Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 05/12/16
  • Games?  Booooo-ring.  You know what's better?  Passing out asleep on the couch the moment you sit down.

    (Littleg) Mid-life Crisis Over-rated, couldn't recommend it to anyone.

    Cheers.  What you been up to?
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  • Final Fantasy XV (PS4): In the middle of chapter 3, have been going through the story rather slowly because I've been doing so many sidequests. It's fun. Most of my thoughts are in the game thread. I'll be playing it more this week.

    Pokemon Moon (3DS): I am right at the 7th trial now, just have a few more wild Pokemon to catch in the area. I'm going to beat this trial, which is a ghost-type one, with nothing but normal and fighting Pokemon, just to try to make it harder. Other than a bit dicey on trial number 2, they've all been very easy, as are most games in the series.

    Warframe (PC): I patched it and then tried to queue for some end game thing but never got put into a group so gave up. If they would fix this one issue I'd play it more.
  • Dark Souls 3 - Finished my 3rd playthru on the Bone and made a horrible discovery. It appears that From have done something sneaky by including the items found in the DLC as requirements for achievements in the base game. I was under the impression this was against Xbox policy. So now unless I get the DLC on Xbox too I can't get the full 1000, as the DLC contains a ring, a miracle, and a pyromancy spell. Fuck.

    Dark Souls 1 - Did a little bit more, mainly clearing out areas of items while dropping my white soapstone.

    Ratchet & Clank PS4 - Upgrading guns and stuff.

    Let It Die - If you like Dark Souls but want it more camp this is the game you're looking for. It came out yesterday and it's a free to play game made by Suda51 and his gang and is only on PS4 because pfft, Xbox. I have no trouble recommending this game. It's FREE!!!

  • Dead Rising 4 (Xbox One): I've put in a few hours or so and can say I'm enjoying it a lot. Obviously there's some issues I have with the game. One of my major complaints is that maniacs aren't really a thing like they used to be, they've been toned down and seem like pushovers from the few I've faced. Plus, there are no longer maniac cutscenes from what I can tell which is another gripe but oh well. You can't throw weapons anymore unless they're classified as a throwing weapon which again, is a bummer because throwing hamburgers at zombies is hilarious and made the game fun.

    The removal of campaign co-op isn't an issue for me mainly because I never used the feature and prefer playing story content solo. I haven't tried the new multiplayer co-op mode out due to server issues, but I'm enjoying the game immensely. The Christmas theme/setting is great! Recommend!
  • Dishonored 2 (XbOne) Well into my 2nd playthru and I am liking Emily a lot! I'm doing a High Chaos run this time and its super different and a ton of fun. I think I could play this game forever. This playthru is going by much quicker too! Since I know what to do now, and I'm still kinda playing stealthy, and I'm trying to grab the level achievements that I missed my 1st time thru the game too! This may seriously be my game of the year.

    Gate of Thunder (TG16 via Wii VC) I've never beaten this game before, and after hearing the last GamesOnly Podcast episode about all those old SNES games I felt like picking this up again. The soundtrack still kicks ass! I didn't get very far yet.

    Thats about it. Lots of Dishonored 2 and more this week too! :)
  • It was my partners Christmas party this week just gone, so my Saturday night (probably the only time nowadays I get to play video games) was taken. By drunken idiots who I barely know. I had fun I suppose, to an extent. I payed 35 quid for what looked and tasted like a the school Christmas dinner's of old. I had a couple beers and that was my night. Oh by the way I didn't eat much of the food, it was disgusting. I ordered a takeaway when we got home. Anyway I digress for the few fleeting hours I did get to play anything, I played Final Fantasy XV. 

    It's good. really good. I fell out of love with Final Fantasy shortly after IX came out but this game is really impressive. I am, I think, on chapter 2 (maybe its 1 and the stuff before the city is a prologue, I dunno). The game looks beautiful, the combat is hectic at times yet simple and fun. The story is nonsensical trash but I'm having a good time. Besides this I have managed to wander around San Fransisco a little more in Watchdogs 2.

    Another game I like, kinda. Its starting to feel a little repetitive and the cast of characters are really irritating so maybe it's grating on me a little. But as of now, I'm still playing and having a small amount of fun. Most of it with their Crazy Taxi esq. mini game.   
  • Wolfenstein: the old blood PS4 Tried a few times to kill the last boss monster on the hardest difficulty which is a Pain, didn't go to well so i have stopped playing it for a while.

    Skylanders Trap Team PS4 Finished the Storyline now doing iy again on nightmare difficulty and doing all the Kaos Challenges and arenas.

    The Witch and the Hundred Knight PS3, bought the english version tried it last weekend

    Exist Archive PSVita Still grinding like a MotherFancier!

    Tom Glancy The Division PS4 big new update, tried it still the same shit, deleted the game.

    Played some warframe PS4  Did a few missions, don't really enjoy the changes anymore
  • @vampirelich I played through, but didn't really get into the original Dishonoured. But I have heard good things about the second. Is it more of the same? Should I give it another shot? Or will I just find this as mediocre as the first?
  • @nutta27 I'd say if you didn't really enjoy the 1st game, 2 isn't going to do much to change your mind I think, unfortunately. Its been ages since I've played Dishonored 1, so I don't remember too much, but 2 definitely seems to be more of the same, with some extra polish.
  • @nutta27 @vampirelich I really need to get Dishonored 2, I loved the first one, but don't have the cash atm :( .

    Paladins - Usual hero based shooty shooty. Good to hop on for a few games every day or so.

    Magicka - I tried this out in MP, it is pretty interesting but I am not massively into it.

    Oblivion - Same old, same old. Had to start a new game as I lost my current save. Just going through the motions starting out. I love this game to bits.

    Terraria - Never played it before, I know it is popular. Started a new game with @NewAgeRed last night. I am really liking it so far.
  • And I just finished my 2nd playthur for Dishonored 2! What a fantastic game! More details next WiG. ;)

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