Playstation 4 Pro
  • So I was perusing amazon yesterday night at work and I think I may have been tired because I ordered one. It came this morning and so did a guy who wanted to purchase my old ass launch PS4. £170 not bad (with a 2 TB HDD). 

    Anyway yeah. I wanted one because my OG PS4 was getting loud, very fucking loud. That was the deciding factor. I don't have a 4K tv or even a TV that can output HDR images. But I wanted one OKAY. 

    So far I have set it up and set a few games downloading and that's pretty much it. The menu's seem to load faster which is cool (is it?), you know the image pop in when you are scrolling down your list of games (it doesn't take as long). As for anything else I will get back to you. Oh and it is super quiet, as quiet as your parents fucking in the next room trying not to be heard. 

    I'll play a few games over the coming (like your dad in your mum) days and let you guys know more about my latest waste of money. 

    What do you guys think of the Pro?
    PS4 Pro
    1. Is it a waste of money?4 votes
      1. NO!!!!! give me that upscaled to 4k gaming goodness and I may watch that Adam Sandler film in 4k too
  • I only just recently bought a PS4 so I'm going to give the Pro a miss.
    I think Sony will do a better job than Nintendo (relative to the New 3DS which I have and feel is largely pointless) but the games that I'm keen on like Persona 5, Final Fantasy 15, Final Fantasy 12, and Uncharted 4 (still haven't found a cheap copy) will be fine on my machine.

    Gran Turismo I'm totally on the fence now and not sure I'll pick up until really cheap.
    Oh and Spiderman is an immediate buy!
  • No reason for it, but if my launch puppy dies I will upgrade.
  • I upgraded from my original PS4 to a PS4 Pro. 

    I don't have a 4K TV but bought it as the extra power would help with holding frame rates better on games like BF1 and would make games look better at 1080p.

    So far multiplayer BF1 seems noticeable I can't see any of the resolution drops that I had with my original PS4 and I think framerate holds to 60 better but I can't really tell about the latter as it could just be a placebo effect.
  • I still haven't had any chance to play mine with the work load I have had lately.I think the first chance I may get is Thursday. I have 3 days off work and very little commitments. 


    Jumped on a little before work today. It's a PS4 like everything is the same. The only noticeable difference I can see with Ratchet and Clank I can see are shorter loads and the draw distance seems to be better, Ratchet always ran great and looked good, maybe it looks a little better and that all could a be a placebo effect. In Hitman it seems to look a little better, frame rate is definitely smoother (that game chugged every so often before) and loads seem quicker. Worth a new buy, probably not but I like far. Oh and it is so quiet compared to my old school PS4.

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