Noobtoob's Week in Gaming, 28/11/16
  • Skyrim

    Got it on sale for PS4. It is a little prettier but the fast load times are so great. Might be my favorite game. Yeah it is a big web of fetch quests, but man what a huge, dense, lovely world. Been away long enough that it can surprise but, at the same time, some barrows and Dwemer ruins are familiar. Refreshing to play at level eight, instead of eighty. I had forgotten you can die. An old friend for the holidays.
  • Dishonored 2 (XbOne) I beat it! It took about 20 hours. Super amazing game all the way thru. I played as Corvo and did a Low Chaos run and managed to not kill anybody. So I got the good? ending and
    You save all the smart people in the kingdom and they run things much better than the bad guys.
      boring. I really loved this game, and I have started a 2nd playthru as Emily and I will be going for a High Chaos ending. This game will make my top 5 games for 2016 easy. ;)

    I'm hoping the bad ending will be more fun. ;D

    thats it. Been working a lot lately. :p
  • Overwatch (PC): A ton of this with some peeps. I had possibly the best 3 match stretch of my career, 3 wins where I went 16-0, 8-3, 10-0 on McCree. They were all short games. Had a good Zen match. Awful Hanzo match. Meh on Soldier. Probably my GotY this year.

    Pokemon Moon (3DS): About 12-13 hours in and 5 trials done. I have 60+ Pokemon. The only touch-and-go trial was the water one, in part because my starter is fire type. These games continue to get smarter about map design although I kind of miss some of the longer dungeons of older gens. I also miss your rival being a smarmy asshole as opposed to a super friendly competitor. I'm not too fond of all the Pokemon that can call for help. I do like the refresh some older Pokemon got for Alola, which is also a really cool region. Also this game is even more fashionable than the last one.

    NBA2K16 (PS4): After steamrolling several games on Pro difficulty I bumped it up. Now I am struggling again. Offensively I am fine, but defensively I give up too many easy baskets.
  • Dishonored 2 looks very cool, I really want to go back and play the first game.  All the excitement for Pokemon Sun/Moon has got me half-interested in trying one of these Pokeperson games, too.  I had a good, long look at Heart Gold/Soul Silver (in an airport electronics shop, if I remember rightly) back when I was trying to get some value out of my DS Lite, but never actually picked up a copy.  Maybe if a good 3DS bundle appears I could be tempted.

    (360) Bioshock Infinite Finally got back to this and started making some progress.  Have now met up with The Girl and the game seems to get a bit easier at that point.  Still loving the look of this game and, if you don't get too close to some of the textures, it holds up extremely well.

    (PS3) FIFA16 My very favourite thing in these games is now happening, in that the youth players from the scouting process are starting to be some of my best players.  As cool as it is to play Gotta Catch 'Em All with the best players from the real world, there's also something really satisfying from getting lucky in the slightly random scouting aspect of the game, especially as even the players that the game tells you are going to be really good often turn out to be disappointing let-downs.  So much of the things that make a player good are tied up in a few key characteristics (speed/acceleration/weak foot strength/skills rating/attack & defence weighting).

    There we go!
  • Dark Souls 1 - Slowly going through it. Currently in Blighttown.

    Dark Souls 3 - Started NG+. I'm glad I played these games on the Bone. Made me appreciate just how good they are on Playstation.

    Titanfall 2 - A few multiplayer matches and a handful of campaign. Like the latter, not too keen on the former.

    Mario Kart - Getting my anus pulverized on 150cc.
  • Overwatch (Xbox One) - This game is the fucking hotness. I've put around 12 or so hours into it after buying it Saturday. Reaper, and Roadhog are my mains and I just love this game. It's the first shooter I've really had a blast with in a long, long time. I can safely say it's tied for my GOTY right now with Dark Souls III. Snagged the Wight skin for Reaper but I'm aiming to score that El Blanco skin for him. I'm excited to see what happens for the Christmas event and what kind of gamemodes, skins etc we'll be seeing.

    God this game.
  • Have been playing the following;
    Wolfenstein: the old blood PS4 Finished the main story, the nightmare original style missions is a nice touch

    Rocksmith PS3 They seemed to have changed the increase in difficulty speed ;)

    Letter Quest Remastered PS4 still more scrabbling

    Exist Archive PSVita at the moment just grinding some boss just insta killed me not fun

    神様と運命覚醒のクロステーゼ or The Awakened Fate: Ultimatum PS3 Finished the story-line again doing the different choices, now i only have to find some random items in the dungeons, fun :(

    Played some warframe PS4  slogging along :( Put my dog into stasis because i not really into it anymore
  • @vampirelich @Littleg I went back and played dishonored recently, I had forgotten what an absolutely fantastic game it was. It got me really excited about Dishonored 2, I read a couple of reviews and it seems my enthusiasm is not missplaced. When i have a bit of spare cash it will be the first game I go for. I am really poor atm as my PC finally decided to give up on me.

    Paladins - Its been a while since I have played a multiplayer fps. I have been enjoying a few games a day. It's an overwatch clone and it works well on a crappy PC I have been playing it on, so ticks most of my boxes.

    Pokemon: Moon - Very enjoyable. Playing a couple of hours a day and have been really finding it a solid Pokemon game. My only gripe (not an actual problem with the game) is that I watched Jim Sterling's latest Jimquisition video and it spoilt all the final forms of the starter for me :( .

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