Halloween game challenge. (Google Halloween Doodle)
  • Hello my fellow monster people.

    So I just saw the google doodle for today, and it's amusing. kind of fun, and gets a bit hard.
    So I thought, hey, why not make a topic see how far everyone can get.

    Right now I'm stuck in stage 4, with 31940.
    Beat all 5 stages. score: 80590.

  • I'm disappointed. 
  • I had a crack with my MacBooks touch pad and I was terrible. I got to stage 3.
    Noobied by 1NewAgeRed
  • So I just saw this toic and thought I'd go play a level or two because I'm bored and I want to spite everyone. ;)

    Anyway, this time I actually read the page and the stuff from the team that made the game, it's neat if you like seeing a tiny behind the game making scenes type thing. :P (They had a bunch of ideas they couldn't use do to time.)

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