Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 12/12/16
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  • Final Fantasy XV (PS4): Part way through Chapter 7, but I've spent so much time doing sidequests that I am way overlevelled. I got the trophy for doing 80 sidequests and still did a bunch more. I like the game, I like the general pace of things when you swing through and do a few sidequsts and a dungeon, but there are so many things in this game that could be better, from the camera, to stealth missions, to some of the controls, to the finding a hidden object quests. The things that are very good include the combat, the dungeons, the boss fights that don't have bad camera work, and the customization options available.

    Heroes of the Storm (PC): Did a few bot matches to get back into the swing of things. I still like this game, it's the Smash Bros. of mobas. Short and simple and accessible but there's still room to grow and be better at it with experience. I just wish that it didn't follow the LoL model of having just a few free characters on rotation. That's such an uninspiring way to gate things imo.

    Dota 2 (PC): 7.00 hit, and it's the most dramatic change to the Dota formula since before Dota 2 even came out, going back to maybe when the secret shop or bounties were instituted in the original mod. Suffice to say it's creating a lot of anguish in the community. There are definite things I like. I think the talent trees are neat. The jungle is more dynamic now, although I still question timed babysitting of things like bounties. Keeping track of a clock to just run and grab stuff isn't very dynamic to me, but maybe it'll cause more brawls in the jungle. The pregame planning you can now do is nice and will make it easier for newbies to at least sort of understand what they want to accomplish on their hero. It also takes much less time to select a hero pregame. Perhaps most importantly, they've taken a massive cue from Blizzard and how they approached Diablo/HotS/WoW over the years and are making definite attempts to limit downtime. Less time respawning, healing up, teleporting, etc., and more time actually playing the game. There's a weird mental block that a lot of people have where they seem to think that the only way you can penalize someone for dying in a game is by having them have to start over or have them not be able to play for awhile. The reality is that there are tons of ways you can either punish them, or reward their opponent, without actually taking away gametime from the losing side, which, well, we're all here to play the game, not sit around and twiddle our thumbs. This philosophical change is great to see. Again, Blizzard has chased that idea rather radically, particularly in Diablo 3, and the result has been more time actually enjoying the game and less time rolling my eyes in frustration at lost time.

    As for the bad, well, they made the UI smaller to increase screen space, but I watched a stream of the game on my tablet last night and... eesh. It's too small. On mobile devices you just can't really make out all the numbers and icons. This seems like a borderline catastrophic oversight given how massive streaming now is. Lots of people are complaining about this, so I am wondering how it was glossed over. They also took some graphical cues from League of Legends, which feels sort of uninspiring and more of a "if you can't beat them, join them" admission. Finally, the new shop UI is sort of wonky. They've made it easier for you to follow an ingame guide to buy items, but harder if you want to do your own thing and find items on your own. This is sort of Apple-like in that in an effort to make things easier, they've removed so much info from our grasp that in the end, it's almost harder.

    I'll be playing more of it to see how I feel.
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  • (PS4 / Xbox One) Battlefield 1 - I can't stop playing this game.

    (PC) Paladins - I played 1 map against the AI, it seems very similar to Overwatch.
  • Work is still getting in the way of any free time I may have. I have actually been getting up two hours earlier every day just to play a couple hours. Mainly for Watchdogs 2, I just wanted to get this game done. Don't get me wrong it's a cracking game. So much better than the original (I actually liked the original). It just goes on and on. It feels like I have been playing that game for eternity. I guess it's because of the 2 hour chunks I have been playing it in. Good game though. Really fun game.

    When I'm not at work or playing watchdogs I am enthralled with Final Fantasy XV GEFM basically pointed out all the flaws i have with the game but when this game is good it's really good. The story seems decent. The combat is incredible. I have been told the real way to play this is in wait mode. I am told it makes the game more strategic, does anyone have any comments on that? Is it true?

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  • Dishonored 2 (XbOne) Finished my 2nd playthru of the game. I really enjoyed Emily's story, and it was really fun doing a High Chaos run. I really think this might be my favorite game of 2016 even over Dark Souls 3. This game is supposed to be getting an update this month sometime to add a custom difficulty and a NG+ mode. So once that drops I may do a 3rd playthru and finally go for the finish the game without alerting anyone achievement.

    Super Paper Mario (WiiU VC) I didn't want to play another FPS after putting 32 hours into Dishonored 2, so I started this up again, and I played to chapter 2 and this is further than I've ever gotten before. Decent fun so far but I'm still near the beginning.

    Work has been crazy so I have not had much game time, and its been cold out so the heat is cutting on and drying out my nose so when I do have time to play games I've been feeling shitty. :/
  • Played some of this months PSN+ games

    Stories the path of destinies PS4 I like this game simple hack and slash, but the mechanic that you go through a story line and it doesn't work out you go to the beginning with the knowledge and Exp. to go through the story again making different choices to get a different ending.

    Color Guardians PS4 simple reaction game where you have to follow the path with pushing the button for the right color, not really my thing

    Invisible Inc PS4 Spy turn-based game in isometric view, little bit like games back in the day, i like it, but i screwed up a few times.

    Hyper Void PS3 Space shooter which is quite ok makes think of an update of a game i played on the Vectrex as a kid.

    Tiny Troopers Joint Ops PS3 Twin stick shooter in cute style is Ok, annoying that they already patched an exploit :P

    Skylanders Trap Team PS4 It is a game geared at kids and figthing Koas on Nightmare difficulty is just well a nightmare, i have many Skylanders but i went through them like crazy. Fail!

    The Witch and the Hundred Knight PS3, played it some more starting to figure out the mechanics  of the game

    Code: Realize guardian of rebirth PSVita Finished my first story arc, if you like sappy love stories with a choice every 100 button then this is for you :P

    Exist Archive PSVita Leveling up still

    warframe PS4  There is a new story mission but i have to unlock some planet missions first :(
  • Overwatch (Xbox One): Christmas event. The new mode itself is alright, and I got Mcree's skin out of my first box.

  • @Manio what actually is the new mode? I haven't played since a couple of month's after launch. I have been thinking about jumping back in.
  • @nutta27

    Think Call of Duty's one in the chamber but everyone plays as Mei and shoots snowballs which are one hit kills and it's an elimination style mode. You get one shot, and you reload your snowballs at snowpiles scattered around the map.
  • Skyrim

    Thanks to the restoration potion loop my equipment is stupid broke and I wander the land with a health of 18637052 and only falls can injure me. I still like seeing what's out there, but yeah, I have eliminated game play and Skyrim is now a walking simulator.
  • Dark Souls 3 - 1000/1000 complete

    Dark Souls 1 - Got the Lord Vessel and accidentally ate one of my boss souls which has me spewing. Started a 2nd character too.

    Dark Souls 2 - Started on the Bone. The trilogy will be completed once more.

    Skyrim - Played a bit more of the PS4 version. Almost fell asleep.

    Dead Rising 2 - Another game for the Bone. Haven't made much progress yet.

    Let It Die - Played a lot of this. It's got some great ideas, but some fucking terrible ones too. For a free game that isn't stingy with handing out candy to non-payers either I can't grumble too loudly. I'd still much rather it be a full-priced game without all the daily and monthly passes bullshit.

    And hey, anyone else have a good chuckle about the COD4 debacle? Adding microtransactions to a 10 year old game. But hey, at least they added female soldier skins now because progress or some such nonsense. Bravo Activision. Bra-fucking-vo. And to all the knuckleheads who actually bought it: HAHAHAHAHAHA. Morons.

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