Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 21/11/16
  • Ho boy!  Have I been looking forward to this Week in Gaming, what with all the games that I've been playing and the Hot Takes that I have been cooking up in doing so.  Yous is all going to be blown away I can tell you.

    (PS3) FIFA16 I'd love to pretend that I was too delicate and bruised by this year's political turmoil to be able to play a game based in a personality-worshipping warped vision of America, but in honesty it's just the same as last week that this is all I have energy for at the end of most nights.  I've barely played a handful of matches, but I'm winning more than I'm losing which I didn't think would be the case after promotion into a new league...

    Eagle-eyed viewers will have noticed that this is in fact a direct copy-and-paste of what I wrote last week.  There's a good reason for that.

    I did at least make it to the last 16 of the Capital One Cup, with a flukey 1-0 win at Fulham, but this week really has been more of the same.  I really must get back to Bioshock Infinite.

    Bet the rest of you can do better (you could hardly do worse, in fairness).
  • I've gotten to were I don't care to post in these topics most of the time. 
    No one wants to play the same thing, no one really comments about any game each of us is playing. 

    I played the
    Overwatch free weekend. (I played more games, but this is what I'll talk about.)
    I find it interesting that while Overwatch and Paladins are a lot alike, they feel different. 
    Overwatch seems to have a lot more flash and polish. more detail on characters and maps. Maps have a lot of halls and rooms. Better skins so far. (Paladins gets new skins and characters every month.)
    Maybe it's because I was new, but the maps were confusing a lot. while Paladin tried to flow everything in a path.
    Everyone on Overwatch can die in seconds, characters are so soft. Dying and respawns happen fast. but then you have to walk and walk forever to get back on point. 
    In Paladins it's not as easy to die, I feel each character can hold their own. respawns take a bit longer, but you can upgrade your stuff while you wait. Then you spawn on a horse to get back in action fast. 
    So many times I'd die in Overwatch, spawn, run allll the way back, die, repeat. :|
    Even with the tank characters. more than once I'd walk all the way back and get killed in one shot by the sniper as soon as I walk around the corner. They can just set up outside your spawn exit too. 

    Anyway, Overwatch is good, yet feels different than Paladins in a hand full of ways. (There is a ton that is the same though.)
    Oh yeah, Paladins voice packs are better. In Overwatch you unlock one line at a time and then "equip" it. while Paladins has a bunch of kb shortcuts and the character will say the line. Follow Me, Hi, They're Behind Us! etc etc.
  • Titanfall 2 (PC): Did a few multiplayer rounds. Need to just sit down and finish the campaign at some point. Some of the multiplayer maps need help with spawn camping. Fun though.

    Gundam Breaker 3 (PS4): Mindless gameplay that is reminiscent of Dynasty Warriors and other button mashers. Because of that, it's either way too easy or too hard, with generally no in between, because there's no room for nuance, but the customization options are through the roof and the boss fights are pretty good. I have a Zaku II and Exia that I am leveling up. Near the end of the 2nd chapter. Wish the levels were more varied. And it looks like a PS3 game. Soundtrack is boss though.

    NBA2k16 (PS4): It's last year's version, so I got it really cheap. Just ran a fantasy draft and really prioritized youth and athleticism to try to set myself up for long term success. I've played one game so far. Man have basketball games changed. There are like 6 pages worth of controls in the settings and like 80% of them are done with commands that require pressing and/or holding multiple buttons at once AND using both joysticks. Jesus. I started going through it and I wanted to throw my controller out the window it seemed so complex.

    Pokemon Moon (3DS): Just 2 hours in and cleared the training school and made it to the big city. My team consists of poopy Pokemon. I hope to find cooler ones soon. Slowpoke and Wingull are not compelling. I was sure I would choose Rowlet as my starter but I really liked Litten once I saw all 3 in game so that was my choice.
  • Waiting for something good to get a deep discount on it's PS4 digital download code for black Friday. Either Skyrim or Bioshock would be nice. I doubt Dishonored 2 is gonna get a deal but here's hoping. I now really do not like physical disks, I just want to push the buttons and shoot things by pushing more buttons. I have now pushed enough buttons to write this message.
  • Dark Souls 1 - Got it free when I bought DS3 for the Bone. Back in Blighttown and feeling the 1fps chug. Online is dead far as I can tell.

    Dark Souls 3 - Also on Bone. About a third through it. It has also been a rather dead online experience.

    Dead Nation - Finished it on Normal on PS4. Next on to Grim.

    Mario Kart - Finished all the 100cc cups with 3 stars and made a start on 150cc.

    The Binding of Isaac - Bought it on WiiU and gave it a few goes in co-op. Pretty fun.

    Minecraft - Did some branch mining. Found a ton of diamonds.

    Tempted to try Overwatch on Bone too since I platted it on PS4.
  • @NewAgeRed I have noticed the lack of discussion in this thread recently. Its a shame really LittleG makes an effort putting this up (nearly) every week and everyone just spiels off what they played (probably dooesn't read anyone else's) and goes about their day.

    Its all a shame. Saying that I played some Modern warfare Remastered and some Watchdogs 2
  • Be the change you'd like to see, rather than just bitching about it.
  • Big week of gaming for me.

    (PS4) Overwatch - The free weekend reminded me I haven't played it in a while so I jumped in with some friends. I tried out the new character Sombra and I think she along with Solider 76 are now my go to offensive/attacking players. Sombra's teleport proved useful in getting out of tricky spots and the hack ability seems good too.

    (PS4 / Xbox One) Rainbow Six: Siege - I redid some situations so I can unlock some more gear for my existing operators.

    (PS4 / Xbox One) Battlefield 1 - BF1 is pretty much my go to multiplayer now replacing BF4.
  • I read everybody's posts, they're just not usually conducive to conversation, but I like hearing what people have to say about what they're playing.
  • Battlefield 1 (Xbox One) - This is leagues above some of the recent Battlefield game and blows that shitty ass Battlefront game out of the water. There's some minor complaints in here as I'm constantly getting lag for no reason and the game has some frame-rate issues from time to time. Other than that it's fun. Got all of my classes to Rank 1 and slowly proceeding to get them all to Rank 2. Really hoping some maps come out soon, the current run has gotten a bit stale for me.

    Murdered: Soul Suspect (Xbox One) - Games with Gold release so I've been chugging through this one mainly for achievements as it seems like an easy title to 1000/1000. I know it had some lukewarm reception on release but I'm enjoying it for what it is. Obviously there's some things in the game that are boring since you're essentially just doing the same tasks over and over again but that's about my only gripe. The lack of combat is a nice touch too (I don't count the sneaking up on demons and exorcising them as combat).
  • It's honestly no hardship to post this every week, but more conversation would be cool.  I'd like to engage more myself, but I struggle for time - I do at least read everyone's posts, so please do keep writing @NewAgeRed 

    Edit: Ooooh, @Manio you mentioning Games With Gold has reminded me that this month's 360 game is Burnout Paradise - must get that!
  • Murdered Soul Suspect is a very easy plat. It's mainly all collectibles.
  • Have been playing the following;
    Wolfenstein: the old blood PS4 liking it so far, but the 4 times that you have to start the level without weapons not so much

    Rocksmith PS3 started to play again, need to practice again ;)

    Datura PS3 played it and finished, surrealistic little game, dream like with some moral choices

    Everybody's has gone to rapture PS4 not a fan of these empty world exploration games.

    Letter Quest Remastered PS4 yep more scrabbling

    Exist Archive PSVita need to find some good gear, more than 20 levels above the enemy and they still do a lot of damage

    神様と運命覚醒のクロステーゼ or The Awakened Fate: Ultimatum PS3 Finished all the endings going through the game again, this time choosing differently at the story events.

    Played some warframe PS4  Same as it ever was.
  • Skyrim on PS4 digital download just went on sale for thirty smackers. Boom shakalaka, back to my Bethesda heroin.
  • Star Trek: Online (Xbox One) - I missed this the first time around when everyone was playing it around release. It's free on Xbox so I downloaded it and dipped in. I was never a huge Trek fan so this has been casually wanting me to check out some of the series and go from there. Not much to be said other than it feels kind of boring and the space combat feels really tedious and shitty.

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