Noob's Choice Awards 2016: Main Thread/Voting Thread
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    (Someone remind @sloth  to move all of these topics to their own category. Thanks love)

    The time has come for us once again to pick up our ballots and begin voting in the annual Noob's Choice Awards for 2016! We've seen some wonderful games come out this year, and I have no doubt that we should see some interesting results in this year's polls. Some minor rules and tweaks to keep in mind when voting.

    Early Access games can be voted for as long as their final release was in 2016. 
    • Voting for Best New IP needs to be a fresh, new IP.
    • Minecraft cannot be voted for.
    • Episodic titles that finished their story in 2016 are counted as 2016 releases.
    • The Indie Game category works for every platform. PC, Mac, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, Handhelds, Mobile, etc. There's a lot to go for in this category.
    • Voting runs from December 1st, 2016 - January 1st, 2017. Luckily, the topic is going up a few hours early to get it out of the way.
    • To avoid clutter, all categories will be discussed in this thread. 
    • Votes are only counted on the form itself. Votes in the thread DO NOT count.

    December 1st, 2016 - January 1st, 2017

    Noob's Choice 2015 Winners:

    Game Of The Year - Bloodborne (surprise!)

    Worst Game - Star Wars Battlefront

    Most Surprising - Life is Strange

    Most Disappointing - Star Wars Battlefront

    Most Anticipated of 2016 - Dark Souls III

    Best Sequel - Halo 5 & The Witcher III

    Best Add-On/Expansion - Bloodborne : The Old Hunters

    Best Use of Music - Bloodborne

    Best Graphics - Halo 5: Guardians

    Best Indie Game - Rocket League

    Best Handheld Game - Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate

    Best Remake/Reboot - Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin

    Best New IP - Bloodborne

    Best Story - Tales from the Borderlands

    Best Cooperative Experience - Bloodborne

    Best Competitive Experience - Halo 5: Guardians

    Best New Character - Loaderbot (Tales from the Borderlands)

    Worst Company/Developer - Konami (category omitted in the future)

    Best Gaming Personality/Channel - Games Only Podcast (category omitted in the future)

  • It was good to have some variety to pick from this year. I gave DS3 my GOTY vote, as anyone sensible would. 7 Days to Die won top prize on my Shit List, but I suppose No Man's Sky will be taking home that trophy. Disappointment was Mafia 3 for me. Overwatch for new IP and character was D.Va bcoz dat ass, and her mech and gamer girl schtick were fun. Best indie I gave to Salt & Sanctuary, best sequel Xcom2. Most anticipated for 2017 is Nioh, no doubt.

    Would like to have played Last Guardian before clicking submit, but thought what the hell.
  • Thanks for setting this up again @Manio 

    Dark Souls 3 is my game of the year and I'd be surprised if it didn't win GOTY here as it was talked about a lot and it was the most anticipated game of last year.
  • @amardilo

    I couldn't decide between Overwatch or Dark Souls III. I'll get spitroasted if I told everyone which one I picked.
  • I only voted on a couple of categories. I haven't played enough different games this year to make an informed judgement. But always interested in the Noob's choice, really glad that it is still going. Thanks for all the effort you guys put in consistently keeping stuff like this going. Keep it up, happy voting , I will look forward to seeing the results. (I can definitely predict with reasonable confidence one result, cough cough Dark Souls).
  • I went for Star Dew Valley, probably the only vote for the game but I have played countless hours of that game on my break on my Mac since I got it. I say countless, steam is keeping a count for me its 92, 92 hours. So damn addicting.
  • Remember kids, voting is drawing near the end. Get those votes in cause we need em.
  • Get those votes in for FIFA 17, boys!
    Noobied by 1GoodEnoughForMe
  • Voted, will be curious to see who wins some of these categories, from GotY, all the way down to Indie. :)
  • Will be interesting to see if anyone wastes our time with a protest vote for a third party candidate...

     I have also heard a lot of rumours that this Noob's choice award has been heavily influenced by the Russian government. I can only conclude that NoobToob is the most obvious choice for Russian hackers financed by the Kremlin to go after. Our intelligence services are almost certain.

    There are many reasons why Dark Souls 3 got the popular vote whereas No Man's Sky won the electoral Noob's college. No Man's Sky almost certainly would have won the popular vote if it hadn't been for all the illegal votes by Mexican bots. This is outrageous!

    We need to build a Firewall! We need to keep these illegal Mexican bots from entering our Domain! They have totally compromised the integrity of our Noob's choice award. Fox news told me so.

    The FBI have announced they are investigating @sloth for hosting NoobToob on a personal server too. This is treasonous. Lock @sloth up, lock @sloth up!


    Some Russians have spoken to me and I would like to say as follows :

    I retract any negative statements that I have made involving Russia and it's governing body. I love Russia and all aspects of the beautiful country and totally adore their President and affiliates. There is no way that Russia would interfere with the Noob's choice awards.

    I can only wish Russia great success with all of it's upcoming oil contracts. Also, the safe release of my pregnant wife and son.
  • Sorry to include you @sloth . No offence intended obviously! Took me 10 mins to write that, I was only going to write the first sentence! I got carried away as usual.
  • It's a good post. A++ would read again.
  • So, votes are being tallied up a week from today. Hoping everyone will be pleased with the results! I'm not really surprised so far.
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