here goes.


    10. Super Hot


    This game frustrated me for the whole 2 hours I spent playing it. I couldn’t see when bullets were coming at me. It took me a while to get the logic behind the movement. But when it all clicked into place and you watch your run back in real time the game looks beautiful.  Maybe it would have placed higher if I had a bit more fun.


    9.Ratchet and Clank


    I haven’t seen the film and I have only played one of the Ratchet games on PlayStation 3. But for some reason I have always been a Ratchet fan. I don’t know why. This game though, looks amazing on the Pro, is a hell of a lot of fun and it’s funny too. I am so glad they rebooted this franchise and I can’t wait for a sequel.


    8. Firewatch


    Firewatch is all story and it kept me interested from the start right till the last second. The twists in the story. The misdirection, its all part of the fun. It’s not often that I can sit down for extended periods of time with a game but Firewatch was a one sitting game for me.


    7. Battlefield 1


    A shooter set during World War 1 was a risky move for Dice to make. It worked. The single player although short, is a great 4 hours. Especially the last campaign. The openness of the level in front of you giving you multiple ways to take it on. I hope dice play more with that in future games. The multiplayer is the same as always top class.


    6. Uncharted 4


    Uncharted is my favourite gaming series of all time. Its popcorn gaming at its best. So its telling of the quality of this year’s games that it places 6th on my list. Its an amazing probably the best in the series but the next 5 games are just so much better.


    5. Hitman


    I don’t like Hitman games. They just don’t play well, its too slow and I never have fun. Until now. Maybe it’s the episodic format stopping me from getting bored. Maybe its all the dumb fun you can have. I don’t know what it is. I just know I love playing this game. If I ever find myself with an hour or so free. I’ll occasionally pop this on and do an escalation or something to get that mastery to level 20.


    4. Doom


    I passed on this game when it came out. Played level 1 and got caught up with either Uncharted or Overwatch I can’t remember. I wish I hadn’t this game is fast paced fun; the way shooters never are anymore. It feels so good, looks beautiful and the metal soundtrack fits the game perfectly. The only gripe I have is, this game fucks up my PS4…no seriously the system locks up after playing this game, this and Stardew.


    3. Overwatch


    I’m not a multiplayer shooter guy. I am an Overwatch guy however. Maybe it’s the way they don’t focus on KDR or the wacky characters and art style. This game is just charming and hooked me totally for 2 months straight.


    2. Titanfall 2


    Titanfall 1’s multiplayer was fun, take that add an amazing single player campaign. Yes, the best campaign a shooter has had for a while and you have a near perfect game. The small one off puzzles you have to do are incredible. This game also has two of the greatest gaming moments in 2016.


    1. Stardew Valley


    This game totally took me by surprise. I bought it to play about with on my hour lunch break and on public transport to my meeting once or twice a month. I now spend probably 5 or 6 hours a week on this game, just farming and mining and talking to folks. I’m addicted. P.S Hayley is a bitch. Talk about my shoes like that again and I will poison that egg I give you every morning.


  • I haven't bought a new game in 2016, so for me all the games i played are from 2015
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