NooBTooB's Week in Gaming (19/12/16)
  • Alas, Little Egg has once again been lost to mid-life crisis/family time/existential dread. In his stead, I present to you the belated WiG that you have so thoroughly craved but never fully satiated.

    Final Fantasy XV (PS4): I posted most of my thoughts in the game's thread, but suffice to say, I miss the open world that has been yanked out from under me to service the story, the latter of which is pretty meh. I'm in the midst of the DREADED CHAPTER 13 but am very close to finishing the story, at which point I definitely want to tackle some high level stuff post game and just run around and complete crap, which is fun and fluid and part of the pretty world. I played a bunch this past weekend and will probably finish it Friday or Saturday. We'll see how long the post-game keeps me entertained.

    Warframe (PC): I got a mission on Pluto or Neptune or something to pop and finished it. It was one I hadn't done yet. I was a bit overlevelled but I was also rusty so it worked out well. The tweaks to the space UI are pretty nice. It looks more modern and has fewer menus to navigate now.
  • Dark Souls 2 - Making progress slowly.

    Dark Souls - Killed the 1st lord and just levelling up and collecting stuff before the final push. Even found a few people online.

    Halo 4 - Finished the campaign. It was ok, but I was glad to see it end. Not much variety in enemies and level design. Halo 5 next, and hopefully I can get it done by Xmas.

    Minecraft - New update and a Fallout mash up pack hit which I've been checking out.

    Let It Die - I decided to do just that. I just can't take the grindy bullshit anymore. It does have some interesting elements, but not enough to hold me unfortunately.

    Ratchet & Clank - Started a 2nd playthru.

    Overwatch - Reinstalled and hoping to get some time with it over Xmas and New Year.
  • I am currently on the break of my last shift before I break up for Christmas (just getting that out there) next week will be all gaming all the time screw family time. I'm gonna get into some Dead Rising 4 and Doom. 

    This past week though I managed to finish up Watchdogs 2 and Battlefield 1.  I am very much done with Watchdogs, it was a nice little open world game but it doesn't really have any legs. Battlefield though that last campaign chapter was incredible and the Multiplayer is all kinds of fun. And it looks beautiful.

    I also dipped my toe into a little more Final Fantasy XV, nothing to shout about a few side quests. I'm still on chapter 4. 
  • Stories the path of destinies PS4 I Platted it, i enjoyed it some quirks and glitches during combat and there could have been more diversity during the different story paths, but all and all i liked it

    Color Guardians PS4 played it a little, don't play it when you are tired :P

    Tiny Troopers Joint Ops PS3 going through the already found a way to cheat the system ;)

    Exist Archive PSVita Leveling up also working on the friendship level between characters, it is a thing

    warframe PS4  Played conclave for the first time, it is the online battleground, only because of the event free stuff :(
  • Star Wars Battlefront (PC): Having watched Rogue One, I wanted to play a Star Wars game and haven't played this since the beta. Without buying the DLC, the map roaster is severely lacking. The game is easy to pick up and play, but at the cost of being a very unsatisfactory shooter. 

    Planet Coaster (PC): Has done for the theme park building genre what Cities: Skylines did for the city building genre, i.e. it's the gold standard of the genre. I picked this up at full price and while I have enjoyed it, it lacks the content needed to justify the price point. The workshop helps fill in for the lack of rides and buildings, but the management aspect is severely lacking. Still, I've had a blast building a theme park and would recommend this game when it eventually goes on sale.

    FIFA 17 (PC): GOTY every year. Second season as Arsenal. Having won the title on goal difference last season, I've managed to win my opening nine matches in the Premier League, which has left me in a commanding position. My aim this season to make a real push in the Champions League, as I was knocked out in the last 16 the previous season. 
  • @AshGooner I am gonna pick up Planet Coaster as soon as it's on offer. I suspect it is completely my cup of tea. You should have made it clearer that you are an Arsenal supporter and enjoy the FIFA series. Maybe you should have suggested that in your name or display pic or something.

    Alexis Sanchez is fucking awesome though, even if FIFA isn't.
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  • Still chugging away at Skyrim, need the plat. Had to start a second game for the notoriously glitchy 15 artifact trophy. A random stranger acosts you in the dark, demanding you eat human flesh, you ask some questions, a disagreement ensues and an entire quest line is lost. Oh well....

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