Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 24/10/16
  • Can keep this fairly snappy, as last week was broadly similar to the week before, with just a little bit of...

    (PS3) FIFA16 Had a table-topping six-pointer with Wigan Athletic and the best I could manage was a draw, they're out in the lead by seven points and I think I might have to settle for second in the league. That'll still meet my season's goals set for me by the board, but it stings a little.  Fortunately, my main competition for second, Preston North End, have suddenly gone on a losing streak so I can hopefully cement myself in the other automatic promotion position...

    (WiiU) Mario Maker I'd totally forgotten to write about this when I played it a few times over the last month or so.  Sunday night has become Mrs Littleg watches Poldark while I play Mario Maker on the couch with the WiiU tablet.  More often than not I end up banging my head against a couple of hard levels, but I should really be trying out the 100 Mario Challenges.  I love everything about this game.

    That's it from me - my first entry with more than one game on it for absolutely ages.  Still no Bioshock Infinite progress though.  I really, really want to get back to that.
  • Fallout 4 - Playing again on the Bone. Made a different type of character and chugging along. 

    Mafia 3 - Finished it. I doubt I'd go for the plat just yet since it would involve replaying the whole thing, and that doesn't sound appealing right now. It was OK, had some decent ideas buried in there, but the overall package is a bit disappointing.

    State of Decay - Another one on the Bone. I quite like what I've played of this so far. Seems like it could be fun. A survival game that doesn't go too crazy with the survival stuff, and has zombies that die without too much trouble. Much better experience than 7 Days to Die.

    Dark Souls 3 - Downloaded the DLC and played through some of it. It's a nice addition to the game but it's no Old Hunters. Still, haven't finished with it yet and there's more to come so it may turn out to be a DLC to rival Bloodborne's yet.
  • Civilization VI (PC): Quite a bit of time in this. Got my butt kicked in my first game. Second game is going much more swimmingly in terms of survival and military, but I don't think I'll be the actual winner of the game unless I really can bum rush a tech victory late. Constant warring is still a slog. AI is wonky both in behavior and strategy. I like most of the mechanic changes elsewhere. Except for maybe how they replaced workers with builders. I dunno. Still on the fence.

    Dota 2 (PC): Played a game as Lich and I ended up 1st on my team in kills, assists, damage, gold, 2nd in tower damage, and 2nd in healing. That should not be the case with Lich. I am very good with a few characters I am super familiar with. it's the ones I am not that are still a shit show.
  • (PC) Civilization VII played one "quick" game on a small map with a load of default settings and it went for well over 10 hours (over 3 sittings/sessions). 

    (Xbox One / PC) Gears of War 4 - I finished the campaign and played some multiplayer. Visually it's amazing. I've not really played much Gears multiplayer but it's a lot of fun when you are just playing with friends and not caring too much about the outcome.

    (Xbox One / PS4 / PC) Battlefield 1 - I ended up playing BF1 on 3 platforms (I bought it on PC and PS4 and currently have the trial on Xbox One) as the friends I usually play BF4 with are now spread across multiple consoles and platforms. 
    I'm not really interested in the campaign so I've mostly been playing multiplayer. I'm currently struggling to get anywhere at the moment, I'd have thought after hundreds of hours on BF4 I'd be OK on BF1 but I'm at the bottom end of the scoreboard at the moment so I'm going to need a lot of practice.

    (Xbox One / PC) Forza Horizon 3 - Only done the odd PR stunt but it's still fun to drive around.
  • For me it's just been FIFA 17 this past week. Just running through the career mode. I've switched to playing as the full team instead of just Hunter. I just find that way of playing the game much more fun. It is fun, I just really see the flaws in this the more I play. It's a shame really.

    It's a nice first shot at what 2k do intheir career modes. A little more work and it could be pretty awesome.
  • Song of the Deep (XbOne) Started this, as I love undersea adventures. I was having a really good time, until about 2 hours in and I wandered into an area before I had the item to solve the puzzles in, and when I tried to leave the current was too strong, trapping me. So done with this game. :/ shame since I was having fun.

    Neon Ultra (PC/Steam) Really fun twin stick shooter. I was enjoying the score chase for a bit. Got a number of Steam Achievements and sitting at about 21st on the leaderboard last I checked. ;) I'll probably return to this off and on for a while.

    SOMA (PS4) Needed something to tide me over til the DS3 dlc dropped, and hey its October. Spooky games! About half thru, pretty decently spooky so far. ;)

    Thats it from last week. Still kinda in a funk so gaming continues to be sparse. :/
  • Exist Archive PSVita More grinding in this platformy RPG

    神様と運命覚醒のクロステーゼ or The Awakened Fate: Ultimatum PS3 Met some annoying monsters need to level up more.

    Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ PSVita Visual novel, not my thing

    Played some warframe PS4  play it a little mostly just for the daily bonuses 

  • (PC) Skyrim SE: Its very pretty but this is exactly how I remembered the game. So, I booted up old Skyrim and yeah, big difference with the textures and generally how much foliage there is. I played this for a few hours and am playing it very fondly with how immersive the combat is in Skyrim. Immersive in the sense that you're positioning yourself and flailing about. Its not particularly smart or complex being a tank and spank warrior type but its still fun. Highly recommend this for anybody who hasn't played it and I'm pleased at the idea that a new generation will get into this.
  • I have logged like 200 hours in Skyrim. Part of me really wants to stay away. We all know I will buy it when it hits twenty bucks because the only thing worse than heroin is cheap heroin.

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