Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 31/10/16
  • Just so you know, I'm storing this post on my own personal server. I just hope an investigation into whatever else I have on there doesn't get instigated at an inconvenient time.

    (360) Bioshock Infinite In complete contrast to last week, I finally grabbed an evening with nothing else on, no work, nothing on the TV and managed to have a decent stretch of running around Columbia. The combat feels a little out of control at times and I think I am still struggling to strike a balance between the powers and just shooting people in the face. No significant advances in the storyline, although I have had a bit more exposure to the Big-Bad Comstock, although the conversation with him on the lift didn't really clear anything up.  Is he actually there?  Is the main character? And we're still no closer to meeting this Girl I'm supposed to be after.

    That's it from me, now get out there and grab gaming by the p***y.
  • Dota 2 (PC): I grabbed the enemy by the pussy by having one game where I had a KDA of 40, which is a record for me. I'm the best at Dota, really the best, in fact I am so good, that the enemy just runs away when they see me.

    Titanfall 2 (PC): I played through most of the campaign and did some multiplayer, but unfortunately could not play last night, because the servers were down, which is very convenient, because it happened right when HILLARY'S DAUGHTER was arriving in my state to speak mere miles away from here.

    Anyways, as a game, it handles supremely well and is just way more tight and polished than the 1st. Really, between this and Overwatch this year, whatever you think of FPS games and these two games in general, they at least got the actual moving and shooting part down pat. Which is more than some FPS games can speak to nowadays.
  • Dark Souls 3 - Lots and lots of this. Finished the DLC with all my characters, almost finished a complete run through the game with a new character, and made a new invader troll character.

    Tomb Raider - Played through the opening and first few areas. Looks good. Don't know how I feel about the card collecting.

    DOOM - Played some online. Its not particularly interesting. The servers were pretty dead too.

    Bloodborne - Playing DS3 gave me the urge. Mainly just coop with randoms.

    State of Decay - Made a bit more progress. There's a lot of shit to do in this game and I'm never sure what is a story mission or a side quest. I like what I've played though.
  • Well….well….well…..this is probably been the week that I have spent the most time playing games since. Well I don’t know when. I bought an Astro A50 to play Titalfall with and went ahead and completed the campaign in that within the space of 2 days and then I just smashed that multiplayer. Played a bit of everything. I haven’t got into an online shooter in a while (that’s actually a lie, I played a shit ton of Overwatch) but I am so into this game. I can’t stop playing it. Playing this with a headset is a whole new experience. Its so enveloping. I love it. 

    Oh I didn’t only finish up that by the way. I also finished up the Journey mode of FIFA 17. Which….was fun. I suppose. There was just a huge amount of flaws in the way the story played out that didn’t match up with what I was doing. Its a great first attempt at a narrative in this type of game. I hope they improve upon this next year Hey maybe even use Hunter again and carry the story on with his second season in the premier league. If EA actually dd that I would look forward to FIFA each year. Pull in your old save Mass Effect style. How awesome would that be. 

  • SOMA (PS4) I beat it. This was right spooky and I liked it quite a lot. Lots to think about. Short, fun, not to difficult and I tend to enjoy philosophical type stories.

    Slayaway Camp (PC/Steam) Another Halloween game. This one is a sliding puzzle game where you play as  a killer and have to kill all the campers and escape each stage. There are a lot of levels spread across a lot of Movies. ;) Decent fun, but it gets kinda hard quick. IDK how much more I will play, maybe it b/c I just play at night when I'm tired. *shrugs. Probably done though.

    That is it from last week. I'm just killing time until Dishonored 2 next week, so I'm not quite sure what I'll be doing this week. I've been wanting to make a new music video for a few years now, ... so I may try and record some footage of me playing DS3. Really not sure yet. ;p

  • Back into Xcom 2, commander level run, definitely will not be getting the platinum.
  • Exist Archive PSVita Got a new partymember Booby pink ranger :P

    神様と運命覚醒のクロステーゼ or The Awakened Fate: Ultimatum PS3 On Dungeon level 12 now, enemies start to swarm you.

    Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ PSVita going through the motion

    Played some warframe PS4  Played the Halloween event and a new mission the Silver grove

    No Man's Sky PS4 got it for free, they could have given you more direction, walking aimlessly around the first hour was not fun.
  • (PC/PS4/Xbox One) Battlefield 1 - I've only really been playing the multiplayer and it's great to squad up with friends and take objectives.

    (PC/Xbox One) Titanfall 2 - I played through the campaign on PC and it sort of felt like an odd first person puzzle platformer, it's still good. I've tried a bit of multiplayer on the Xbox One but I'm struggling to get to grips with the changes from the original Titanfall.

    (PC) Civ VI - It's Civ, it's a great chill out game. End of :D

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