NoobToob Discord.
  • Hey hey.

    So the question of ways to voice chat have come up a few times.
    I thought stuff like Steam chat, Skype, TeamSpeak would be ok. but Discord seems to be the best thing going nowdays.

    So I made an account. and this "server" I named NoobToob Discord.
    So far I like it, it will ask to look at your Skype and Steam Friends, and then you can friend people that have Discord. easy.
    If you download the desktop client, you can have it show what game you're playing also. very neat. 

    Anyway, I posted this in the PC gamers topic, but feel it'll get more interest in a new thread. 

    Come join. \o/

    Edit: Link..
  • Thanks for setting that up! 

    I've got it running via the Discord website while I'm at work, similar to what I used to do with the old NoobToob IRC :)
  • Hey guys, please feel free to check out the channel. Me and @NewAgeRed have been using it quite a bit.

    I have not used Discord before but the voice chat and game integration seems really solid. 

    Hope to see you there.... Come join!
  • Can't believe I forgot the link in here.

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