Screenshot Thread. Show us what you got.
  • So I was thinking it would be cool to have a place to share our screenshots. 
    I wouldn't mind seeing some screenshots by all of you.

    You could upload to something like Imgur, but I think places like steam have a URL for your screens through them. and I bet XBL and PSN also has some way to share.

    Old Terraria pic to get started. :)

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  • Guess I gotta push a bit more.

    A few people from NT tried Brawlhalla. *gasp* :o
    So it was an 8 person free for all, and this Jay guy kept running and staying out or the fight. trying to let everyone kill eachother while he saved his lives.
    So some people targeted him a bit next round.
    Then he said it was because he is laggy and can't fight with 8 people, and he'd win 1v1, so the guy that had been winning fought 1v1.


  • I haven't posted in a bit. and no one else has either HA

    Elder Scrolls Online. :)
    Skyrim. Eastmarch.

    Alik'r Desert, Redguard lands.

    Stonefalls. Morrowind is a hell of a place.

    Lv4 noob Khajiit time.

    Armor dog!

    Winsord and I downloaded Pokemon Revolution Online and looked around. Not bad.
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  • Wow, what's Pokemon Revolution like? If it were your own hosted servers like Minecraft it would be invincible.
  • It was ok. I only played a tiny bit. caught like 2 pokemon, ran around the starting town. 
    I've only ever played Pokemon R/B/Y G/S/C, and some Soul Silver.
    This starts almost just like Red/Blue, same area I think. 
    People running walking all around. I saw people riding pokemon like a mount. 
    Pokemon follow behind players.
    Battle screen wasn't bad, kind of thought that's where it would fail.
    Mmm what else. oh, the stats screen had like 24 badge slots. 

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