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    Dead Rising 4 is an upcoming open-world, survival horror beat em' up game developed by Capcom Vancouver. It features the return of Frank West and is set in a Christmas themed Willamette Colorado. The game releases world-wide on December 6th, 2016. The player hops back into the shoes of Frank West who has returned to Willamette during the Christmas season which has yet again been overwhelmed by another zombie outbreak.

    Unlike its predecessors, Dead Rising 4 will not feature a timer nor will it feature story mode co-operative gameplay, and instead players will have a separate mode for four player co-operative play. The game will also return to its open world setting.
    Personally, I'm hella stoked for this game. Dead Rising 1 and 2 are my favourites of the franchise with Dead Rising 3 not really satisfying my needs from the franchise. It felt a little less wacky than the first two games and Dead Rising 4 seems to be going back to its roots and making things hella crazy again. Is anyone else picking this up next week and if so let's get some co-op sessions going!

    Dead Rising 4 - Reveal Trailer

    Dead Rising 4 - Co-op Multiplayer Video
  • Personally I really liked Dead Rising 3, but I am not sure about this getting this game right away as I plenty of games to play.

    If this had cross platform save functionality or was a Play Anywhere title I would have bought this on release.
  • I'm preloading it tomorrow for release on Tuesday. I'll be throwing up some thoughts after I play it a bit on Tuesday. For now, the launch trailer.

  • I played the game at an expo a few months back and thought it looked pretty cool. I will definitely pick it up but I still haven't gotten around to DR3 yet.
  • Pre-loading it now. I'll have thoughts up Tuesday!
  • Reviews are mixed but leaning towards favorable. People I trust and follow enjoy the game. Can't wait to dip in at midnight!
  • I've put in a few hours or so and can say I'm enjoying it a lot. Obviously there's some issues I have with the game. One of my major complaints is that maniacs aren't really a thing like they used to be, they've been toned down and seem like pushovers from the few I've faced. Plus, there are no longer maniac cutscenes from what I can tell which is another gripe but oh well. You can't throw weapons anymore unless they're classified as a throwing weapon which again, is a bummer because throwing hamburgers at zombies is hilarious and made the game fun.

    The removal of campaign co-op isn't an issue for me mainly because I never used the feature and prefer playing story content solo. I haven't tried the new multiplayer co-op mode out due to server issues, but I'm enjoying the game immensely. The Christmas theme/setting is great! Recommend!
  • Finished it, just cleaning up the remaining achievements. The game is incredibly easy and there isn't much of a challenge to it. Seems like more of a game you'd relax with by taking out zombies with wacky weapons. You level up like crazy and with no real trouble at all.

    Sitting at Level 61 after one playthrough, no grinding required. The ending ends on a huge cliffhanger that sets up the inevitable DLC that Capcom talked about.
  • I am currently sitting on the last act of this game. I will probably finish it up this morning. It's a nice little game. Nothing to shout about, really god damn easy. I personally didn't like Dead Rising 1 and 2. The time limit and the bull shit that was tacked on to make the game harder just didn't appeal to me. I liked the direction they went with 3 and 4.

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